With the United States producing an average of 4.9 pounds of trash per person daily, finding the right trash can for your RV becomes crucial. Explore a range of options, including collapsible cans, hanging bags, and under-sink solutions, to suit your RV’s size and space requirements. By effectively managing your waste, you can minimize the impact on the environment and oceans, making your camping trips enjoyable and eco-friendly.

With my experience traveling and camping extensively, I’ve encountered various trash can options and understand the importance of finding one that meets my needs. Since I spend much time camping in my RV, it must always be clean and clutter-free.

I’m here to cover everything from space-saving designs to odor-control strategies. So if you want to say goodbye to messy and overflowing trash and hello to a clean and enjoyable RV experience, let’s get started!

15 Rv Trash Can Ideas

Here are 15 RV trash can ideas to help keep your RV cleaner and more organized:

1. Camping Trash Can

image 17


  • Collapsible camping trash can: These compact, portable trash cans can be easily folded and stored when unused.
  • Pop-up trash can: Explicitly designed for camping, these trash cans quickly expand and collapse, making them convenient for outdoor use.
  • Hanging trash bag: Hang a durable trash bag from a tree or your RV awning to collect trash while camping.

2. RV Bathroom Trash Can

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  • Small countertop trash can: Place a small, lidded trash can on the bathroom countertop to dispose of bathroom waste conveniently.
  • Slim profile trash can: Opt for a slim trash can that can fit in tight spaces, such as between the toilet and wall or under the sink.

3. Collapsible RV Trash Can

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  • Collapsible silicone trash can: These flexible trash cans collapse for easy storage and can expand to hold considerable waste.
  • Folding trash cans: Similar to collapsible options, folding trash cans provide a space-saving solution when not in use.

4. Under-Sink RV Trash Can

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  • Install a slide-out trash can system under your RV’s sink for easy access and optimization of space.
  • Hang a small trash bag under the sink cabinet door using hooks or adhesive strips.

5. Outdoor RV Trash Can

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  • Heavy-duty outdoor trash can: Use a sturdy, weather-resistant trash can for outdoor areas, such as your RV’s exterior or campsite.

6. Portable RV Trash Bag Holder

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These lightweight and collapsible holders keep trash bags in place, making them ideal for outdoor activities.

7. RV Trash Compactor

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Install a trash compactor designed to minimize waste volume for RVs.

8. Dual-Compartment RV Trash Can

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Separate your trash and recycling with a dual-compartment trash can for eco-friendly RVing.

9. Odor-Controlling RV Trash Can

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Look for a trash can with features like a sealed lid or carbon filters to control odors in your RV.

10. Wall-Mounted RV Trash Can

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Save floor space by mounting a small trash can on the wall in your RV.

11. RV Trash Bag Dispenser

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Use a dispenser that conveniently stores and dispenses trash bags, ensuring you always have a new bag.

12. Magnetic RV Trash Can

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Attach a magnetic trash can to the side of your RV for easy access and disposal.

13. RV Cup Holder Trash Can

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Utilize a small trash can that fits into your RV’s cup holder, keeping waste within reach.

14. RV Step-On Trash Can

image 19

Opt for a hands-free operation with a step-on trash can, allowing you to open the lid by stepping on a pedal.

15. RV In-Cabinet Trash Can

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Install a compact trash can inside a cabinet door, keeping it hidden and saving valuable space in your RV.

Consider the size, functionality, and space-saving features when choosing the proper RV trash can for your specific needs.

Best RV Trash Cans for Any Sized Rig

You have plenty of good choices when finding the best RV trash cans for any size trailer. These best selections provide the convenience, space-saving features, and durability you require while keeping your RV clean and organized.

The collapsible garbage can is a standard option. When not in use, these cans fold to a tiny size, making them easy to store in your RV. They are ideal for RVs with little storage space and can be enlarged to handle your rubbish when necessary.

The under-sink garbage bin is another great choice. These specialized cans are meant to fit snugly beneath your sink, using otherwise wasted space.

If you prefer a portable solution, consider the convenience of a portable trash bag holder. These holders keep your garbage bag firmly in place, preventing spills or messes. They are portable and lightweight, making them great for camping vacations or outdoor picnics near your RV.

Consider size, durability, and convenience when purchasing an RV trash can. Each alternative offers distinct advantages to improve your RV experience and provide a clean and organized living environment. Choose the one that best meets your requirements and enjoy a stress-free drive.

What Is the Average Size of an RV Trash Can? 

When it comes to RV trash cans, size matters! An RV garbage can typically ranges in size from 2 to 10 gallons. It’s like Goldilocks discovering the “just right” porridge—not too huge to take up your valuable space and not too little to leave you fighting with overflowing trash.

image 11


Size of standard RV trash cans.

While choosing the proper sized trash can, you should consider the size of your RV, the number of passengers on board, and the length of your trips. A modest 2 to 4-gallon trash can suffice if you’re a lone adventurer. If you’re bringing a large group, you should get a larger 8 to 10-gallon trash can to accommodate all the garbage.

Remember that an RV trash can is more than simply a garbage can; it’s a compact, space-saving option for keeping your mobile home organized and neat. So, pick attentively and choose the ideal size for your requirements.

Trash Can Ideas for RV Console

One alternative is a little desktop trash can that fits well in your RV console. User a small size with a lockable cover to avoid spills or odors. This trash container is perfect for discarding little objects such as receipts, wrappers, or Kleenex.

Another option is a hanging garbage bag system that hooks to the back of your console or the side of your seat. These bags are made to be conveniently accessible while driving and to be swiftly removed and emptied as necessary. Look for a bag with a sealable cover to keep odors at bay and your console area clean.

Consider a collapsible silicone garbage can for a more compact alternative. When not in use, these cans fold effortlessly, making them ideal for RV storage. Look for something lightweight and simple to clean that will fit snuggly in your RV console. Simply extend the trash can to store your rubbish and then collapse it when you’re through.

Whatever alternative you choose, the important thing is to purchase a garbage can that is compact, useful, and conveniently accessible while camping. Ensure it’s firmly secured or stored in your console to avoid spills or messes. You can keep your RV console organized and clutter-free using the correct trash can.


Here are the key takeaways and considerations when choosing the proper RV trash can for you:

  • Choose a trash can that suits your RV’s size and space limitations.
  • Look for features like collapsibility, hanging options, or under-sink solutions to maximize space efficiency.
  • Opt for trash cans with secure lids to prevent odors and keep critters away.
  • Consider using odor control solutions, such as scented liners or deodorizing products.
  • Regularly emptying and disposing of trash to maintain cleanliness and prevent unpleasant smells.
  • Remember the specific needs of your camping style and the amount of waste you generate.

Maintaining a clean and organized RV enhances your camping experience and provides a more enjoyable and stress-free journey. With the right RV trash can solution, you can keep your space tidy, minimize clutter, and focus on creating lasting memories during outdoor adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use regular household trash cans in my RV?

A: You can use regular trash cans if they fit within your RV’s space limitations and are secured to prevent spills while traveling.

2. What is the best type of trash can for RVs with limited space?

A: Collapsible trash cans or hanging trash bags are great options for RVs with limited space, as they can be easily stored away when unused.

3. How can I control odors in my RV trash can?

A: Look for trash cans with secure lids and consider using odor control solutions such as scented liners or deodorizing products.

4. Are there specific trash cans designed for outdoor use?

A: Yes, outdoor-specific trash cans are available that are more durable and weather-resistant, making them suitable for RVing and camping.

5. How often should I empty my RV trash can?

A: It’s best to regularly empty your RV trash can before embarking on a new journey to avoid odors and keep your RV clean and fresh.