Sometimes everything doesn’t quite flow smoothly when you own an RV. Dealing with septic system issues is one of the hardest parts of being an RV owner.

Fortunately, there are tools to deal with these issues if they come up. 

A macerator pump also known as RV waste pump is one of those tools. RV black water macerators grind up solid waste so that it can flow more smoothly out of your RV.

Their primary use is when you’re parked in a location where your waste needs to be ground up and pumped uphill in order to clear your tanks effectively.

The best RV macerator pump efficiently grinds up solid waste and effectively pumps it to your desired disposal location.

The strongest pumps will move your waste uphill as far as 150 feet away. But not all pumps are capable of this kind of performance. 

So how do you know if the rv sewage pump you’re looking at is powerful enough to handle your RV waste output? Before you get overwhelmed, just know we’ve done all of the research for you! 

In this article, I’ll review eight of the best RV macerator pumps and provide a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose a pump that suits your needs.

I’ll conclude with a frequently asked questions section to clear up anything that you’re still a little foggy on. 

So let’s get started!

The 8 Best RV Macerator Pumps Reviews in 2024

RV macerator pumps typically connect externally to your RV’s septic output. This is where they grind up solid waste and pump it to the disposal location.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the best RV macerator pump choices. 

1: Best Overall: Flojet 18555000A Portable RV Waste Pump

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03/15/2024 11:22 am GMT

If you really don’t want to get too close to your RV’s wastewater disposal outlet, you’ll love the Flojet Waste Pump.

It comes with a handheld on/off switch that allows you to operate it from a safe distance once everything is hooked up properly.

Convenience is key when dealing with septic disposal and this macerator pump provides just that.

I love that this rv waste pump comes with a 30-second dry run protection feature that protects the engine in the pump if you forget to shut it off after waste stops flowing from your RV’s septic outlet.

You won’t have to deal with the headache of cleaning the standard three-inch RV sewer hose if you make the switch to incorporate this pump.

Those hoses are typically ribbed and allow waste to settle in between the ribs, which is virtually impossible to thoroughly clean without grossing yourself out.

Once you’ve hooked up this pump to your septic outlet, you’ll be able to connect a standard garden hose for sewage disposal.

In my mind, this means reduced cost of replacing the hose if it fails or just starts to get a bit on the older side.

The rv waste pump also has a discharge port that allows you to connect an additional hose to clean out both the pump and your discharge hose.

This allows you to clean things out within a closed system and, again, reduces your need to get your hands dirty when disposing of your sewage.

Finally, the motor itself uses stainless steel blades that reduce waste down to small particles just an eighth of an inch in size.

It uses a 12-volt DC power supply and comes with a portable storage case so you don’t have to store it loose underneath your RV and risk it getting damaged.

Things We Like

  • Handheld Operation: Allows you to keep a safe distance while emptying tanks.
  • Dry Run Protection: Protects the pump if you forget to turn it off when waste stops flowing.
  • Eliminates Need For Sewer Hose: Replaces standard 3” RV sewer hose.
  • Discharge Port: Makes it easy to clean within a closed system.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Wire Length: Wires might be short for proper installation on all RVs.
  • Customer Support: Certain buyers have reported issues with Flojet customer service.

2: Best For Quiet Operation: SeaLand Sanipump Discharge and Macerator RV Waste Pump

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03/15/2024 10:17 am GMT

RV owners that don’t want to install a super noisy macerator pump to help with waste disposal should consider the SeaLand T-Series Sanipump.

The T-Series is the quietest RV waste macerators have been redesigned to significantly reduce noise when operating so that you don’t annoy yourself or your RV park neighbors.

Made to handle up to 240 gallons of waste per hour, this pump has plenty of capacity for RV’s that typically have 50-gallon wastewater tanks.

This large capacity is important with a macerator pump because you won’t be able to simply open your septic valves and let gravity do the work.

The waste pump itself needs to have enough capacity so that things keep flowing smoothly.

And if you walk away while your pump is operating to dispose of waste, you won’t have to worry about it running dry because, unlike many impeller pumps, this model is designed to be able to run dry without damage.

I like that this rv sewer pump runs on a 12-volt DC power supply and draws only six amps when running.

This means you won’t have to worry too much about overloading your 30 or 50 amp circuit, even if you’re running a few small appliances inside of your RV at the same time as the pump.

Finally, the self-priming function on this SeaLand pump means that it’s capable of sucking liquids into the pump from a lower level. 

While this is uncommon with most RVs, this function will help you completely flush your wastewater tanks so that you don’t continuously deal with odors from any remaining particles in the tank.

Things We Like

  • Odor-Free: The closed system reduces unfriendly odors when dumping RV waste.
  • Large Capacity: Handles up to 4.5 gallons of waste per minute.
  • Dry Protection: Can run dry without damage to motor or impeller.
  • Quiet Operation: Redesigned pump reduces noise when running.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Rubber Duck Valve Function: Some users reported the valve folding backward under load, which means you’ll have to get your hands dirty to remove the hose and flip valve back to continue operation.

3: Best Budget: Amarine Made 12V Self-Priming RV Mount Macerator Pump

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03/14/2024 03:22 pm GMT

Seasonal or part-time RVers might benefit from selecting a budget-friendly macerator pump like the Amarine Made Self-Priming Pump. 

For a rv sewer pump that can dispose of up to 12 gallons of liquid waste per minute, this selection is extremely affordable and friendly to your wallet.

This pump comes with a thermo-limiting feature that protects the internal motor from overheating.

This usually occurs if a blockage happens and the motor keeps working overtime to remove it.

If the motor gets too hot, the pump will shut down until it cools off. Once it does, it will once again be safe to resume operation.

Despite being a lower-priced model, this pump also features run-dry protection.

Like the others before it, this means that the motor won’t be damaged if you turn it on and walk away for a while before returning to check on it.

Disposing RV waste often takes a few minutes, so it’s something that I often do while in the middle of other tasks.

Run dry protection is a great feature to protect your investment if you get distracted and don’t come back to check on the pump for longer than you anticipated.

Finally, one of the best features of this macerator pump is its portability. It attaches directly to the septic outlet on your RV and can easily be removed when needed.

This makes it great for anyone with an older RV that might be considering upgrading their rig in the next couple of years.

Things We Like

  • Thermal Protection: Keeps the motor from overheating.
  • Budget-Friendly: One of the most cost-effective macerator pumps available.
  • Good Capacity: Removes up to 12 gallons of waste per minute.
  • Self-Priming Feature: Primes hose to ensure more complete clearance of wastewater tanks.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Includes Just the Pump: It doesn’t come with the hoses or additional accessories that you’ll need for a complete installation.
  • Used or New?: Some users reported receiving what appeared to be used models of this pump rather than brand new versions they had expected.

4: Best 24-Volt: Jabsco 18590-2094 Self Priming RV Macerator Pump

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03/15/2024 09:57 am GMT

If installing a permanent macerator pump sounds like the easiest solution to your RV waste disposal needs, then check out the Jabsco Self Priming rv macerator.

You can hook this pump up to your existing septic outlet and leave it there permanently. This is great for those that only want to get their hands dirty once.

The four-blade design reduces solid waste particles to a small enough size so that you don’t have to worry about clogs in the attached hose.

This blade design will chop things up better than a pump with a two-blade design, which you’ll find important if you’ve ever had to deal with a messy septic clog.

A stainless steel shaft is responsible for turning these blades. The strength of the shaft is really what’s going to make or break the operation of this pump.

A weaker shaft is more likely to break when trying to process hard solid waste, so it’s good to know that they went with stainless steel for the shaft of this pump.

Walking away from your septic outlet is quite common as you’re emptying your tanks.

The problem with doing this when you have a macerator pump installed is that the motor keeps running once all waste is cleared. 

This is why it’s important for a quality macerator pump to feature run-dry protection, even if it’s not recommended to let your pump run dry for very long.

My 50-gallon grey water tank typically takes about 10 minutes to empty using gravity alone. 

So a pump that’s capable of clearing 30 gallons in just three minutes sounds quite impressive to me.

That means less time standing around waiting for sewage to dump and more time enjoying the finer aspects of RV living.

Things We Like

  • Blade Design: A total of four interior blades ensures a quick and thorough job.
  • 30-Gallon Capacity: This pump can remove 30 gallons of liquid waste in three minutes.
  • Run Dry Protection: Won’t be damaged if you leave it on once your waste tanks are empty.
  • Stainless Steel Shaft: For a strong operation even with solid waste particles.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Loud Operation: Some users noted loud sounds when the pump runs dry.
  • Low-Quality Interior Components: Certain buyers noticed corrosion on interior bolts.

5: Best Lightweight: SEAFLO 01 12V Macerator Pump System for RV

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03/14/2024 11:57 am GMT

If you’ve ever dealt with a clogged septic hose and never want to experience that again, check out the SEAFLO Macerator System. 

This macerator has an anti-clogging feature that resolves issues without you having to remove any hoses and really get your hands dirty.

Oh, how I would’ve loved to have this macerator system when I had to Macgyver a hose “snake” to unclog the toilet in one of my past RVs! While it can be a good rule-of-thumb to avoid putting any paper products down your RV toilet, this macerator can resolve issues created by unknowing RV guests.

The unit is pretty lightweight so it won’t add unnecessary bulk to your RV’s septic disposal system.

The design includes O-ring sealed end bells that help to prevent damage to both the interior and exterior of the pump unit.

I also love that this pump has a thermal protection feature that will automatically shut it off if the motor starts to get too hot.

The unit is rated to withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but this feature will give you peace of mind that your investment is protected if you forget to turn it off.

Finally, this macerator pump runs on 12-volt DC power and is capable of removing up to 12 gallons of liquid waste per minute.

At its price point, it’s also one of the most affordable RV macerator pumps on the market today.

Things We Like

  • Lightweight: The unit weighs less than six pounds.
  • Sealed End Bells: Prevents both internal and exterior damage.
  • Anti-Clogging: Blade design reduces the likelihood of clogs.
  • Thermal Protection: Automatically shuts off the pump if the motor gets too hot.

Things We Don’t Like

  • No Priming Capability: May create problems pumping waste uphill.
  • Twist Lock Fitting Not Included: Must buy additional accessories to connect this pump to your RV’s septic outlet.

6: Best Four-Blade Cutter: USA Adventure Gear Progear 2000 RV Sewer Waste Macerator Pump

The best four-blade cutter in the group is the Progear 2000 from USA Adventure Gear.

For those that want exceptional macerating power with the ability to control the pump from a safe distance, this Progear model is an exceptional choice.

The 316 stainless steel cutter in this pump grinds solid waste up small enough to be effectively disposed of using a standard garden hose with a minimum diameter of 5/8ths of an inch.

The pump is then powerful enough to pump your liquid waste up to 50 feet to your preferred disposal location.

You won’t have to worry about overheating this pump because it will automatically shut off if the temperature inside the unit exceeds 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using 12-volt DC power, this pump can empty a 30-gallon RV holding tank in less than three minutes.

If your holding tank is a little larger, just do a little math and you’ll still find that this pump cleans your tanks out faster than just relying on gravity.

The pump fits right into a standard RV septic system outlet and includes a clean-out feature so that you can clear the system while it’s still closed.

This reduces the likelihood of getting those large rubber gloves soiled when you start opening things up after the pump has run its cycle. 

Finally, the Progear also comes with a ten-foot power cord with a lighter plug connection and an easy-to-operate On/Off Switch.

This allows you to operate everything from a comfortable distance once the pump is hooked up properly.

Things We Like

  • Stainless Steel Blades: Uses 316 stainless steel blades for grinding waste into smaller particles.
  • Manual Override Feature: The attached On/Off Switch allows you to manually control the pump’s operation from a safe distance.
  • Dry Run and Thermal Protection: Shuts off when the motor gets too hot and protects motor from damage during intermittent dry runs.
  • Pump Distance: Can transport RV waste up to 50 feet using standard garden hose.

Things We Don’t Like

  • No Storage Case: Doesn’t come with a hard case for safe storage when it’s not in use.
  • Lighter Plug connection: Requires the ability to plug into a “cigarette-lighter” style outlet for operation.

7: Best Quick Release: SewerFlo Quick Release RV Macerator Pump

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If you want a portable macerator pump that’s really easy to put on and take off your existing RV septic outlet, the SewerFlo Macerator Pump gets my vote for the Best Quick Release pump.

This is because it’s compact, lightweight, and fits directly onto a standard three-inch RV septic outlet.

As someone who has been around RVs for a long time, I’m used to the not-so-fun aspects of sewage disposal.

But minimizing exposure to wastewater is always recommended and the clean-out feature on this pump will help you do just that.

You’ll be able to attach an additional garden hose to clean out the system once your tanks are emptied.

Cleaning the system while it’s still closed is a no-brainer for eliminating RV waste in the most sanitary manner possible.

When you start pumping out your RV waste, it’s a good practice to be patient and continued to monitor the operation as it happens.

But sometimes our partner calls us for another unexpected emergency just after we start the waste disposal process.

This pump protects us in these instances with its thermal protection feature.

If the internal temperature of the unit exceeds a dangerous temperature, the motor will shut off to avoid damage. This is an essential feature for protecting your RV macerator pump investment.

Finally, the SewerFlo pump comes in below the average cost of many macerator pumps on the market.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t come as a full kit with all required accessories, this pump is still a great value.

Things We Like

  • Standard Fit: Fits a three-inch RV septic line output.
  • Garden Hose Clean Out: Connect another hose to easily clean the system before detaching the disposal hose.
  • Thermal Protection: Protects the motor from overheating during prolonged operation.
  • Easy Installation: Install and remove in a matter of seconds for exceptional portability.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Not a Full Kit: You’ll need to purchase additional hoses and connectors if you go with this macerator pump.
  • Lack of Instructions: Some buyers reported the unit came with no instructions on how to install and use the pump properly.

8: Best For Pumping Uphill: Clean Dump CDTO Twist-On Portable RV Macerator Pump

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03/14/2024 01:37 am GMT

If you really need an RV black water macerator pump that can move your RV waste a considerable distance uphill, you have to look into the Clean Dump CDTO Twist-On Portable Macerator System.

It easily installs onto a standard three-inch RV septic outlet and removes with a simple twist as well.

The powerful pump in this system is able to move liquids uphill to distances up to 150 feet.

Although it’s a bit difficult to imagine needing that much distance to adequately clean out your wastewater tanks, it’s better to have too much distance than being stuck without enough.

I like this Clean Dump option because it comes as a contained kit. You’ll have everything you’ll need to operate it right out of the box, including a ten-foot disposal hose, a 20-foot power cord, alligator power clips, and connection adapters.

Inside the pump itself, the manufacturers used a stainless steel shaft to guarantee safe, durable operation.

The quality of the components used in this pump tends to give it a longer lifespan than many cheaper models.

Things We Like

  • Easy Install and Removal: Twist-on functionality fits three-inch RV septic outlets.
  • Full Kit: Includes disposal hoses, electrical connections, and RV outlet adapters.
  • Pumps Far Uphill: Has the ability to pump liquid waste uphill up to 150 feet away.
  • Durable Construction: Stainless steel shaft inside the pump makes it more durable and reliable.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Hose Length: The included hose is only ten feet in length, which may be a little short for many applications.
  • Cost: This pump is on the pricier side at about 1.5x the average price of the best RV macerator pump.

Buying Guide of RV macerator pump in 2024

Now that I’ve outlined eight of the best RV macerator pump choices for you to turn over in your mind, it’s time to start narrowing down your options.

In this buying guide, I’ll cover the most important buying factors to help you choose a pump that suits your needs.

Pump Types

There are three main types of RV macerator pumps: portable, permanent, and 110-volt pumps. Each of these types is best for a specific use. Your choice will depend on your needs, budget, and preferences.

Portable waste pumps tend to be the best choice for older RVs. Most older RVs don’t have a built-in macerator like some newer models. That’s why a portable solution is best for older RV owners.

The added benefit is that you’ll be able to bring your pump along with you if you do decide to upgrade to a newer RV.

Portable pumps are also a great option for anyone that can’t necessarily install a permanent solution because of your RV setup.

Permanent macerator pumps are best if you have a dedicated space underneath your RV where it will be easy to install.

Permanent macerator pumps are also great for anyone that wants to perform a one-time installation and enjoy the benefits of the pump from there on out.

The 110-volt rv sewer pump is another option for RV owners that want more power.

For whatever reason, if you’re dealing with constant clogs that can’t be resolved with a 12 or 24-volt pump, then you’ll need a more powerful solution. The downside of these pumps is that they tend to be much more expensive.

Frequency of Use

How much you plan to use your rv sewer pump will dictate the most appropriate solution for you.

For example, infrequent users might benefit from a portable pump that can be removed and stored in a solid carrying case until the next time you need it.

But if you live in a situation where you’re going to be using your waste pump several times each month, you’ll prefer a more permanent solution.

This way you can install the pump once, ensure it receives adequate power supply, and operate it with the touch of a button every time you need to dispose of your RV waste.

It simply doesn’t make sense to spend extra money on a really expensive pump if you’ll only use it a few times each year.

But if you regularly need to pump waste a long distance (and uphill!), you’ll need a quality, powerful pump.

Accessories Needed

Some pumps come with everything you’ll need to dispose of your RV waste. Even if some of them come with shorter hose lengths than you’d prefer, they are still designed to be all-inclusive kits for macerating and disposing of your RV waste.

Other pumps are standalone options that include the pump, and that’s it. If this is the case, you’ll need to purchase the additional hoses, adapters, electrical connections, and anything else you need for proper operation.

If you decide on a pump that comes by itself, you’ll need for factor in the cost of these additional accessories before making a purchase.

This will help you ensure that everything fits within your specified budget for improving your RV’s septic disposal efficiency.


The quality of the components used in a macerator pump’s construction is one of the hardest things to decipher when shopping online.

But this is where customer reviews really come in handy. You’ll be able to read through the fine print and find out how real humans liked (or didn’t like) their experience with a certain pump.

In general, the best macerator pumps use stainless steel in the shaft and blades.

But outside of these components, there can be a lot of variety in the types and thickness of plastic, quality of seals, and durability of other components used in macerator pumps.

While this factor is a bit challenging to determine unless you have the pump in your hands, be sure to check into customer reviews (the good and the bad) before finalizing your purchase.

If you really want to do your due diligence, head to an RV store to sample different pumps in person before returning to the Internet to find the best price on your preferred RV macerator pump.

8 Best RV Waste Macerators: How Do They Compare?

If price is no concern and you’re simply looking for the best macerator pump for any purpose, go with the Flojet Waste Pump. You’ll love the handheld operation and the ability to throw out your old, stinky, three-inch RV sewer hose.

For those with sensitive ears (or if you’re really concerned about bothering your neighbors), the quietly-operating Sealand T-Series is your best bet. It also has a super high capacity for RVs with large wastewater tanks.

The Amarine Made Self-Priming Pump is the best solution for anyone that needs a macerator but doesn’t have the largest budget to work with. The thermal protection feature of this pump will also help you protect your investment.

If you’re looking for a more powerful waste disposal solution, the 24-volt Jabsco Macerator Pump might be the best choice for your application. In addition to its powerful motor, this pump has four stainless steel blades to grind your waste into super-small particles.

One of the lightest macerator pumps you can choose is the SEAFLO Macerator System. This is also a great solution for anyone that’s dealt with a clogged septic system and never wants to deal with that again.

Pumps with four-blade cutters produce more fine slurry to easier pumping, but one of the best pumps with a four-blade cutter is the Progear 2000 from USA Adventure Gear. This pump also has a Manual Override System that allows you to operate it from a safe, comfortable distance.

Finally, if you know you’re going to be pumping your waste a long distance uphill, it’s hard to beat the power and portability of the Clean Dump CDTO Portable Macerator System. This pump can transport slurry uphill to distances up to 150 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although I hope you’ve already locked in on the best RV macerator pump for your needs by now, I recognize the need to leave no stone unturned.

So I’ll use this section to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about these pumps.

What is a RV macerator? And How does It work?

The best analogy I can think of for an RV macerator pump is the garbage disposal in many kitchen sinks.

The only difference is that, instead of just chopping up food scraps, a macerator pump is responsible for grinding up everything that comes out of your RV’s grey and black water tanks.

Most macerator pumps pass waste through a garden hose or smaller hose once everything is ground up.

The benefit of this is being able to pump waste to disposal locations further away from your RV, which might not be reached with a standard, three-inch RV sewer hose.

Macerator pumps are also powerful enough to pump the “slurry” that they create from your RV waste to a disposal location that’s uphill from your RV.

This is a great advantage in certain situations, but you should be careful that many pumps can only achieve a certain number of feet uphill before they lose effectiveness.

Why do I need a macerator pump?

The best-case scenario for RV owners is that you always have access to a dumping station or a site with full hookups. But any RVer can tell you that this simply isn’t always the case.

A RV macerators will allow you to grind up your RV waste small enough so that you can dump it in locations that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

While we want to be clear that you shouldn’t just go dumping your waste in any old place, a macerator pump can allow you to pump waste into an existing toilet or into an approved sewer cleanout.

Because they grind up your waste to be able to pass through a smaller garden hose, macerator pumps also reduce the lingering smell that tends to accompany the standard three-inch RV sewer hose.

The ribbed nature of those standard sewer hoses tends to allow particles and fecal matter to settle in places that are almost impossible to clean out completely.

By eliminating the use of those hoses, a macerator pump will help your RV smell fresher and cleaner for your daily living pleasure.

What are some trustworthy RV macerators brands?

There are many options for macerator pumps on the market these days. But some of them come from overseas companies that can’t be trusted to stand by their product.

Some of the most trusted names in macerator pumps include Flojet, SewerFlo, Jabsco, USA Adventure Gear, SEAFLO, and Sealand.

How far can these RV Waste macerator pumps reach?

The exact distance depends on the model and its unique specifications. However, some of the most powerful macerator pumps can move liquid waste up to 150 feet.

This is really useful if you park your RV on a property where the septic cleanout is quite a distance away.

What kind of hose should be used with a RV Waste pump?

This really depends on the exact model that you purchase, but many macerator systems are compatible with a standard garden hose.

This is why many pumps don’t come with hoses because you’ll easily be able to find a compatible hose, whether it’s already lying around your house or requires a quick trip to your local hardware store.

How do I install my RV macerator system?

The exact installation recommendations for your macerator pump will vary depending on the manufacturer.

Be careful to study all instructions carefully to ensure proper installation before you fire up your pump for the first time.

If instructions are unclear, take the time to contact the manufacturer directly before you use your pump for the first time.

What’s the best way to clean a RV Sewer pump?

To clean a macerator pump, start by making sure your holding tanks are completely empty. Close up the valves on your RV’s grey and black water tanks before you start to detach your pump.

It’s always recommended to wear a thick pair of large, full-forearm rubber gloves during this process.

Turn off the electrical supply to your pump and detach it. Detach any connected hoses before going any further.

Open the pump using a wrench to break the seal between the holding tank pipe and the tube.

Next, submerge the entire pump in warm, soapy water for a couple of hours. Then you can clean it out by running water through the pump in the same direction that your waste would typically travel.

If you have the pump entirely apart, the shaft and blades should also be cleaned with a rag or sponge before reassembly.

How should I store my pump when I’m not using it?

This is only necessary for a portable macerator pump, as a permanent solution will remain installed under your RV. The best scenario is a pump that comes with its own dedicated storage case.

If you buy a pump that doesn’t come with a case, something like an old toolbox or tackle crate would do well to protect your pump from damage while you’re not using it.

You can also use a plastic bag or a soft-sided case to protect your pump if nothing else is available.


I’ve been on the unfortunate end of a mismanaged septic system. It wasn’t pretty, and it really never is.

But getting a quality RV macerator pump is always a better solution than sticking a garden hose into your toilet and then forgetting it’s there, which resulted (for me!) in a flooded RV and quite a scene at the park we were trying to leave.

You never know when you’ll pull into a new location where you’ll need to pump uphill to clear out your tanks.

It’s always better to be prepared than to deal with septic issues without the proper tools at your disposal.

I hope you’ve found the information in this article useful and I wish you the best of luck in keeping everything running smoothly with your RV’s septic system!