The ability to take many of the luxuries of home with you when you travel is one of the most appealing things about the RV lifestyle.

While large travel trailers and fifth-wheels offer a lot, the king of all RV’s is the Class A motorhome.

These titans of the road offer all the comforts of home and then some. All tied together with a powerful engine capable of getting you across the country in style.

Though you might be surprised to hear that while they are the largest of all RV’s they can vary a lot in size, length, and weight.

They also can have features that might be as simple as what you’d find in an efficiency apartment all the way up to the heights of luxury. 

If you’re in the market for a new or gently pre-owned Class A motorhome, you might be wondering How Much Does a Class A RV Cost?

The average price of a new Class A motorhome tends to cost around $250,000. Though a high-end luxury model with all the bells and whistles might cost as much as $500,000. On the other end of the spectrum, some manufacturers make it a point to offer entry-level class A motorhomes that might cost as little as $95,000.

To truly find the best deal on a Class A motorhome, we’ll need to take a look at some of the most popular manufacturers and the sort of features that will influence the price.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Motorhome Manufacturers

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Motorhome Manufacturers?

These days the marketplace is rife with RV manufacturers who are fighting for the largest possible piece of each niche. 

The following are some of the most popular class A motorhome manufacturers who have built a reputation for quality materials, construction, and engineering in their RV lines.

1. American Coach by REV Group

American Coach by REV Group

REV Group owns and operates an American coach and has kept the brand strong with state-of-the-art manufacturing principles and quality material selection. They tend to hang their hat on their Freightliner® Custom Chassis.

The motorhomes in their line tend to have multiple floor plans as well as different packages to upgrade the interior.

This includes the ability to customize upholstery, electronics, and flooring as well as other “Luxury” accessories.

Average Price of an American Coach Class A Motorhome – Tends to range from $350,000 to $500,000 depending on the features and accessories you choose.  

2. Coachman


Coachmen are one of the more well-established RV manufacturers. They have a history that stretches back over five decades.

To that point, they have built a very strong base of loyal customers. In recent years they were bought out by Forest River.

This has given them access to some of the titan’s better components, while still being able to maintain their own RV brand identity.

Some of the more popular well known Class A RVs in their line include the dieselSportscoach, as well as the Encore, Mirada, and Pursuit which have powerful gasoline engines.

Average Price of a Coachmen Class A Motorhome – Tends to range from $119,000 to $250,000 depending on the features and accessories you choose.  

3. Entegra Coach

Entegra Coach

This is a lesser-known name in the RV industry, though they have quietly become a premium Class A motorhome manufacturer under the Thor Industries umbrella.

Many of their motorhomes are prized for their superior ride quality as well as quiet road noise.

They also tend to offer a standard two-year warranty with three years of roadside assistance as well as the option to upgrade.

Some of the Entegra Coach’s popular models include the diesel-powered Anthem and Aspire as well as the gasoline-powered Vision and Emblem.

Average Price of an Entegra Class A Motorhome – Tends to range from $189,000 to $299,000 depending on the features and accessories you choose.  

4. Fleetwood RV

Fleetwood RV

Fleetwood RV is another one of the older names in the RV industry with a loyal customer following extending back more than six decades.

Today they are owned by the REV Group but are still allowed to maintain their own brand identity.

Yet they still have access to the REV Group’s resources to help make them cost-efficient. They also tend to offer a 3-year standard structural warranty with most of the RVs in their line.

Their most popular diesel motorhomes include the Discover, and Pace arrow in multiple trim levels and thoughtful floor plans.

Their gasoline-powered Southwind, Bounder, and Flair are also worthy of consideration.

Average Price of a Fleetwood Class A Motorhome – Tends to range from $115,000 to $355,000 depending on the features and accessories you choose.  

5. Forest River RVs

Forest River RVs

Forest River has grown to be one of the most popular RV manufacturers in North America, with a significant market share in the Southern United States, and the Midwest.

They have units that are priced for entry-level RV owners, as well as luxury models for “Glamping” enthusiasts.

The Forest River Owner’s Group has over 100,000 affiliate owners, which further adds to the consumer influence as the line continues to evolve.

Forest River’s more popular motorhomes include the Berkshire and the Legacy with diesel engines as well as their gasoline-powered Georgetown.

Average Price of a Forest River Class A Motorhome – Tends to range from $99,000 to $249,000 depending on the features and accessories you choose.  

6. Jayco


Jayco is another one of the more trusted names in the RV industry. Today they are technically owned by Thor Industries, this gives them access to the titan parent company’s materials, components, and manufacturing technology, while still allowing them to maintain their own distinct identity. 

They are somewhat new to the Class A motorhome market segment, having only expanded into this popular niche as of 2017.

If it wasn’t for the steady hand of Thor Industries, this might be a cause for pause, but Thor has been a great guide helping Jayco to evolve into one of the fastest-growing Class A Motorhome manufacturers.

Some of Jayco’s most popular Class A motorhomes include the diesel-powered Embark as well as the gasoline-powered Precept Prestige and the Alante.

Average Price of a Jayco Class A Motorhome – Tends to range from $119,000 to $229,000 depending on the features and accessories you choose.  

7. Newmar RV

Newmar RV

Newmar might not be the same kind of household name as Thor, Forest River, or Jayco, yet they still have been around for nearly five decades.

They have quietly fallen under the Winnebago umbrella but still operate as their own distinct entity.

One of the things they hang their hat on in the motorhome segment is their Comfort Drive steering system that not only helps their RVs to handle the curves, as well as a self-correcting steering system to help you stay in your lane on long, straight stretches of road.

Some of Newmar’s most popular motorhomes include the diesel King Aire, Essex, and Mountain Aire which are true “Luxury” Class A motorhomes they also have entry-level models like the Dutch Star, Ventana, and the Kountry Star.

They also offer gasoline-powered motorhomes in the form of the Canyon Star and the Bay Star Sport.

Average Price of a NewmarClass A Motorhome – Tends to range from $210,000 to $359,000 depending on the features and accessories you choose.  

8. Thor Motor coach

Thor Motor coach

Thor Industries jumped into the RV marketplace during the boom years of the 1980s.

They have since grown to be an industry titan with many other smaller RV manufacturers under their considerable corporate umbrella.

They have a variety of entry-level as well as luxury RVs that make them accessible to RV enthusiasts of every stripe.

Some of their most popular diesel models include the Aria, the Venetian, Palazzo, and Tuscany, which all have a distinct Italian sense of styling.

They also offer popular gasoline-powered models in the Windsport, Hurricane, Miramar, Challenger, and Vegas.

Average Price of a Thor Motorcoach Class A Motorhome – Tends to range from $109,000 to $279,000 depending on the features and accessories you choose.  

9. Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin Motorhomes

As an RV manufacturer Tiffin Motorhomes has maintained a consistent presence in the industry since the early 1970s.

Though their corporate roots extend even deeper into the 1940s when Tiffin was a lumber company with a chain of general merchandise stores.

They also have a strong reputation for great customer service, which can translate into a moreaffordable cost of ownership.

Some of their most popular diesel models include the Allegro, the Phaeton, and Zephyr. There’s also a gasoline version of the Allegro Open Road, that is worthy of consideration.

Average Price of a Tiffin Class A Motorhome – Tends to range from $189,000 to $347,000 depending on the features and accessories you choose.  

10. Winnebago


Winnebago is one of the original giants in the motorhome segment. While their history extends back to the 1950s, they really took off in the late 1970s and 1980s with their extensive line of motorhomes.

Today they have refined their line to make sure they offer luxury models as well as entry-level motorhomes designed to tailor to families. 

Two of Winnebago’s most popular diesel models include the Horizon and the Forza. They also have popular gasoline models in the Adventurer, Vista, and the Sunstar.

Average Price of a Winnebago Class A Motorhome – Tends to range from $95,000 to $249,000 depending on the features and accessories you choose.  

Class A Motorhome Cost Of Ownership

Of course, the initial purchase price is just one of many factors that go into choosing which Class A motorhome is right for you.

Cost of ownership is a term used to describe a variety of factors that go into any vehicle, including RVs.

When considering a Class A motorhome you should also research the following things about the model.

Fuel Consumption Diesel Versus Gasoline

This is one of those cost of ownership factors that gets put on the back burner, or written off as simply being par for the course of owning an RV.

While you are never going to be impressed with the fuel efficiency of any Class A motorhome, some stand out as being real “Gas Hogs.”

In general, diesel engines are more fuel-efficient and also tend to have more power. If you are going to be driving your Class A motorhome up steep grades, or you will be towing something like a boat or a flat-towed car behind it, you certainly want to give the priority to a model with a diesel engine.

Routine Maintenance & Winterizing

Just like a car or truck the engine and tires of a Class A motorhome will need routine maintenance.

This includes oil changes and maintaining other critical engine fluids. With RVs, this large, maintenance isn’t necessarily something the average do-it-yourselfer can tackle on their own.

So, you might want to research certified RV mechanics in your area to get some ballpark price quotes. 

If you live in a northern state where winter temperatures can drop below freezing, you’ll also want to consider the cost of winterizing the RV.

Especially, if you’re going to be storing it. This includes things like winterizing the freshwater and wastewater systems, as well as RV antifreeze.

RV Insurance

There’s no doubt about it, different Class A motorhomes have different insurance requirements.

Especially if you will be financing a new model through a lender, as they will have their own requirements.

So, before signing on the dotted line for a particular RV, take the time to request a competitive insurance quote. You can then factor that into your cost of ownership equation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Class A Motorhomes Depreciate?

Unfortunately, even the prestigious Class A motorhome will suffer depreciation just like a car, truck, or even a boat.

This can have a major impact on whether you choose to buy new or used. While some of the more well-known brands tend to hold onto their value better than others.

You should still expect the average Class A motorhome to depreciate about 20% in the first year. Then it will continue to depreciate by another 2 to 5%a year.

Should I Buy A New Or Used Class A Motorhome?

There are a few factors that go into answering this question. Right off the bat, lending institutions are more inclined to offer you a better rate if you go with a new Class A motorhome.

Especially if you are thinking about financing through a reputable RV dealership. You are also more likely to get extended warranty coverage with a Class A motorhome. 

Some dealers will even roll one to five years of routine maintenance into the purchase price, which further helps to lower the overall cost of ownership. These packages rarely carry over to a second party in the fine print. 

Unfortunately, when you buy a new Class A motorhome, you are also putting yourself at risk of suffering a loss due to depreciation. 

This will make it harder to resell your motorhome for any sort of return on your investment later.

While you likely won’t get to enjoy warranty coverage and routine maintenance programs with a pre-owned motorhome, you will likely be able to find a model you like at a great price.

Just be sure to doublecheck with your lender to get a clear picture of their requirements for a used RV.

This will also include specific insurance requirements that will be written into the final loan. 

You are also at increased risk of maintenance problems with a used Class A motorhome.

So, while you’re shopping the pre-owned RV market, take the time to look for the telltale signs of pride of ownership.

This includes things like up to date maintenance records as well as a spotlessly clean interior.


The cost of a Class A motorhome can certainly vary from one manufacturer to the next, as well as by the trim level, floor plan, and special features.

On the high end of the cost spectrum, a luxury model from a manufacturer like American Coach might cost as much as $350,000 to $500,000.

Yet you could just as easily find an entry-level Class A motorhome from a household name like Winnebago for as low as $95,000.

Just make sure to also put in the research on other costs of ownership factors like insurance requirements, financing rates, and maintenance packages.

If you can get a Class A motorhome with an extended warranty, and seasonal maintenance included through a nearby RV dealership, it can be a great way to shave down the cost of ownership.

Just make sure to comparison check the price against the competitors to make sure the dealership isn’t just rolling in the cost of those services into the initial purchase price.