7 Best Class C Motorhomes With Murphy Beds

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Murphy beds are a great way to make the most out of the available sleeping space inside of any RV.

They are especially handy in a Class C RV where you need to sleep a visiting couple, or if you have a teenager who needs to spread out at night.

There are even a few Class C motorhomes with a Murphy bed in the master suite.

Though finding the best Class C RV with murphy bed to meet your family’s needs will depend a lot on your travel style as well as the number of people you need to sleep in any given night.

Right off the bat, two of the top options in this somewhat narrow field include the Gulf Stream – BT Cruiser 5240 and the Thor Motor Coach – Quantum LC LC27.

Though there are a few other models that appeal to certain niche needs and family sizes.

So, we decided it was time to fold down the competition on the lesser models and spread our eyes out to find some of the best Class C motorhomes with murphy beds on the market today.

7 Amazing Class C RVs With Murphy Beds

We searched high and low for some of the best Class motorhomes with a Murphy bed on today’s market.

This included looking for larger models with a lot of towing capacity and the need to sleep a lot of beds in separate beds.

We also looked for some more modest models that were nimble on the road but needed more versatility to keep the interior from feeling a little too cramped.

Here are seven of our favorite Class C RVs with murphy beds that sits firmly to let you get a good night’s sleep.

1. Gulf Stream – BT Cruiser 5240 Class C Motorhome

Gulf Stream - BT Cruiser 5240
  • Length of 25.33 ft.
  • Towing Capacity of 7,500 lbs.
  • GVWR of 12,500 lbs.
  • Sleeps up to 2 people

The Gulf Stream – BT Cruiser 5240 is sort of the baby of the bunch in the realm of Class C motorhomes with a Murphy bed, in that it only sleeps up to 2 adults.

This makes it very appealing for a traveling couple, Van-Lifers, or even snowbird retirees who love to travel light.

Of course, the lightweight construction also gives it a maximum towing capacity of up to 7,500 pounds for taking your toys or even flat-towing an SUV with you.

The interior of the Gulf Stream – BT Cruiser 5240 was designed to make the most out of the compact space.

This starts with a comfortable couch that folds down into a very stable Murphy bed.

The bed and the couch are perfectly positioned in front of the entertainment center, which lets you lounge during the day to catch a show or cuddle up in bed to watch a movie before going to sleep.

One of the other things that the Murphy bed configuration buys you in the Gulf Stream – BT Cruiser 5240 is extra living space for other creature comforts.

Not the least of which is the large complete dry bath at the back of the motorhome. It includes a separate toilet, shower, and sink with tons of storage space.

2. Forest River – Forester 2401T MBS Class C Motorhome

Forest River - Forester 2401T MBS
  • Length of 25.42 ft.
  • Towing Capacity of 4,200 lbs.
  • GVWR of 11,030 lbs.
  • Sleeps up to 4 people

One of the great things about the Forest River – Forester 2401T MBS is the way it integrates a queen-size Murphy bed into the rear master suite.

During the day, you have a comfortable couch with a small dining table. It sits right alongside a pair of power theater seats.

All of these are perfectly positioned to watch either the 12 Volt built-in TV at midship or the optional overhead Trekker Cap entertainment center.

Even if you choose to leave the overhead cab area as a 54” X 80” bed, it still comes with a small flat screen TV.

It’s perfect for letting your teenagers lounge in their own space with their own shows, while you and your significant another lay back on the couch converted into a murphy bed.

By using a Murphy bed to maximize the versatility of the Forest River – Forester 2401T MBS, you get enough room for an extra-large midship kitchen as well as a relatively huge bathroom in the back.

There’s even a spacious 24” X 36” shower with plenty of elbow room and linen storage nearby.

3. Entegra Coach – Odyssey 26M Class C Motorhome

Entegra Coach – Odyssey 26M
  • Length of 28.67 ft.
  • Towing Capacity of 7,500 lbs.
  • GVWR of 14,500 lbs.
  • Sleeps up to 6 people

The Entegra Coach – Odyssey 26M is a home-away-from-home built into a powerful Class C motorhome with a murphy bed.

Though the rear, queen-size Murphy bed isn’t just handy for maximizing the interior living space while adding to the number of people the Odyssey 26M can sleep.

It is perfectly positioned in front of a massive 50-inch flat-screen TV with a built-in fireplace.

This doesn’t just make the sofa and Murphy bed convenient; it makes them the center of attention.

Of course, like a lot of Class C motorhomes with a Murphy bed the Entegra Coach – Odyssey 26 M allows room for a large kitchen and a spacious dry bath.

Not to mention tons of functional storage space. There’s even a 30” X 36” shower stall, which is ridiculously large for a Class C motorhome.

Entegra even decked out the exterior of the Odyssey 26M. It includes not only a 19-inch awning but an outdoor kitchen with a grill station.

There’s even a waterproof exterior TV set to let you create a second hangout spot for family members who want to watch something different from what’s playing on the 50-inch TV in the motorhome’s Murphy suite.

4. Jayco – Melbourne Prestige 24NP Class C Motorhome

Jayco - Melbourne Prestige 24NP
  • Length of 25.17 ft.
  • Towing Capacity of 5,000 lbs.
  • GVWR of 11,030 lbs.
  • Sleeps up to 4 people

With one look at the Jayco – Melbourne Prestige 24NP, you get the feeling that Jayco set out to create a Class C motorhome with enough floor space to let a family with kids play on the floor.

The queen-size Murphy bed in the back tucks neatly into a family sectional couch.

This opens up tons of floor space for kids to lay out their toys with a TV hanging conveniently on the wall nearby.

One of the other things about this rear concept Murphy living room is that it allows tons of room for a kitchen to cover the midship and front area.

There are even small side seats for kids to stay safe near the kitchen and the driver’s seat.

If there is one tradeoff in the overall floorplan of the Jayco – Melbourne Prestige 24NP it’s that the midship bathroom is small.

The bathroom is divided into a private toilet and sink area. Then there is a 24 X 36” separate shower with a basin deep enough to bathe a small child.

You get the same amount of total bathroom space, it’s just divided, rather than combined into one single room.

This can be handy if one of you wants to bathe a child, without tying up the entire RV bathroom for half an hour.

5. Renegade RV – Vienna 25RMC Class C Motorhome

Renegade RV - Vienna 25RMC
  • Length of 24.92 ft.
  • GVWR of 11,030 lbs.
  • Sleeps up to 6 people

When you study the floorplan of the Renegade RV – Vienna 25RMC, you get the feeling that the engineers got their pencils really sharp designing a master Murphy bed, and sleeping room for up to 6 people, while making absolutely sure there was a clear path to the bathroom.

It’s a strange priority, but not one that is always true in a compact 24-foot-long Class C motorhome. It’s the sort of thing the whole family will appreciate.

The sleeping space capacity in the Renegade RV – Vienna 25RMC is nothing short of impressive.

Normally when you hear about a 24-foot long Class C motorhome that can sleep up to 6 people, you would imagine it feels cramped.

Yet the Murphy bed and the convertible dinette being built into the slide-out section optimizes the interior living and sleeping space.

Not to mention the kids will be fighting over who gets to have the 46” X 80” cab over bunk all to themselves.

6. Thor Motor Coach – Quantum LC LC27 Class C RV

Thor Motor Coach - Quantum LC LC27
  • Length of 26.42 ft.
  • Towing Capacity of 8,000 lbs.
  • GVWR of 14,500 lbs.
  • Sleeps up to 6 people

The Thor Motor Coach – Quantum LC LC27 is a robust Class C motorhome with a Murphy bed perfectly positioned in the rear of the RV.

One of the interesting things about this configuration is that the way the couch of the Murphy bed is installed in the slide-out section lets you use it as a truly functional couch as you drive down the road.

There’s even a flat screen TV and a privacy curtain. It’s a great place to stow the kids away to watch a movie during a long drive.

When the slide-out section is deployed, and the Murphy bed is laid out there is still plenty of room for everyone in the motorhome to access the rear passenger bathroom.

This isn’t always the case with similar models that use this type of floorplan, and it definitely gives the Thor Motor Coach – Quantum LC LC27 a leg up on the competition.

Something else your traveling family will appreciate about the Thor Motor Coach – Quantum LC LC27, is that it has up to 8,000 pounds of towing capacity.

This is more than enough to let you confidently tow a full-size family sedan behind the RV on a car dolly.

7. Winnebago – Navion 24D Class C Motorhome

Winnebago – Navion 24D Class
  • Length of 25.5 ft.
  • Towing Capacity of 5,000 lbs.
  • GVWR of 11,030 lbs.
  • Sleeps up to 6 people

The Winnebago – Navion 24D is a relatively compact, and nimble Class C motorhome with a Murphy bed in the rear of the RV. During the day when it is set up as a large comfy couch, it serves as one-half of the family room. It’s even installed into the driver’s side slide-out to be fully usable as a couch, with a TV table even when you are driving.

Combined with the adjacent U-shaped dinette, it lets the kids hang out in the back without getting in your hair when you drive. When you set up camp, the slide-out extends and the couch transforms into a queen-size bed.

Yet the U-shaped dinette with the dual footrests and the swivel front seats ensures that even when the Murphy bed is deployed that everyone in the family still has a comfortable place to sit. It’s also worth noting that the Winnebago – Navion 24D embraces a lot of innovation.

This starts with an optional tankless water heater install, that lets everyone in the family enjoy on-demand hot water. Then it also has Wi-Fi compatibility, which your kids will love, and keeps them occupied on long drives!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Replacement Mattress For An RV Murphy Bed?

You don’t need to purchase a separate mattress for your RV Murphy bed. Though many people who have an RV with an innerspring mattress complain that it isn’t as comfortable or as stable as they would like.

This prompts them to look for an alternative mattress. Of the available options, memory foam mattresses tend to be the most convenient and comfortable.

How Do I Keep My Murphy Bed Mattress From Sliding?

Something as simple as fitted bed sheets for a pillow top mattress of the same size, with elastic corners, can be used to hold your Murphy bed mattress to the frame when you have it closed or are deploying it.

If you can’t find the right fitted sheets to match, you can always go with good old-fashioned bed sheet clips.


There are a lot of Class C motorhomes with a Murphy bed in one or more of their floor plans.

Ultimately, your travel style, creature comfort preferences, and the number of people you need to sleep will determine the model that is best for you.

If you have two or more children and you need to keep them out of your hair on a long drive, then the Thor Motor Coach – Quantum LC LC27 might be the best Class C motorhome with a Murphy bed to meet your needs.

Being able to give the kids their own crash-out space in the back while you drive is handy, then the privacy curtain can also give you some peace of mind when you go to bed at night.

If you are traveling with just your significant other, or perhaps you are a snowbird, then the Gulf Stream – BT Cruiser 5240 is the best Class C motorhome with a murphy bed for you.

The living space inside is nothing short of impressive, and then it converts into a comfortable bedroom perfectly positioned in front of the TV to snuggle up and watch a movie.

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