16 Jobs You Can Do to Make Money While Living on the Road in an RV

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How do I make money while traveling in my RV full-time? It’s no secret that living on the road can be expensive.

You need to pay for gas, food, insurance, and things you want to do for fun. Expenses can vary from under $20,000 a year to over $60,000 a year depending on your lifestyle. Either way, unless you have a huge savings, you’re going to need some kind of income.

So, what kind of jobs are the best for making money while you travel in your RV?

Most people use an internet connection to work fully remote jobs. Others find seasonal, location-based jobs and use the money to take a few months off so they can travel and relax.

Some careers, like construction, farming, and nursing, are easily transferred to different locations. In fact, in some instances, employers might be more attracted to you if you’re able to follow work around the country.

From fully remote work, starting your own business to find work along the way there are tons of job options for making money while you travel that can provide financial support during your full-time RV life.

And the best part is, you will surely find a job no matter whatever education, background, or skill you have.

So, to give you an idea what travel jobs you can earn good money from while on the road, we round up top 20 recommended jobs for full-time RVers to make money on the road, along with requirements, salary and where to find the.


How Much Money Do You Need To Full Time RV?

Not to be a bummer, but before you hit the road in your RV full-time, you should plan out how to make money on the road in advance. I know, I sound like an overbearing parent, but hey, someone’s got to do it.

Spontaneity is cool until it leads to the quick demise of your new nomadic lifestyle. Afterall, there’s a lot of expenses on the road: gas, lodging, food, laundry, propane, attractions, insurance, and more.

Here’s my monthly budget for two people living in an RV (you can divide this or multiply it depending on your situation):

  • Gas: $800 (Refilling an 80 gallon tank once a week)
  • Food: $450 ($15 a day per person)
  • Camping/Lodging: $600 (Mixed with RV Park and free boondocking)
  • RV Insurance: $120 (varies on rig and state)
  • Attractions: $200
  • Miscellaneous (propane, laundry, etc.): $100

Total: Roughly, $2270 per month

Of course, these numbers are going to vary based on how you budget your money, and the amount of traveling you do.

However, they should give you a basic idea of how much your full-time RV living could cost you per month.

Two Types of Jobs: What do they mean?

  • Fully Remote Job: A job you can do from anywhere. It allows you to work while you travel, though they may require some specialized qualifications.
  • Location-Based Job: A job that will require you to stay in a specific location for a season, or short window of time. Often, they require little to no qualifications.

A Good Place to Start: RV Entrepreneur Summit

You ditched the office job for life as a fully remote entrepreneur. It was cool at first—no more boss, no more rigid schedule, no more cubicle!

But then the months ticked by and you were surprised to find that you actually missed an aspect of that crumby office job. You missed the community. Heath and Alyssa Padgett felt the same way.

So, they started the RV Entrepreneur Summit where thousands of RV entrepreneurs convene every year.

At first, the event functioned as a simple meet-up, but in recent years it’s transformed into a true business conference.

The event has everything an RV full-time living beginner needs to get started as a location independent business.

For instance, it includes: seminars with successful remote entrepreneurs, workshops for all experience levels, and meet-ups to facilitate networking with other entrepreneurs.

This introductory video does an excellent job of summing up the summit: RV Summit 2018 Recap and Take-a-Ways.

When? March 19th – 22nd

Where? Lake Guntersville, Alabama

How much? $275

If you want more information on the RV Entrepreneur Summit you can visit their website: HERE.

8 Fully Remote Jobs For Making Money Living On The Road

As the virtual world continues to expand in efficiency and breadth, it inevitably swallows up jobs in every field.

So, this section will focus not so much on which jobs are remote, but which fully remote jobs are the easiest to attain for most people who want to make money living on the road.

Here are 8 remote jobs you can do to make money while living and traveling full-time in your RV:


1: Start Your Own Business

Oxford Languages defines an entrepreneur as, “a person who organizes and operates a business”. That’s a definition that covers a broad swath of enterprises.

It also means that, as business operator, you’re the one that will front the initial costs. Therefore, it’s the job on this list with the most potential risk.

However, it’s also one of the best, since you need no qualifications to get started, and can use any of your skills to start a business.

Furthermore, it’s great because you do not necessarily need an internet connection, while all the other fully remote travel jobs on this list do.

Job Requirements:

  • A creative idea, and the drive to turn it into a business
  • Initial costs

Where to Get Started:

It’s your company! I’ve seen everything from an RVer selling used stuffed animals on the side of the road, to one that offered RV maintenance. Your own imagination is the limit.

How much will I make?


2: Freelance Writer

There are limitless possibilities to this job. You can approach it from it’s creative angle by entering your short stories and poems into contests with money prizes, monetize your own blog, or even write other people’s resumes for a fee.

This travel job made the list because it allows you to work without an internet connection while you’re editing, making it more remote.

Job Requirements:

Varies, but mostly just a fluent ability to write in English.

Where to Get Started:

How much will I make?

3: Virtual Assistant

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. That’s where a virtual assistant comes into play. They help an entrepreneur or administrator with clerical and administrative duties.

Assist clients communicate with their partners, organize meetings, and maintain their schedules from a fully remote location.

job Requirements:

  • High School Diploma; some require an Associate’s, or Bachelor’s degree
  • Strong computer skills
  • Proficient Interpersonal Skills

Where to Get Started:

Popular Job Boards – LinkedIn, Upwork, FlexJobs, and Indeed

How much will I make?

Median salary: $39,850; according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

4: Editing/Proofreading

There’s an endless stream of written content on the internet, and in physical print. Editors and proofreaders review and revise this content for publication.

So, if you have a firm grasp of the English language, and it’s grammatical intricacies, this is the job for you.

This travel job made the list because it allows you to work without an internet connection while you’re editing, making it more remote.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in English, Creative Writing, Journalism, or similar degrees

Where to Get Started:

How much will I make?

Median salary: $61,370; according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

5: AudioNarrator/Producer

This job is two-tiered. You can approach it by working independently as a podcaster, or by working for someone else as a narrator.

Always had an idea for a podcast, but never started it. Now’s your chance! You probably won’t make money on the road initially, but over time you’ll build a fan-base and hopefully some sponsors as well.

You can even earn money by gathering donations from your viewers using websites like Patreon.

If you want to get paid without the wait you might want to try being a narrator. Do you enjoy reading? Why not get paid to do it?!

An audiobook narrator simply reads written content, like a book, article, or script, and records it for a client. Those of you with acting or public speaking chops will excel in this field.

Job Requirements:

  • Fluent English Speaker
  • Recording Equipment
  • Some experience as an actor or public speaker helps

Where to Get Started:

  • ACX – Connects narrators and producers to writers. You can choose from content your passionate about, and negotiate your rate of pay. 
  • Buzzsprout – A podcast host that makes it easy to upload your podcast, market it, and monetize it. Try it free for 90 days, or pay for one of their packages, ranging from $12 to $24.
  • Popular Job Boards – LinkedIn, Upwork, FlexJobs, and Indeed

How much will I make?

Varies; Hourly pay for narrators: $20.43, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

6: App Developer

Good with computers? Like Bill Gates good? Well, you’re one of the fortunate few with ability to make six figures a year using your software developing skills.

You can create and design your own app and sell it to a company, OR work for one of the biggest app developers in the industry. This job made the list because it’s pretty much the most money you can make while on the road.

Job Requirements:

  • Knowledge of stable, software design, developmental tools, and two or more programing languages.
  • Bachelors in Software Design, Computer Development, or similar degrees
  • A computer

Where to Get Started:

  • Make Your Own App – You can use one of these app creators to make your own app. It will likely be time consuming and require an advance knowledge of programing, but the pay could be huge.
  • LinkedIn, Upwork, FlexJobs, and Indeed

How much will I make?

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

7: Social Media Influencer/Video Game Streamer

One of the top YouTubers, David Dobrik, makes millions of dollars a year from releasing weekly four-minute videos.

Ninja, a famous streamer on Twitch, live streams his exploits on FortNite, and also makes millions.

How? Advertising and merchandise. Almost every social media site offers the ability to advertise for other companies, or sell your merchandise.

You might not make millions a year, but even just ten thousands would be nice—right?

This is a great job for a full-time RVer because you’re likely already blogging about your trip on social media or playing video games. Why not make money on the road while doing it?

Job Requirements:

  • An Appropriate Device (Camera, Phone, Video Game Console, etc.)
  • An internet connection
  • A big ego (Just kidding… sorta)

Where to Get Started:

How much will I make?


8: Online Tutoring-Teaching

Do you like kids? Me neither.

Just kidding! I think kids are pretty cool, which is why I taught online for a year. You can teach English to English Language Learners in China, tutor kids in math, or even manage online college courses.

This travel fits well with full-time RV living because you can do it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Job Requirements:

  • Educational requirements range from a High School Diploma to a Doctorates, depending on the educational level of the students.
  • A computer with a camera and an internet connection

Where to Get Started:

How much will I make?

  • Mean salary for teachers: $60,077, according to this website.
  • Tutors average at $18 per hour, according to Payscale

Location-Dependent Jobs You Can Do While Traveling in Your RV or Campervan

You hit the road to escape the dregs of a stationary life. Why would you want to get stuck working a job in a specific spot?

Hear me out. Many of these jobs are great for two reasons: they pay well, and they give you a place to park your RV for free.

Not to mention, you’ll get a chance to get to know an area of the country more intimately than if you only stopped in it for a few days. But the best part!

They require little to no qualifications for people who want to make money living on the road.

Here’s our top 8 location-based jobs for making money while full time RVing or living in a van:

1: Christmas Tree Lots & Pumpkin Patches

Tis the season for decorating dead plants! Whether it’s nearing Halloween or Christmas, those normally empty lots around your city are filling up.

They might be pumpkins or Christmas trees but either way they’ll require nearly the same work.

It’s fast-paced and there’s a lot of overtime, but the pay-out can be considerable. Some companies even hire full-time RVers to live on site for free, functioning as security and sales.

Job Requirements:

  • An RV 
  • Marketing or sale experience helps

Time Commitment:

  • Pumpkin Patch – 1.5 months from Mid Sept – October30th
  • Christmas Tree Lot – 1.5 months from Mid Nov – Dec 23rd

Where to Get Started?

How Much Will I Make?

Median pay per hour: $15

2: Amusement Parks

Ever seen Adventureland? In the movie, Jesse Eisenberg navigates his crazy new job as an amusement park employee. It’s a great movie, and it’ll make you want to apply for a job at your nearest amusement park.

Fortunately, there’s three amusement parks where you can work camp. Adventureland, the best one among them, will let you camp near their amusement park for free AND pay you.

The best way to travel on the road and make money is to have a free place to live while doing it.

Job Requirements:

An RV 

Time Commitment:

Approximately May – September

How Much Will I Make?

$8.50 per hour and bonus for finishing the season

Where to Get Started?

3: National Park Jobs

There’s so much to love about national parks—the nature, the wildlife, the outdoor activities. Now you can enjoy all of this, AND make money while doing it.

The National Park offers employment for full-time RVers in a number of fields. You can work as a park ranger, campsite host, or even a tour guide.

This is a perfect RV travel job since, National Parks will often give you a free space for your RV with full hook-ups.

Job Requirements:

  • An RV 
  • Educational Requirements vary by position
  • Time Commitment:
  • Varies by Park

How Much Will I Make?

Varies by position

Where to Get Started?

Simply visit USAJobs.gov. Type “National Park Service” in the “Keywords” search bar. Then, select “More Filters” and mark the box for “Seasonal.” It will display the seasonal National Park Service jobs for that year.

4: Seasonal Retail Worker

If you want a lot of hours, and a fast-paced work environment this is the job for you. Retail stores hire extra workers to help manage their stores during busy seasons like near the holidays and back-to-school. 

We all need extra money on the road for the holiday season. This job will help you dramatically increase your full-time RV living income.

Job Requirements:

  • Some experience in retail is not necessary, but would help
  • Time Commitment:
  • Usually, 1-3 months

How Much Will I Make?

Starting $10 per hour

Where to Get Started?

Popular Job Boards – LinkedIn, Upwork, FlexJobs, and Indeed

5: Amazon Delivery

Amazon is the largest e-commerce on the planet. During the holiday season there’s millions of packages shipping a day.

Needless to say, Amazon needs help delivering these orders. This job will require you to pick, pack, stow, and receive orders at an Amazon warehouse.

This RV travel job is perfect for an RVer without medical coverage or a retirement plan. It offers these benefits while other traveling job on this list do not guarantee them.

Job Requirements:

  • RV
  • Time Commitment: Holiday season

How much will I make?

  • Minimum $15 per hour plus overtime pay
  • 401K, and medical and prescription coverage after 90 days
  • A $550 per month campground stipend

Where to Get Started?

Amazon CamperForce

6: Lifeguard

Pools across the country need lifeguards every summer. Look for this traveljobat resorts like the ones in Las Vegas.

They usually pay more than your local, community pool. You may even be able to work out a deal where they allow you to boondock in their parking lot for free.

All in all, it’s great for RVers because it’ll allow you to stop, enjoy a summer destination, while making money on the road.

Job Requirements:

  • Proficient swimming ability
  • CPR Training
  • Some may require lifeguard experience

Time Commitment:

Summer, May-September

How much will I make?


Where to Find The Job?

Popular Job Boards – LinkedIn, Upwork, FlexJobs, and Indeed

7: Sugar Beet Farming

Ever wanted to pile beets in the blistering cold?! No, of course not. What if I told you that you could make more than $2500 in just two weeks doing it?

If you’re me, and need the money, you’re probably saying: “sign me up!” When I worked for Sugar Valley Beets I made over $4,000 in three weeks.

The hardest part is standing in the cold for up to twelve hours straight. Bring winter clothes and comfortable shoes.

I recommend this one because it’s a travel job where you can make a lot of money on the road fast.

Job Requirements:


Time Commitment:

October (Exact dates vary according to weather conditions)

How much will I make?

  • Four hours of stay pay on days you can’t work
  • $16 per hour; plus time and a half for overtime
  • A 5%total earnings bonusfor finishing the season

Where to Find The Job?

Unbeetable Experience

8: Manage Campgrounds

If you’ve visited a campground in the past you know that most of them, especially paid campsites, include a host.

These hosts check guests in and out, enforce camp rules, sell firewood, provide information on surrounding attractions, and assist guests with any issues that may arise.

Why is it an awesome way to travel full-time and make money? You get a free place to stay AND you get paid.

Job Requirements:


Time Commitment:

Camping Season

How much will I make?

$500 – $800

Where to Find The Job?

Cool Works – Job board that connects outdoor enthusiasts to outdoor employers

Popular Job Boards – LinkedIn, Upwork, FlexJobs, and Indeed

The road intimidates even the stoutest of travelers. It’s an unpredictable place with an ever-changing mosaic of people and places.

We hope that by showing you how to travel full-time and make money we’ve reduced some of the stress.

Which of these RV travel jobs have you worked? Tell us about it below!

Would you recommend it as way to make a full-time RV living income?

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