Airstream travel trailers are some of the most iconic and popular towable recreational vehicles, and have been for decades.

If you are in the market for an Airstream, your budget will likely be a strong consideration, so it’s important to know How much should you pay for a new Airstream?

How much does an airstream cost to buy?

Brand-new Airstream travel trailers can cost between $43,100 up to $179,000 depending on the size and features. For the moderately-sized models might cost between $62,000 and $100,000, and can buy a tiny Airstream, such as the Basecamp®, for just $43,100, while a Airstream Classic could cost as much as $179,000 to $185,900.

Airstream makes travel trailers as well as what they call touring coaches, which are essentially pre-converted Sprinter vans.

The touring coaches from Airstream cost between $184,903 and $273,273 brand new.

In this article, I’ve done some research about the pros and cons of an Airstream in order to provide more context about these recreational vehicles.

I’ll also outline the different Airstream models and note the cost for each one, so that you can better plan your budget when buying an Airstream.

Why Buy an Airstream Is it Worth the Cost

Why Buy an Airstream? Is it Worth the Cost?

One of the strongest advantages of having an Airstream trailer is that these RVs are some of the most durable on the road.

The shell is made of a high-quality aluminum body over insulation and a second inner shell of aluminum inside.

This often means that a well-maintained Airstream can last for 40 years or more on the road, and hold its value for decades.

However, this material is a bit more expensive and requires more labor in assembly, which contributes to the higher cost.

Pros of Buying an Airstream

There are lots of reasons why people choose to buy an Airstream over other brands of travel trailers.

Some of the most common are:

  • The design and style are timeless, and won’t look old and tired as long as you maintain it properly
  • The construction is extremely durable, made with “aircraft quality” aluminum that’s held together with rivets on a sturdy steel frame
  • The sleek aluminum exterior is easy to care for, lightweight, and attractive
  • The design is more aerodynamic, providing better gas mileage
  • The lower center of gravity makes it easier to tow, improving stability for sharp turns and emergency lane changes

Cons of Buying an Airstream

Although there are many advantages that Airstreams have over other travel trailer brands, there are some disadvantages that may cause some RVers to look to other types of trailers instead.

Some of the cons of an Airstream include:

  • The solid body doesn’t allow for slide-outs, extra-large hatches, or large built-in appliances (everything inside has to fit through the door)
  • The interiors are often narrow (which is more significant when you can’t have a slide-out), and ceiling heights might be lower in some models, reducing your maneuverability inside
  • The exterior may be more prone to denting, especially if you’re not careful
  • The lower center of gravity means that weight distribution may be a problem if you don’t put the stabilizer jacks down immediately upon parking
  • There are only eight different models of Airstream travel trailers, and three are too small for more than two people
What Are the Different Airstream Trailer Models, Sizes, and Prices

Different Airstream Trailer Models With Example Prices

Airstream has been building classic travel trailers for over 85 years, with a reputation for quality and comfort in their recreational vehicles.

There are eight different Airstream travel trailers, which I’ll outline in more detail below, but here’s a quick glance at the top specifications:


Price (Starting at)


Sleeping Capacity



30’ - 33’

Up to 5



23’ - 30’

Up to 6



23’ - 30’

Up to 6

Flying Cloud


23’ - 30’

Up to 8



16’ - 22’

Up to 4



16’ - 22’

Up to 4

Nest by Airstream™








1. Airstream Classic

The Airstream Classic starts at $179,000 in price when you buy it brand new, and there are four different floorplans available.

Choose if you want a 30-foot or 33-foot trailer, and whether you want a queen-sized or two twin-sized beds in the bedroom.

In the 30-foot Airstream Classic, the bedroom is at the rear of the vehicle, with the bathroom split so that the shower is on the passenger side and the toilet room with a vanity sink is on the driver’s side.

Moving into the kitchen and living area, there’s a large wardrobe and a fully-equipped kitchen with a high-end stove, oven, convection microwave, and a large, rectangular stainless steel sink and counter space.

The fridge and convertible dinette are on the other side of the trailer, with a three-seat sofa that has two comfortable powered reclining seats at the front of the trailer.

The 33-foot Airstream Classic trailers have a slightly different floorplan with a bit more space.

A spacious bathroom area spans the entire rear of the trailer, with lots of storage, a large vanity, medicine cabinet, heated towel bar, full-sized wardrobe, and a residential-style shower with a heated floor. 

The middle of the trailer features the main living area, with an Ultraleather reclining sofa, desk space, and media cabinet with a 60-inch projection TV screen that raises and lowers via remote control.

The convertible dinette is across from the kitchen, which features a stainless steel sink, three-burner stove, oven, convection microwave, and refrigerator. The bedroom is at the front of the trailer, and can have a power queen bed or two twin beds.

2. Airstream Globetrotter®

The Airstream Globetrotter comes in eight different floorplans and four different lengths, and ranges in price from $108,900 to $121,900.

You can choose layouts with the bedroom at the front or rear of the trailer, and decide whether you want two twin beds or a queen bed.

All of the floorplans have wardrobe space and a full bathroom. Some Globetrotter floorplans even feature an L-shaped or U-shaped sofa with a table to act as multi-functional space for dining, lounging, and sleeping.

The Globetrotter models are all equipped with a full kitchen that includes a high-end three-burner stove, oven, convection microwave, stainless steel sink, and refrigerator.

3.Airstream International

There are 12 different floorplans available for the Airstream International, with different layouts and lengths ranging from 23 to 30 feet.

The price for an Airstream International is between $103,900 and $115,400.

Each of the Airstream International floorplans includes a full bathroom and kitchen with a three-burner stove (cover included for extra counter space), microwave, fridge, and a large, round sink.

In addition to choosing the layout you like, the different floorplans offer lots of options for bed size and the type of sofa and dinette arrangement.

You can choose to have a sofa and dinette, or a multi-functional setup for eating, lounging, and sleeping.

4. Airstream Flying Cloud

With 14 different floorplans that sleep four to eight people, there’s a wide range of choice with the Airstream Flying Cloud.

Your trailer can be 23 to 30 feet in length, and the prices range from $78,900 to $103,400.

Choose between a variety of options for the bedroom, whether you want a queen or two twin beds, and there are even two plans that offer a bunkroom (Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk and Flying Cloud 23CB Bunk) with a queen bed below and a single bunk above.

All Flying Cloud models have a full bathroom, wardrobe space, and a kitchen with a three-burner stove and oven, microwave, refrigerator, and a large, round sink. There are several different options for dining and seating space, as well.

5. Airstream Caravel

There are four cleverly appointed floorplans available for the Airstream Caravel, which comes in different lengths from 16 feet to 22 feet.

They all sleep up to four people, and range in price from $62,200 to $71,200.

Your floorplan will largely depend on the length that you choose, but all Caravel layouts include a double bed, convertible dinette, full bathroom, and kitchen.

The shorter models such as the 16RB and 19CB have a two-burner cooktop and single sink, while the 20FB and 22FB have more spacious kitchen areas with a three-burner stove, double sink, and more countertop space.

However, none of the Airstream Caravel trailers have an oven, and are only equipped with a microwave.

6. Airstream Bambi

Like the Caravel, the Airstream Bambi has four different floorplans that range between 16 and 22 feet in length.

They all sleep up to four people, and include a dedicated sleeping space with a double bed, a convertible dinette space, a kitchen, and an on-board restroom.

The price for a new Airstream Bambi trailer ranges from $49,900 to $58,900.

Bambi trailers offer most of the same features and layouts as the Caravel, at a lower price point.

There’s no oven, but each trailer is equipped with a microwave and a two-burner stove, in addition to the stainless steel sink and mini refrigerator.

7. Nest by Airstream™

The Nest is one of the newest models from Airstream, and instead of the classic aluminum exterior, Nest has a durable fiberglass body with a sleek design profile and a door out the rear of the trailer.

There are two floorplans, depending on whether you prefer a fixed bed or a convertible dinette.

Nest is 16 feet long, and is priced at either $42,900 for the basic model, or $45,900 for the Premier model.

Both Nest floorplans have a wet bath, wardrobe, and kitchen area with a microwave, a two-burner stove, a large stainless steel sink, and a refrigerator with an icebox.

Regardless of the floorplan you choose, you’ll have sleeping space for two people on either the fixed bed or convertible dinette.

There’s a small secondary dinette with removable tables or a bench cabinet for extra storage.

8. Airstream Basecamp®

The Basecamp is the smallest of Airstream’s travel trailers, with an oval-shaped floorplan and all of the essentials packed into a tiny space.

It costs $37,900 for the base model, or $40,600 for the upgraded Basecamp.

With a door off of the rear of the trailer, the living space inside the Basecamp is thoughtfully laid out with bench seating and two tables that adjust to different heights and turn in different directions for versatile function.

You can remove the tables for two separate sleeping bays, or adjust the sleeping space into a full-sized bed.

Basecamp has a fully-equipped wet bath and a kitchen with panoramic windows that includes a two-burner gas stove, sink, microwave, and refrigerator.

Airstream Touring Coach Models

What Are the Different Airstream Touring Coach Models, Sizes, and Prices?

Airstream started converting Mercedes Sprinter vans into touring coaches in recent years, offering an RV-type camping and traveling option to their list of travel trailers.

All of Airstream’s touring coaches only have sleeping accommodations for two, but offer additional seating for up to four or even nine people with some models.

You can travel with a group or your family, and others can sleep in the great outdoors with a tent.

There are five different sizes and models of Airstream touring coaches.

Here’s a quick glance at the top specifications, and I’ll outline each van in more detail below:


Price (Starting at)


Sleeping Capacity

Seating Capacity






Interstate Lounge EXT





Interstate Grand Tour EXT





Tommy Bahama® Interstate


19’ - 24’



Interstate Nineteen





1. airstream Atlas™

The largest of Airstream’s touring coaches is the Atlas, which is 24 feet long and has a power slide-out to expand your interior space.

It has a starting cost of $239,261. The driver and passenger seats in the cab swivel, so that you can comfortably seat more for lounging or entertaining.

There’s a sofa with two power reclining seats (and seatbelts), which adjusts into a flat position to accommodate the queen murphy bed.

Two removable tables allow you to convert the seating area into a dining area.

Across from the sofa, there’s a large entertainment cabinet that includes a 40” Samsung® LED Smart TV, which rises out of the cabinet via remote control.

Next to the entertainment cabinet, you’ll find the convection microwave, refrigerator and freezer with a slide-out pantry.

The kitchen also features a two-burner gas stove and a large stainless steel Kohler® sink and faucet.

At the rear of the Atlas, you’ll find a spacious bathroom that spans the full width of the van, with a large closet, toilet, large vanity that includes a mirrored cabinet and storage below the sink, and a shower with teak inlay.

2. airstream Interstate Lounge EXT

The Interstate Lounge EXT is the same length as the Atlas, at 24 feet, but it can accommodate up to eight passengers with it’s versatile interior layout.

The starting cost for this Airstream touring coach is $190,447.

From front to back, the Interstate Lounge EXT is multi-functional and very versatile.

The driver and passenger seats swivel, and create a convenient dining and entertaining area with a removable table and two additional swivel chairs. 

The kitchen area is on the driver’s side of the vehicle and has all of the essentials in a compact space, including a two-burner gas stove, large stainless steel sink and faucet, drawer-style convection microwave, and a refrigerator with a freezer.

The full wet bath is across from the kitchen, and the rear of the van is multi-functional for traveling with passengers, lounging, dining, and sleeping.

There are single seats on either side of the van, as well as a three-person power sofa and a removable table. The sofa and chairs collapse flat to create a comfortable sleeping area.

3. airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT

If you don’t need as many seats as the Interstate Lounge EXT, and more kitchen space if preferred, the Interstate Grand Tour EXT is an excellent Airstream touring coach.

It has the same starting price of $190,447, and has some key differences from the Interstate Lounge.

The driver and passenger seats swivel into the living area, which features a workstation with a Corian® countertop, a wardrobe, the refrigerator / freezer and a slide-out pantry.

The full wet bath is toward the rear of the van on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Across from the wet bath, the kitchen offers more countertop space and all of the essentials, including a two-burner gas stove, a large stainless steel sink and faucet, and a convection microwave and deep drawers for storage under the counters.

At the back of your Interstate Grand Tour EXT, you’ll find a versatile space for dining, lounging and sleeping.

There are two side seats, a removable table, and a power sofa that extends to a fully flat surface with the push of a button.

The side seats also fold down to make the entire area into a spacious sleeping space.

4. airstream Tommy Bahama® Interstate

The Tommy Bahama Interstate is the only Airstream touring coach that comes in three different floorplans, which differ based on how many seats you require (4 to 9).

The plans range in price between $166,196 and $196,700.

All of the Tommy Bahama Interstate floorplans include a wet bath, swivel driver and passenger seats, and a rear power sofa that adjusts flat for a sleeping area.

They also have fully-equipped kitchens that feature a  two-burner gas stove, a large stainless steel sink and faucet, and a convection microwave under the counter.

In some layouts, the fridge is across the kitchen with a wardrobe beside it, but in the Tommy Bahama Interstate Lounge (seating for nine), it’s under the kitchen counter.

The Tommy Bahama Interstate Grand Tour has a workstation behind the driver’s seat, so you can swivel the captain’s chair to get some work done.

5. airstream Interstate Nineteen

The Airstream Interstate Nineteen packs a lot into its 19 feet of length. With a starting price of $161,099, it’s also the most affordable Airstream touring coach. 

There’s seating for up to four people and sleeping accommodation for two.

Interstate Nineteen shares a lot of the features offered with Airstream’s other touring coaches, such as swivel captain’s chairs for the driver and passenger seats, a wet bath, and convertible power sofa that transforms the rear area to a sleeping space.

A key difference is that the Interstate Nineteen has an enhanced dashboard in the cab.

In the kitchen, the van has everything you need, including a two-burner gas stove, a large stainless steel sink and faucet, a convection microwave, a slide-out pantry, a refrigerator and freezer, and extra counter space for food prep.

Which Airstream Should I Buy?

If you’re considering buying an Airstream, you should consider a few things, first:

  • What’s your camping style? If you’ll be outdoors more than inside the trailer, an Airstream might be perfect.
  • How luxurious do you want your trailer to be? Airstreams are certainly high-quality and long-lasting, but they aren’t as luxurious as trailers and RVs with slide-outs and other high-end features.
  • What’s your budget? Brand new Airstream trailers run pretty expensive at $62,200 to $157,400 for the moderately-sized models. However, you can get a good quality used Airstream for around $25,000, or get a lower-quality used model for far cheaper and fix it up. Airstream’s touring coaches are more expensive, ranging between $161,099 and $239,261.
Which Airstream Should I Buy

As you compare different Airstreams, you should also consider the offerings and capabilities of different models.

For example, the Flying Cloud is lightweight and easy to tow, and accommodates up to eight people.

If you need something far smaller, more lightweight and lower cost, either the Basecamp® or Nest by Airstream™ might be best.

For the maximum amount of space in an Airstream, the Classic model is your best choice.

The touring coaches are a great way to travel comfortably, and your choice will likely depend on the amount of seating you need and your budget.