Naked Camping: Where to Find Nude Campground in the U.S.

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Nakedness isn’t new. It’s been around since the dawn of—well—life itself. And it’s far from disappearing.

In fact, naked camping, or ‘naturist’ camping has recently grown in popularity, fostered by it’s promotion on social media pages with hashtags like #freethenipple.

Some call it a form of hedonism while others say that being a nudist is a lifestyle everyone should pursue.

You’ll find clothing optional campgrounds and RV parks across the country, but not everyone is so welcoming of nudists. 

As a newbie it’s important that you know how to enter the nude-life community like a pro.

Afterall, laws differ wildly from state to state and even county to county. Furthermore, despite the freedom loving culture of nudists, there’s still a few rules you’ll need to follow when attending a nude resort.

We’ve compiled some tips to help you avoid awkward encounters. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the nude lifestyle you can start nude camping.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 nudist campgrounds around the country so you can make your transition to naked camping comfortably. 

How Do I Go Nude Camping?

Since nudists are a minority community it can be difficult to start nude camping. Afterall, you need to contend with local and state laws that vary greatly across the nation.

You also need to try and pin down what kind of nude camping experience you want. Follow these tips on how to start nude camping: 


As with any other decision in your life you should do your research. You can start by reading the rest of this article.

We cover everything you need to know as a beginner to nude camping. Keep researching though.

You should join AANR, a national association for nudists, and continue to review your local and state laws about nude camping.

Society still approaches public nakedness with some hesitation, or even disgust.

The best way to defend yourself against legal action, or being ostracized by your nudist peers, is to carefully do your research. 

Choose a Nude Campground with Everything You Want 

If you’re a newbie to the nude camping game, you need to do yourself a favor: make sure you’re comfortable.

That means you need to find a nude RV park or campground with all of the amenities and activities that you want.

You already need to adjust to nudist lifestyle which can involve initial embarrassment, or awkwardness.

So, make sure you have all the amenities you need to relax and adjust.  

Contact the Owner of the Nude Campground, or Local Ranger Station

Nude laws vary wildly from place to place, and rules vary from campground to campground.

Call the proper local authorities, and make sure that it’s legal for you to camp naked in the area that you want to.

Additionally, you should call the owners of a clothing optional resort before you visit.

You can ensure that they really are a nude resort, ask them about their rules, and about any events or activities happening during your visit. 

Join the American Association of Nude Recreation

After your first nude camping experience, or even before it, you should join the American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR).

They’re a national club for nudists. The organization was established in 1931, and supports over 230,000 members.

As they continue to grow, they encourage new members to embrace the nudist values such as, “the human body being merely the vessel that carries us through life”.

You can join with an annual fee starting at $64 for individuals. This membership will give you access to over 180 resorts, tons of nude camping resources, and a nudist forum for questions and events.

The group is highly social so if you enjoy mingling with like-minded people, this is the association for you. Visit the AANR website for more information. 

General Rules About Nude Camping

General Rules About Nude Camping

Rules are everywhere, even in the freedom loving culture of nude camping.

Fortunately, they’re not hard to follow, and they’re in place more so to protect you and other visitors rather than infringing on your rights.

Here are the most important, general rules of nude camping:

Make Sure Nude Camping is Legal in Your Area

As we mentioned earlier, nude camping isn’t legal everywhere. In fact, full nudity is most often illegal. Bummer.

There’s some hope though! Certain states like Florida have relaxed their nudity laws in certain areas.

Additionally, thirty-three states allow partial nudity in the form of topless laws.

As nudists continue to fight the good fight in courts across America make sure you’re checking your local nudity laws before camping naked. 

Bring a Towel… Everywhere

It’s a rule that you’ll find at nearly every clothing optional RV resort—carry a towel. You don’t need it to cover up, you need it to sit on. It’s for purposes of hygiene.

When you’re naked you have a higher chance of leaving bodily fluids on surfaces that you sit on.

Sitting on a towel eliminates the potential spread of disease, and improves overall cleanliness of the nude campground.

It can also be used as a sunshade, or impromptu clothing if you happen to run into a non-nudist while on a hike. 


No public displays of affection. For most clothing optional resorts this includes intimate contact such as kissing, cuddling, or touching below the belt-line.

Some will allow short kissing and hugging, but you should keep these to a minimum. 

Keep the Camera in the RV

You should leave your phone in the RV too. Nudists love their freedom, and for many, that includes pursuing the lifestyle in private.

With the advent of the internet, images and videos can spread more quickly now.

Therefore, many nude RV parks and campgrounds ban cameras of any kind. The rule is there to help protect their visitor’s identities and social standing. 

Advice for First-Time Nude Campers

Tips for From Going Naked Camping For First Time

For someone with a conservative upbringing it might be difficult to try nude camping. Afterall, you might have grown up in a home where nudity was considered inappropriate.

When I first came in contact with nude campers at Burning Man, I felt uncomfortable and uncertain.

I didn’t know where to look, or what was appropriate for them.

Fortunately for you, I went through this awkward learning curve so that you don’t have to. Here’s my advice for first-time nude RV campers:

Ease into it

You’ve got an advantage as an RV camper. Nude camping can be overwhelming at first, especially if you’re at a nudist resort.

You might find yourself needing to take a break. So, do it! It’s okay to hide away in your RV for a little while in order to recharge.

If you try to fight this overwhelming feeling, you can end up burning yourself out. Take the time you need to adjust. 

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

I’m a red-headed, pasty skinned man. If anyone understands the pain of a sunburn, it’s me. Bring sunscreen—triple the amount, gallons and gallons of it.

When you’re nude you have much more of your body open to the sunlight. Apply sunscreen every hour, and ask a partner to help get the harder to reach areas. 

My Eyes Are Up Here

Keep your eyes up people. Nothing ruins a conversation more than someone staring at your genitals.

It’s polite to maintain eye-contact while speaking to other nudists at a nude camp, or really, anywhere in the United States.

Why You will Love Nude Camping

Why You’ll Love Naked Camping

For many people going nude camping means jumping way out of their comfort zone. It can be daunting.

But like any other fear you conquer, it can have huge rewards. These are the top reasons you’ll love to try nude camping:

The Freedom

The wind dances across your butt cheeks, the sunlight tickles your chest, and the comfort of no clothing makes you smile.

Being naked in public is a liberating experience. It’s why most people adopt nudist life.

There’s nothing that feels more freeing than upending a cultural stigma and doing it with a smile. 

You’ll Meet New People in the RV Camping Community 

Nude campers might be a small community, but they’re a tight one. Visiting a clothing optional resort can help you meet new people with similar interests.

It’s hard to meet people on the road, but nude camping makes it easy. You won’t find a more open-minded, friendly, and welcoming community.

Higher Self-Confidence

We’ve all had that dream. You’re giving a speech in front of a large audience and suddenly realize you’re in your underwear.

Everyone starts to laugh at you, and then you wake up in a cold sweat. Now you can conquer that fear.

Nude camping offers you the opportunity to talk to a group of people while you’re completely naked.

It can be nerve-wracking at first, but once you pull it off it’ll be a huge confidence booster. 

A Healthier Lifestyle

Adopting the nudist lifestyle can improve your mental and physical health. For one, you absorb Vitamin D from the sun through your skin.

So, the more skin you have showing the more sunlight, and Vitamin D, you can absorb.

According to a Harvard study, this nutrient helps prevent cancer, improve bone health, and controls infections. 

Furthermore, showing your naked body, and owning it for all of it’s beauty and flaws can help improve your own self-image.

It’ll give you stronger mental fortitude. Or even encourage you to take better care of your body. 

Elimination of Social Hierarchy

There are no Versace suits, no jewelry, no badges of high office—none of it—you’re as naked as a baby.

With nothing to indicate your social class you’re able to comfortably communicate with anyone on equal footing.

Doctors will talk with janitors and CEOs will talk to college students. It makes for a more egalitarian community. That can be refreshing in today’s heavily stratified society.  

Top 10 Nudist RV Parks and Campgrounds Across the U.S.

Alright, you’ve adjusted to the idea of nude camping. You want to try something new and exciting that’ll take you out of your comfort zone.

Yay! But where are the best nudist resorts? We found them! RVing Know How scoured the internet for the best clothing optional resorts in the country.

We looked for options with the best activities, unique amenities, and the most welcoming community for beginning nudists.

Check out these top 10 nudist campgrounds and RV parks across the United States.

1. Hidden Lake Campground—Florida

Hidden Lake Campground—Florida

This natural campground can be found down a dirt road in Jay, Florida. It’s contained within a gated private entrance, and contains an 8-acre private fishing lake with 2 paddle boats.

Visitors can swim in the Blue Lagoon which includes a sandy beach area and lawn chairs for soaking up the sun.

Why you’ll love it?

This camp offers full hookups for RV guests and 25 spots to choose from. If you’re a nude camping newbie you may adjust to the nudity at your own pace.

Guests are allowed to dress and undress for comfort, letting the weather be their guide. This will allow you to adjust to the new community with ease. 

Unique Amenities:

  • Clubhouse: full kitchen, bathroom, TV, and outdoor deck
  • Heated Bathhouse
  • Hiking Trails
  • Vegetable and Herb Gardens


For rates and more information visit their website: Hidden Lake Campground

2. Olive Dell Ranch—California

Olive Dell Ranch—California

This is Southern California’s best nudist resort for families, couples, and singles. It’s located in Colton, California, a few miles from San Bernardino and Riverside. 

This central location puts it close to Southern California’s main tourist attractions.

Why you’ll love it?

This camp offers full hookups for RV guests. Their California weather allows for year-round RV camping—an important quality when you’re walking around naked.

The main draw  of this campground are their weekly events which include: bingo, potlucks, dances, and foot races.

They also hold themed events for holidays and special occasions. Check their website below for more information on these events.

Unique Amenities:

  • Tennis Court
  • Hiking Trails
  • Pool & Jacuzzi
  • Sauna


For rates and more information visit their website: Olive Dell Ranch

3. Blue Lake Resort—Illinois

Blue Lake Resort—Illinois

The resort is open from the first weekend of May to the first weekend of October. It’s a more family-oriented nudist campground situated on 98 acres of farm land.

You’ll find the campground area spread out over 20 acres of the property.

The other 78 acres is open for exploring on foot. The resort lies 30 miles northeast of Quad City, Illinois.

Why you’ll love it?

This camp offers 20 spaces with full hookups for RV guests. This is a great place for nudist families.

They offer tons of events oriented towards kids and strive to maintain a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. It’s a family-safe environment as far as nude resorts go.

Unique Amenities:

  • Clubhouse: screened porch, huge sunbathing deck, snack bar, whirlpool room
  • Clean, chlorinated pond for swimming
  • Sand volleyball courts
  • Nice sandy beach


For rates and more information visit their website: Blue Lake Resort

4. Shangri La Ranch—Arizona

Shangri La Ranch—Arizona

They have year-round warm weather, perfect for nude camping. The tranquil desert surroundings offer a quiet place to join the nudist community free from prying eyes.

It offers more activities than any other clothing optional resort on this list.

Why you’ll love it?

This camp offers full hookups for RV guests. Shangri La Ranch is a paradise for those looking to stay active.

Their daily events orient towards a number of sports and physical activities, including: yoga, jungle ball, swimming, and more. Check their calendar page for more information.

Unique Amenities:

  • Clubhouse: large fireplace, dance floor, large screen TV tables and chairs 
  • Library of books and games
  • Volleyball, pickleball, tennis, basketballs, and horseshoe courts
  • Hiking Trails
  • Pool, hot tub, and sauna (no bathing suit allowed)
  • Nice sandy beach


For rates and more information visit their website: Shangri La Ranch

5. Dyer Woods Nudist Campground—Rhode Island

Dyer Woods Nudist Campground—Rhode Island

This campground is closed in the winter. However, in the summer it comes to life.

It’s positioned on a 200-acre nature preserve in the beautiful forests of Rhode Island.  It’s outdoor playground makes it a kid-friendly space.

Why you’ll love it?

This camp offers full hookups for RV guests. Dyer Woods caters to first-time nude campers by allowing guests to wear clothing along more private hiking trails as well as the camping area.

However, guests must be nude in the common areas. It’s welcoming environment and private setting, make it the perfect place to start as a nude camping newbie.

Unique Amenities:

  • Filtered Swimming Pool
  • Wood Fire Sauna
  • Volleyball and string ball
  • Camp store & picnic area
  • Clubhouse


For rates and more information visit their website: Dyer Woods Nudist Campground

6. Valley View Hot Springs—Colorado

Valley View Hot Springs—Colorado

A large swath of land overlooking a beautiful desert landscape. The area features 12 hot spring pools and about 20+ camping spots.

You will need to make a reservation well in advance as there is a high demand for RV sites.

Why you’ll love it?

This clothing optional site caters to RV campers looking for a cheap nudist camping option with a little less community and a lot more privacy.

There are no planned events or amenities like you’d find at a normal nudist campground.

But what it lacks in flashiness, it makes up for in wild serenity. If you like rustic camping this nude spot is for you.

Unique Amenities:

  • Hot Springs!!!
  • Picnic Tables


For rates and more information visit their website: Valley View Hot Springs

7. Spruce Hollow Campground—Michigan

Spruce Hollow Campground—Michigan

This campground only welcomes couples and single ladies. Set in the rustic, Michigan forest the 30-acre Spruce Hollow Campground offers plenty of privacy and quiet days relaxing in the sun. 

It’s closed in the winter so check ahead of time to see if they’re open.

Why you’ll love it?

This camp offers 45 RV sites with full hookups for RV guests. It’s the perfect place for RV campers looking to get away for a romantic weekend.

Or solo lady campers wanting to enjoy a quiet weekend without the prying eyes of single men.

The campground offers tons of events, including: live music events, go-kart races, and more.

Unique Amenities:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Large pool deck with 30 chaise lounge chairs
  • Bathhouse: bathrooms, flush toilets, and two hot-water showers
  • Pavilion with firepit


For rates and more information visit their website: Spruce Hollow Campground

8. Sandy Terraces—Massachusetts

Sandy Terraces—Massachusetts

Sandy Terraces dates all the way back to the early days of nude camping.

It was established in the late 1940s by a group of individuals who enjoyed practicing the nude lifestyle. 

It’s closed in the winter but it’s one of the best nudist camps to visit in the summer.

Here you’ll find a perfect harmony between a loving human community and the serenity of nature.

Why you’ll love it?

This camp offers RV sites with full hookups for RV guests. It’s open to anyone who wants to experience nude camping, but it also allows day visitors.

In other words, you’re likely to meet a lot more people in the community at this nudist resort.

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy tons of their weekly events which include: meditation, yoga, and potlucks.

Unique Amenities:

  • Terraced hiking trails
  • Wood heated sauna
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sunbathing Deck


For rates and more information visit their website: Sandy Terraces Campground

9. Lake O’ The Woods Club—Indiana

Lake O The Woods Club—Indiana

Another oldie but a goodie, this nudist club was founded in 1933. It’s the second-longest operating naturist club in the USA.

You’ll find it nestled on 130 acres of hilly, forested terrain with a spring-fed 20-acre lake on the property. The club is open from mid-May to mid-September.

Why you’ll love it?

This is another nudist club oriented for the family. You can visit here during the day or stay the night at one of their full hookup RV sites.

Their enormous grounds offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, like: fishing, boating, hiking, playing sports, or sunbathing.

You can even attend one of their weekly events. You’ll never run out of fun here!

Unique Amenities:

  • Clubhouse: two kitchens
  • Outdoor pool & indoor hot tub
  • Two sandy beaches with sun decks
  • A small dog beach
  • Hiking Trails
  • Boat Rentals


For rates and more information visit their website: Lake O’ The Woods Club

10. Emerald Lake Naturist Resort and RV Park

Emerald Lake Naturist Resort and RV Park

You want to be close to the city? This is the nudist camp for you! The gated resort is just 30 minutes from downtown Houston.

It features a grassy 21-acre park with a 10-acre stocked lake at it’s center. It’s open year-round!

Why you’ll love it?

You can visit here during the day or stay the night at one of their RV sites. They offer water and electrical hook-ups but no sewage.

The main draw of this campground is it’s enormous lake. No other nudist resort on this list has such a large, private water source in which to swim, boat, and fish.

You’ll also find tons of themed events like a total nude friendly Mardi Gras.

Unique Amenities:

  • Swimming Pool; indoor and outdoor spa
  • Golf driving range
  • Enormous Emerald Lake
  • Clubhouse: Sports lounge, dance floor, vending
  • Hiking Trails
  • Billiards, table tennis, foosball, and video game consoles.


For rates and more information visit their website: Emerald Lake Naturist Reserve and RV Park

Are you ready to go nude camping now?! Do it! Just save this page, and remember to come back so you can tell us how it went. Leave your favorite nude camping stories below!

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