7 Best Interior & Exterior RV Ladders To gain access to the roof of your camper

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One of my favorite parts about owning an RV is climbing up on the roof to enjoy the view at sunset.

But I wouldn’t be able to do that if I didn’t have a sturdy RV ladder on the back of my rig to help me climb up there. 

Unfortunately, not all RV’s are equipped with the best ladders. And some smaller rigs don’t come with ladders at all. 

An inexpensive option to utilize more space on an RV is to add an RV ladder, which allows you to easily climb up on top of the roof of the RV for a quick roof inspection, checking your sealant or any other maintenance.

Whether you have an older rig that needs a ladder replacement or a small rig that needs a either folding ladders or telescoping ladders, it’s important to choose from the best RV motorhome ladders on the market. 

The problem is there are many RV types of ladders out there that just don’t quite get the job done.

Some just aren’t strong enough to hold up to years of regular use and others aren’t designed with the typical RV user in mind. 

But fortunately for you, we’ve done our thorough homework to bring you only the best Telescoping, Extension, Folding RV Ladders on the market today.

And we’ve also outlined the most important criteria you’ll need to choose the best RV roof and bunk ladder for your specific rig. So let’s dive in!

7 Sturdy and Durable RV Ladder for Convenient Roof Access and Maintenance

RV ladders are relatively simple accessories that (thankfully!) don’t involve any complex mechanics or moving parts.

But there’s still quite a bit that separates a ho-hum ladder from a great one, so here are our top choices for the best RV ladders.

Here are our top 7 picks of the best RV ladders to gain access to the roof of your camper or motorhome, for cleaning, maintenance, setting up antennas, or any other needs.

  • Best Overall RV Ladder: Stromberg Carlson LA-401 Exterior RV Ladder
  • Best RV Folding Ladder: GP Logistics SLDD6 Folding RV Ladder
  • Best Telescoping RV Ladder: WolfWise 15.5FT RV Telescoping Ladder with Stabilizer
  • Best Budget-Friendly: Stromberg Carlson LA-460B Bunk Ladder For RV
  • Best Exterior RV Ladder: STROMBER LA-401BA Outdoor RV Ladder
  • Best RV Bunk Ladder: Quick Products LA-466B RV bunk ladder
  • Best Double-Sided Ladder: Telesteps 700FLD 7 ft Double-sided Folding Ladder

1. Best Overall RV Ladder: Stromberg Carlson LA-401 Exterior RV Ladder

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We’ve chosen the Stromberg Carlson LA-401 Universal Exterior RV Ladder as the best overall RV roof ladder because it offers a universal fit for replacing the ladder on the back of most RV, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. 

This ladder weighs a total of 10 pounds and offers dimensions of 52” x 16.9” x 8.4” (height x width x depth).

It’s constructed from aluminum tubing that’s one-inch in diameter and fastens directly to your RV’s subframe of backing. 

This ladder comes in a silver color and it includes the necessary screws for a complete installation.

This ladder is best suited to RVs with straight backs, but it can also be installed on the back of contoured RVs if you so choose.

Things We Like

  • Universal Fit: This is the perfect RV ladder for replacing the exterior ladder on most RVs, travel trailers, and 5th wheels.
  • Lightweight: This RV ladder weighs just 10 pounds.
  • Silver Color: It won’t show an excessive amount of dirt on your off-grid camping trips.
  • Easy Installation: The screws used for this ladder attach directly to your RV’s subframe or backing.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Exterior Use Only: This ladder is designed to be permanently installed on the back of your RV.
  • Versatility: You won’t be able to use this ladder to access the upper sides of your RV from the ground.

2. Best Folding Ladder: GP Logistics SLDD6 Folding RV Ladder

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Those of you searching for a more compact folding ladder that you can move around your RV to access anything at an unreachable height, the GP Logistics SLDD6 6’ Compact Folding Ladder is a great selection. 

This folding RV ladder reaches a maximum height of six feet and arrives fully assembled so that it’s ready to use when you take it out of the packaging.

This compact folding step ladder made of lightweight aluminum with steel parts and replaceable, anti-skid feet for better traction on uneven surfaces. 

It weighs a total of 22 pounds and folds down to dimensions of 75” x 3.5” x 4.5” when you need to store it.

You will need a longer storage compartment underneath your RV to store this ladder, but it will allow you to access parts of your rig that a permanently-mounted exterior ladder can’t. 

The material used in the construction of this ladder is durable and corrosion-resistant.

And it’s also OSHA Compliant and double-sided, which means you can go up either side safely without worry.

Things We Like

  • Compact Design: The 6’ folding design of this ladder makes it easier to store under your RV when you’re not using it.
  • Weight Rating: This ladder is rated to hold a maximum of 225 pounds.
  • Rubberized Anti-Skid Feet: Provides better traction on uneven surfaces.
  • Versatility: This ladder gives you the ability to access any unreachable heights around your entire RV.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Storage Space Required: Because it doesn’t get permanently installed onto your RV, you’ll need a place to store this ladder when you’re not using it.
  • Ladder Weight: This ladder weighs a total of 22 pounds.

1. Best Telescoping Ladder: WolfWise 15.5FT Telescoping Ladder with Stabilizer For RV

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If you’re searching for a ladder that’s versatile enough to be moved anywhere around your RV and also compact enough to take up minimal space when stored, look no further than the WolfWise 15.5’ Aluminum Telescoping Ladder. 

This telescoping rv ladder reaches a maximum height of 15.5-feet when fully extended. This means it gives you the ability to reach the top of even the tallest rigs.

This collapsible step ladder will even allow you to access parts of your RV roof without climbing directly onto the roof itself. 

It has a stabilizer bar with non-slip feet at the base to provide a more secure set up every time.

It also includes a single button to activate the retracting action when you need to collapse it, but you don’t have to worry about it collapsing so quickly that it’s dangerous for your hands. 

It includes an air damper technology that actually slows the collapse down as the ladder telescopes.

This eliminates the risk of pinching hands or fingers as the ladder collapses and it also means it only takes seconds to collapse this ladder from its full extension down to its collapsed dimensions. 

The maximum load-bearing capacity for this collapsible step ladder is 330 pounds and it’s constructed using premium aluminum alloy.

When you collapse it, you can also fix it in place using the included storage strap so that it doesn’t accidentally extend when you least expect it. 

When collapsed, this ladder offers dimensions of 39.3” x 37.4” (height x width).

The base is actually wider than the top of this ladder, however, which has a maximum width of 19.2 inches.

And when extended, there’s a maximum of 11.8 inches between the rungs of this ladder.

Things We Like

  • Maximum Height: This ladder can be extended to reach a maximum height of 15.5 feet.
  • Telescoping Collapse: It collapses down to just one-quarter of its total height when you need to store it.
  • Non-Slip Feet: Provides a more stable base for the entire ladder.
  • Air Damper Technology: Slows down the ladder as it collapses to protect your hands and fingers from getting pinched.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Price: While it offers the most compact storage and largest maximum height of any ladder on our list, it also has the most expensive price tag.

4. Best Budget-Friendly Ladder: Stromberg Carlson LA-401 Exterior RV Ladder

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00HET17RK&Format= SL350 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=rvingknowhow08 20&language=en USir?t=rvingknowhow08 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00HET17RK

If you need a new RV bunk ladder but you don’t exactly have the largest budget to work with, the Stromberg Carlson LA-406B 60” Black Bunk Ladder is the most budget-friendly ladder on our list. 

This camper ladder offers a maximum height of 60 inches (5 feet) and includes hook retainer on the top.

These retainers hook over the edge of an RV bunk bed to keep it in place.

And it has padded rubber treads on the bottom feet to keep it in place while you’re climbing up and down.

The total dimensions of this ladder measure 61.3” x 14.7” x 2.3” (height x width x depth) and it weighs just 2.3 pounds.

This weight makes it easier to move around as needed, even if its dimensions don’t allow you to collapse it for storage purposes.

Things We Like

  • Price: This is the perfect ladder for the budget-conscious RV owner.
  • Multiple Attachment Methods: It can be held in place either by hooks or extrusions at the top of the ladder.
  • Rubber Treads: These keep the base of the ladder secure as you put weight on it.
  • Lightweight: This ladder weighs a total of just 2.3 pounds.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Designed For Interior Use Only: This ladder won’t work for either a permanent or temporary exterior ladder solution.
  • Storage: This ladder doesn’t collapse or fold to be easier to store in a smaller space.

5. Best For Contoured RVs: STROMBER LA-401BA Outdoor RV Ladder

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If the back of your RV features a contoured design that angles toward the front at the bottom, the Stromberg Carlson LA-401BA Universal Outdoor RV Ladder – Black is the best option for installing an exterior ladder on the back of a contoured RV. 

That being said, this ladder can also be installed on the back of a straight RV, so it’s another extremely versatile ladder option.

The entire bottom section can be removed if you decide to get this ladder to install on a straight-backed RV. 

With its black color, this ladder is also a great option for RV’s with darker exterior colors.

It’s designed to be cut to your preferred length depending on the size of your RV and it’s constructed with one-inch diameter aluminum ladder tubing. 

This ladder also comes with a total of four stand-offs and all the mounting hardware that you’ll need for a complete installation.

It also weighs less than 11 pounds and has full dimensions measuring 54” x 15” x 4” (height x width x depth).

Things We Like

  • Contoured Compatibility: This is the best ladder on our list for RV’s with contoured backs.
  • Dark Color: It makes this ladder a great selection for RVs with darker exteriors.
  • Versatility: This ladder is designed to be cut to your desired length and it can be installed on straight or contoured RV backs.
  • Hardware Included: It comes with four stand-offs and all the requisite hardware you’ll need to install it successfully.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Installation Time: Because it requires a permanent installation, this ladder may take more time to install.
  • Price: This is also one of the most costly RV ladders on our list.

6. Best Bunk Ladder: Quick Products LA-466B RV bunk ladder

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Those of you that need a new Interior RV ladder for easy and quick access to motor home’s bunk beds should check out the Quick Products QP-LA-466B RV Bunk Ladder.

This motorhome Bunk ladder is 66 inches long, so it’ll fit larger bunk beds in travel trailers or long 5th wheels. 

It can also be mounted over the existing frame of your RV bunk beds or it can be mounted into the brackets that it comes with.

The legs of this Interior RV ladder also boast rubber pads so that it won’t slip or slide out from underneath your weight when you climb on. 

The rungs of this ladder also provide protected rubber sleeves that provide better grip when you’re climbing it in your socks.

This ladder is also really easy to install and remove, and it boasts a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Things We Like

  • Length: It’s five-and-a-half feet long for easier access to taller RV bunk beds.
  • Versatility: This ladder doesn’t require a permanent installation so it won’t take up valuable floor space in your rig.
  • Mounting Options: It can be mounted over a bunk bed frame or into provided brackets.
  • Hardware Included: This ladder comes with mounting brackets that give you an additional option for mounting it in your desired location.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Interior Use Only: This ladder is only designed to be used inside your RV.
  • Storage: You’ll need a safe place to store this RV when you’re driving or not using it.

7. Best Double-Sided Ladder: Telesteps 700FLD 7 ft Double sided folding Ladder

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00CF2O3T0&Format= SL350 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=rvingknowhow08 20&language=en USir?t=rvingknowhow08 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00CF2O3T0

Those of you that need a new 7′ double-sided rung ladder for your RV bunk beds should check out the Quick Products QP-LA-466B RV Bunk Ladder.

This ladder is 66 inches long, so it’ll fit larger bunk beds in travel trailers or long 5th wheels. 

It can also be mounted over the existing frame of your RV bunk beds or it can be mounted into the brackets that it comes with.

The legs of this compact folding ladder also boast rubber pads so that it won’t slip or slide out from underneath your weight when you climb on. 

The rungs of this ladder also provide protected rubber sleeves that provide better grip when you’re climbing it in your socks.

This ladder is also really easy to install and remove, and it boasts a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Things We Like

  • Double-Sided Design: Allows you to climb either side safely.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: This ladder boasts a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  • Compact Storage: It collapses down to the size of a 4” x 4” post for easier and more compact storage.
  • Easy To Use: The ladder is easy to unfold whenever you need it to reach a higher point on your RV.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Weight: At 23 pounds, this ladder isn’t super heavy but it still ranks as one of the heavier ladders on our list.
  • Price: Unfortunately, this is also one of the more expensive RV ladders we’ve chosen.

Things You Should Be Looking For In An RV Ladder

Now that you’ve perused our seven choices for the best RV ladders, it’s time to narrow your selection down to the one or two ladders that really make sense for you.

Consider these factors when you’re comparing and contrasting your favorite RV ladders from the list above. 

RV Ladder Types

There are five major RV ladder types that you’ll have to choose from. Some have very specific uses and others are made for more general use.

Let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of each to start our Buying Guide. 

1: Multipurpose Ladders

This type of ladder is the most versatile among the five choices in this section.

It’s a popular choice amongst off-grid RVers because they are extra sturdy and they can be used in a variety of ways. 

These ladders are usually extendable to reach different heights.

In essence, they are the only type of ladder that can function as a step ladder, scaffold, wall ladder, stairway ladder, or even an emergency evacuation ladder.  

2: RV Bunk Ladders

As their name suggests, this type of RV ladder is designed to help you get into the top of an RV bunk bed set with more ease and grace.

These ladders are generally the smallest type around, so they are meant to serve this specific purpose and this specific purpose alone!

3: Rack Ladders

Rack ladders are attached to the back of your RV and they also have a specific purpose.

They are designed to give you a secure place to attach bikes or other RV recreational items to transport them to your next destination. 

These racks are generally rust-resistant because they will spend most of their lives outside.

Some of them can be used for purposes other than transporting bikes and gear, but this is the main application for this type of RV ladder. 

4: RV Step Ladders

Step ladders are very similar to the kind you probably use around your house when you need to change a light bulb in the ceiling.

They are generally very sturdy and they are adaptable enough to allow you to access high points all around your RV. 

But unlike household step ladders, the best RV step ladders typically fold or collapse down to smaller dimensions.

This is a unique benefit because RVs generally have minimal storage capacity and these ladders become much easier to fit in your RV’s underneath storage compartments when they’re collapsed. 

5: Exterior Ladder For RV

Exterior ladders are the type that you’ll generally see bolted or screwed directly into the back of an RV.

These are the best types of ladders for giving you safe and reliable access to your RV’s roof.

This access makes it easier to perform roof maintenance or simply climb up their to enjoy a sunset view. 

Because they’ll spend their entire lives outside, these RV ladders must be corrosion-resistant and waterproof.

That’s why most of them feature aluminum construction that can withstand the elements and also won’t add much total weight to your RV’s carrying capacity. 

Height and Weight

Aside from the type of ladder that’s best suited to your specific needs, height and weight are arguably the next most important concerns when you’re trying to choose an RV ladder that’s well-suited to your intended use. 

If you’re replacing the exterior ladder on your RV, the easy process is simply to measure the height of your existing ladder.

Then you can simply replicate that height when choosing your new exterior RV ladder.

And fortunately, most of these exterior ladders are designed to be light enough so that they won’t damage the back of your RV or its subframe. 

Those of you that are looking into a telescoping or folding ladder will need to make sure the height of the ladder you choose is enough to allow you to reach the top of your RV.

And it should be obvious that a taller ladder can also result in a heavier ladder as well.

As you narrow down your options, just make sure you’re comfortable with moving around the weight of the ladder that you eventually choose. 

For bunk ladders, the model you choose should offer a minimum height that allows you to easily climb into the top bunk in your rig.

These ladders are designed to be set up at an angle as well, so make sure you get an angled measurement from the floor of your RV to the frame of the top bunk instead of simply taking a vertical measurement. 


The materials used in the construction of a certain ladder will dictate how well it holds up over time.

Most of the best RV ladders are designed with some sort of aluminum alloy, which provides a great balance between strength and lightweight. 

It’s important that your RV ladder be durable enough to hold your weight and also light enough to easily be moved around.

This is why aluminum is one of the more popular materials used in the construction of the best RV ladders. 

Additionally, any folding, telescoping, or bunk ladder that you look into should have some sort of rubber material on its feet.

This is an essential inclusion to make sure the ladder doesn’t move when your weight is on it. 


Honestly, RV ladders don’t typically come with a host of accessories or extra features that separate good ladders from great ones.

However, certain RV ladder designs do offer more (or at least different) features than others. 

For example, telescoping ladders typically include more features than exterior ladders designed for permanent installation.

Features such as anti-slip rubber feet, security straps, and collapsible technology are certainly exclusive to only a few types of RV ladders. 

At the end of the day, however, your choice of the best RV ladder for your rig will really come down to the ladder-type of your choice and the size and weight you’re comfortable with handling.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices based on those factors, the ladders remaining on your list will be easier to compare based on these other ancillary features. 


Perhaps surprisingly, RV ladders can get quite expensive if you go for a high-end model.

The most expensive RV ladders are even on par with a quality RV TV, which is obviously a more technologically advanced RV accessory. 

The RV ladders on the market range from just over $60 up to nearly $200. But if you’re looking for an RV ladder with great durability and a reasonable price tag, look for a model that falls in the $90 to $160 range. 

So, Which Is Best For You?

Our choice for the best overall RV ladder is the Stromberg Carlson LA-401 Universal Exterior RV Ladder because it offers the most versatile fit of any ladder on our list. 

It can be installed on RVs with straight or contoured backs and it can be cut to your desired length to be the perfect replacement for your existing RV exterior ladder. 

If, however, you’re only interested in a bunk ladder for the interior of your RV, you should closely consider the Quick Products QP-LA-466B RV Bunk Ladder.

This bunk ladder offers extra height so that you can easily crawl into taller RV bunk beds.

And it also gives you multiple mounting options so that you can set it up depending on your personal preferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve found the perfect RV ladder for your rig, the job (unfortunately!) isn’t finished. You’ll need to know how to install and maintain your new RV ladder.

So we’ll address those topics (and a few others) by answering the most frequently asked questions about RV ladders. 

What are the best RV ladder brands?

For our money, Stromberg Carlson, Telesteps, Quick Products, and WolfWise are easily situated amongst the best RV ladder brands. 

Outside of these big four brands, you can also trust ladders from brands like Surco, GP Logistics, Luisladders, and Blantex

How to install a new RV ladder?

The most direct answer to this question depends on the type of ladder you choose.

If you choose a telescoping or folding ladder, for example, there will be no installation necessary. 

For RV bunk ladders, you’ll either have the option of installing them temporarily using hooks at the top of the ladder of included brackets that also keep the ladder in place when you’re not using it. 

Ladders that are designed for the exterior of your RV obviously require the most intensive installation.

Fortunately, most of them offer a universal fit and installation. They come with bolts or screws that secure the ladder directly to your RV’s subframe or backing. 

You should be careful to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for a proper installation to make sure these bolts or screws are secured and tightened correctly.

And then, your final step will be weatherproofing around the areas where the new bolts or screws are installed. 

This is an essential step to making sure you don’t get moisture into your RV’s substructure and one of the best RV roof sealants can be used for this type of application.

But make sure to do a little more research to properly weatherproof the final installation so that you don’t get more major issues in your RV’s roof in years to come. 

How to clean and care for an RV ladder?

Fortunately, most of these ladders feature aluminum construction so they can easily be wiped down with water when they get a little dirty.

You might also be able to simply spray your ladder down with a hose to remove excess dust and debris. 

But if you get mud or other sticky debris caked onto the steps of your RV ladder, you’ll need a little more elbow grease.

Grab a sponge or brush to remove this type of debris before spraying and/or wiping it clean. 

If you have an RV exterior ladder, it will naturally dry in the sunlight after you clean it.

But if you just finished cleaning your telescoping, folding, or bunk ladder, make sure you allow it to dry completely before placing it back underneath or inside your rig. 

How to remove an old RV ladder?

The best answer to this question obviously depends on the type of ladder you’re talking about.

Of course, if you’re replacing a bunk ladder, telescoping ladder, or folding ladder, there’s no need to remove anything.

Simply move the old ladder to the trash container of your choice or repurpose it around your house. 

But if you’re replacing the exterior ladder on your RV, you will need to carefully remove the old ladder before installing the new one.

These ladders are secured by bolts or screws that go directly into the subframe or backing of your RV. 

Depending on the design of the bolts and screws used to hold your old ladder in place, you’ll need to find the correct fitting to loosen and remove them.

Be careful to support the weight of the ladder while removing the hardware so that it doesn’t unexpectedly fall before you’re ready to support it and move it safely away from your rig. 

How to use an RV ladder?

This is the easy part! Once you’ve removed your old RV ladder and installed a new one, using it is as easy as climbing up a regular step ladder.

Always make sure you have at least three points of contact and be careful to keep your weight as close to the ladder as possible. 

Leaning backward and away from the ladder while your full weight is on the ladder only increases the stress on the bolts that are holding the ladder in place.

It’s not a toy to be played upon and should only be used to gain access to the top of your RV’s roof. 

That being said, RV ladders can be useful for more than just climbing up and down from the ground to your roof.

They can also be used to install a ladder-mounted RV bike rack or to tie down other RV gear or accessories that don’t fit inside or underneath your rig. 

However, you should always be careful when attaching any accessories that aren’t specifically designed to be attached to your RV ladder.

Failure to attach an accessory properly can cause immense danger to any drivers on the road behind you if that accessory accidentally falls off while you’re doing 60 miles per hour down the highway. 


As I mentioned at the outset, one of the best parts about owning an RV is the elevated vantage point you can get from the roof.

While I didn’t always enjoy climbing up my RV ladder to shovel snow off the roof last winter, I definitely always appreciated the view of the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains once the roof was clear. 

But without the assistance of a great RV ladder, I would’ve struggled to get up there to clear snow and also missed out on those opportunities to enjoy the view.

So if your RV ladder is on its last legs, I’d highly recommend choosing one of the best RV ladders so that you can continue to have access to your RV’s roof for years to come!

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