If you’re looking to roll around in a smaller RV, the chances are good that you might be finding campers listed with an RV shower/toilet combo.

An RV shower/toilet combo — also known as a wet bath — can be a great way to save on space, create a multi-functional bathroom, and to cut down on water use. 

But when considering smaller RVs, you’ll probably ask yourself this question: What is an RV shower toilet combo?

In short, an RV shower toilet combo is precisely what the name says — an RV shower space that also features a small toilet and sink all in the same water tight space.

RV shower toilet combos feature the same type of door as most RV bathrooms, except, when you open the door, you’ll see a showerhead, bathroom sink, and toilet all condensed into one space.

The bathroom space in an RV shower toilet combo is completely waterproof, so you shower in the space in front of the toilet, but any splashes are contained and drained via a small drain on the floor.

As a bonus, the detachable shower head makes cleaning the toilet very easy. 

In this article, we’ll break down exactly what is an RV shower toilet combo, how RV shower toilet combos work, the advantages and disadvantages of “wet baths”, and finally, we’ll discuss whether or not RV shower toilet combos are worth it. 

What Is An RV Shower Toilet Combo?

What Is An RV Shower Toilet Combo

An RV shower toilet combo was designed many moons ago as a way of getting an RV shower into campers that don’t have enough space for a separate shower/toilet area.

Many campervans, for example, feature RV shower toilet combos. 

As do truck bed campers.

And even some small camping trailers and pop ups feature wet baths — another name for an RV shower toilet combo because the whole bath is able to get soaked with water.

The reason wet baths can combine an RV shower and toilet is because their walls are made of waterproof material with the seams all sealed to be watertight.

When you close the bathroom door in an RV shower toilet combo, you are effectively sealing up the whole space so you can shower and spray water around without worrying about damaging your RV.

And when you’re all done, the water just drains down a drain in the middle or dries off the walls later (you can also use a squeegee or microfiber towel to dry the bathroom off when it won’t easily air dry). 

The shower head is removable and attached to a hook on the wall – meaning you can spray it all around to easily clean your RV toilet when the time comes. 

How Do RV Shower Toilet Combos Work?

RV shower toilet combos feature a removable showerhead on a hose that is attached to the wall. 

A wet bath (aka RV shower toilet combo) will then feature a toilet that is usually set back toward a wall so it leaves the floorspace in front of it open. 

The wet bath will also feature a small bathroom sink for tooth brushing and other hygienic needs. 

The walls, floors, and ceilings of your wet bath will be made of waterproof material with all doors and windows being sealed to be waterproof. 

So, an RV shower toilet combo works by combining everything into one. 

To take a shower, you simply walk in, close the door, and then use the removable shower head to shower in the floor area in front of the toilet.

To use the RV toilet, you simply walk in, do your business, and wash your hands in the sink after.

You could even use the shower head to clean the toilet as needed.

Once you’re all done showering, you can use a squeegee or microfiber towels to dry the bathroom. 

Advantages of an RV Shower Toilet Combo

While a wet bath might seem like a strange idea if you’ve never encountered it, it actually has some really nice advantages that help with the RVing lifestyle:

1.) Space savings

RV shower toilet combos create extra space in your RV.

And as anyone who’s ever have RV before will tell you, anything that saves space in a camper is a good thing.

By not having two separate areas for your RV bathroom and combining the RV shower toilet into one, you’ll create more room for things like storage, a dining area, or general walking area.

2.) Showering in otherwise impossible spaces

Some campers, like small truck bed campers, simply would not have a shower were it not for the RV shower toilet combo.

Thus, a tremendous advantage of a wet bath is it allows you to shower in an RV where it otherwise wouldn’t be possible!

3.) Easier to keep clean

Because the whole bathroom is a water sealed area, you can simply spray everything down with the showerhead to keep the whole wet bath clean.

The best part of this is the ease with which you can keep your toilet clean. With a quick spray down after every use, you shouldn’t need to scrub your RV toilet very often.

4.) Water savings

Generally speaking, folks take shorter showers in an RV shower toilet combo because there’s really just enough room to get the job done.

Unlike showers in larger RVs — which are larger and can lend themselves to longer showers for enjoyment.

RV shower toilet combos are much more about getting the job done and getting out. This means you’ll save water, a must for RV camping. 

Disadvantages of an RV Shower Toilet Combo

Even though RV shower toilet combos are space-saving and efficient, there are definitely some disadvantages to be aware of as you shop rigs with wet baths:

1. It all gets soaked

While it’s nice to be able to clean your whole bathroom with a showerhead, RV shower toilet combos result in everything getting wet whether you like it or not.

This means you can’t leave anything on the counter that you want to keep dry.

A shaving kit, for example, might need to be tucked away unless you have it in a waterproof pouch.

Toilet paper can also get soaked unless your wet bath has a built-in cover for it or you tuck it into a safe spot until you need it.

2. Constant need to dry your wet bath

While you can let your RV shower toilet combo air dry after each use, that can result in mildew build-up if you’re not careful.

This could mean you’d have to dry the wet bath after each use with a squeegee or microfiber towel.

RVs with separate showers and toilets, on the other hand, don’t need to dry after each use because the bathroom area is not completely watertight.

3. RV shower toilet combos are small

RV bathrooms are generally small to begin with, and shower toilet combos are even smaller yet.

The only RVs that feature wet baths are campers that are small to begin with (e.g. truck bed campers, camper vans, pop-ups, etc.).

This means that — by definition — a wet bath is going to be even smaller yet.

4. Minimal storage

Due to its small size, you’ll have very limited storage in the bathroom itself.

This means if you like having lots of stuff stored away in your bathroom, you might come up wanting for a room in an RV shower toilet combo.

But, of course, you could always store those items outside the bathroom as even smaller RVs usually feature additional storage all around. 

Are RV Shower Toilet Combos Worth It?

In addition to wondering what is an RV shower toilet combo? You might also be wondering whether or not a wet bath is worth it. 

The short answer to this question is: it depends. 

Generally speaking, RV shower toilet combos are only put in small campers where a wet bath is the only option to also fit a shower in.

There are actually many RVs on the road that don’t feature a shower. Instead, they only feature a toilet or — as is the case with many popups and campervans — no shower or toilet at all!

So when asking yourself if an RV shower toilet combo is worth it, bear in mind that this may be the only way to have a shower in your RV.

That’s why the question you really want to ask yourself is: how badly do I want a shower in my small camper, campervan, or pop-up?

If a shower is a must-have for you and you also want a small, nimble camper, then an RV shower toilet combo is well worth it.

If you want a small and nimble camper, but are fine with showering at campground shower houses, or wherever else you find a shower, then an RV shower toilet combo might not be worth it for you. 


Wet baths — aka RV shower toilet combos — are a great invention that puts RV showers into campers that wouldn’t otherwise have them.

But when considering what an RV shower toilet combo is and whether or not it’s worth it for you, it’s important to take into account the various pros and cons of wet bath setups.

We hope our words of wisdom above will help you in your quest to find the best RV shower toilet situation for you.