A spare tire on your RV is one of those things to overlook and easily forget about, right up until you have a puncture or pop the bead going over a rock.

Of course, taking care of your camper spare tire is essential for making sure that you have a good working tire when you change the flat.

One of the best ways to protect your spare tire, while also maintaining the sleek look of your RV’s exterior is with a spare tire cover.

Though not all of them are created equal and they are not “One-Size-Fits-All.”

So, we decided to pump the brakes and explore the slightly intricate world of spare tire covers to help you find the right one for your RV.

What Is an RV Spare Tire Cover?

As the name implies a spare tire cover is a protecting layer of hard plastic shell, leather, vinyl, or some other type of heavy-duty exterior-grade fabric that keeps the spare tire from rain, road stones, and other elements.

It helps prevent rusting on the lugs and rim as well as accidental punctures from road debris.

It’s also worth noting that rubber can suffer photodegradation caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

As time goes by, the hot sun beating on the spare tire month after month can start to create cracks in the sidewall.

This can weaken the tire causing a catastrophic failure shortly after you change it out. Many a back-to-back flat tire on the hard shoulder was secretly linked to photodegradation.

Of course, an RV spare tire cover also adds some aesthetic value to the RV. Most are a matching color, and some have a logo that looks much better to the casual observer than an exposed, bolted-on spare tire.

RV Tire Covers During Storage

It’s also worth bearing in mind that tire covers aren’t just reserved for RV spare tires.

Covering your RV’s primary tires while stored in the wintertime or just during the summer in your yard can also go a long way toward preventing photodegradation and cracking in the sidewall.

Here again, you’re making a very small investment in something that can project more than one of your RV tires from a major problem on your next vacation.

Though there are some subtle differences between the slipcovers for installed RV tires and RV spare tire covers.

What Size Are RV Tire Covers?

What Size Are RV Tire Covers

RV tire cover sizes have a letter designation that corresponds to the diameter of the tire.

Not only do you need a tire cover that is big enough to fit your RV’s tires, but you also don’t want one that is too big.

Finding the right tire cover for the size of your RV’s tires will go a long way toward preventing wind damage when you drive down the road at highway speed.

It can even be a factor for your RV’s primary tires if you are storing your RV outside and a strong storm hits.

How Do I Measure My RV Spare Tire Cover?

There are two different ways to determine the size of the RV spare tire cover you need.

The most common method is to measure across your spare tire from one edge to the other edge across the center to determine the tire’s diameter.

Though a slightly more accurate way is to reverse lookup the RV tire size or wheel size using the chart below.

Letter Designation For RV Tire Cover

RV Tire Diameter

RV Tire Type

RV Wheel Size



P 1751

C 1701

B 1731

All 19.5 Tires


32 1/4"

P 1752


B 1732

7.50 x 16

315 70R 15

255 85R 16


31 1/4"

P 1753

C 1703

B 1733

7.00 x 16

7.60 x 15

265 75R 15

7.50 x 15

H78 x 16

245 75R 16

10 x 16.5

255 70R 16

235 85R 16

10 x 17.5

265 75R 16

215 85R 16

8.00 x 17.5

275 70R 16

9.50 R 16.5


29 3/4"

P 1754

C 1704

B 1734

6.50 x 16 

9.50 R 15

255 75R 15

9.00 x 15   

9.50 x 16.5   

950 75R 15

7.00 x 15   

8.75 x 16.5   

235 75R 16

L78 x 15   

7.00 x 17.5   

225 75R 16

9.15 x 15     

205 75R 16



P 1755

C 1705

B 1735

6.00 x 16

8.55 15

225 75R 15

8.45 x 15

7.10 x 15

235 75R 15

H70 x 15

8.25 x 15

235 75R XL

J78 x 158.85 x 15

245 70R 15

J78 x 148.85 x 14

235 70R 16

8.00 x 16.5

9.00 x 16.5



P 1756

C 1706

B 1736

8.55 x 14

7.35 x 15

215 75R 14

8.00 x 15

8.15 x 15

225 70R 15

7.75 x 15

H78 x 15

215 75R 15

8.50 x 14

8.75 x 16

235 70R 15

235 60R 16



P 1757

C 1707

B 173

6.50 x 15

7.35 x 14

205 75R 14

7.75 x 14   

8.25 x 14   

205 75R 15

9.70 x 15   

7.00 x 14   

195 75R 15

F78 x 14   

8.00 x 14   

215 70R 15

E78 x 14   

7.00 x 14.5   

225 70R 14

G78 x 14   

7.50 x 14   

255 60R 15

F78 x 15

8.50 R 14


25 1/2"

P 1758

C 1708

B 1738

6.00 x 13   

205 70R 14   

185 75R 13

6.50 x 13   

215 60R 15   

195 70R 14

6.95 x 14   

215 60R 16   

175 80R 14

245 60R 14   

215 70R 14   

195 75R 14

245 50R 16   

235 60R 14   

185 80R 14

165 80R 15   

245 60R 16

155 80R 15


21 1/2"

P 1760

C 1710

B 1740

4.50 x 12

4.00 x12

6.00 x 9

5.30 x 12

4.80 x 12

6.90 x 9

What Type of RV Spare Tire Cover Is Right For You?

The most popular RV spare tire covers are usually made from vinyl or molded plastic.

These materials do a good job of physically protecting your RV’s spare tire as well as blocking out the weather and the UV rays that can cause photodegradation or cracking in the tire’s sidewalls.

The 5 Of The Best RV Spare Tire Covers To Buy

What Are Some Of The Best RV Tire Covers To Buy

There are a few high-end and budget RV spare tire covers to consider.

Choosing one that matches the exterior of your RV and is the right size for your rig’s tires will go a long way toward keeping your spare tire safe throughout its life.

While most are made from some type of vinyl, waterproof polyester, or molded plastic, there are a few other materials to consider, as well as color schemes.

Here are 5 great cool and durable tire covers for your RV’s spare tire mount.

1: YISAMSON Lcovers-487535267 American Eagle Tire Cover

41 0MsnMDML. SL250

One of the problems with a lot of RV spare tire covers is that they are visually interesting.

So Just Déjà vu Direct decided to spice things up with this majestically printed Eagle Spare Tire Cover.

It’s made from waterproof polyester with UV protection properties and is compatible with 23 to 27-inch diameter RV spare tires. It’s also available in other patriotic themes as well as outdoor motifs.

2: MOONET STC123 PVC Thickening Leather Spare Tire

41QAhMjotjL. SL250

The Moonet PVC Thickening Leather Spare Tire Wheel Cover is made from PU Leather & Canvas and comes in “Basic Black.”

It is available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate RV spare tires from as small as 20-inches to as much as 35-inches.

The PVC component means that it’s not only UV resistant, but is also 100% waterproof, which is a factor for an RV with an older spare tire suffering from the early stages of rust on the rim. Best of all, it’s available at a very reasonable price.

3: CAREMO CC001 Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel & Tire Cover

41zCQhzGkeL. SL250

The CAREMO Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel & Tire Cover is made from Waterproof, UV resistant, wipe-clean vinyl with a soft non-scratch backing.

It is meant for larger RV spare tires ranging from 30 to 33-inches in diameter. It also has an Elasticized back hem for a fast and adjustable fit.

As a statement of quality Caremo even backs this RV spare tire cover with a 3-year warranty.

4: Foruidea AB-122 Retro American Flag Spare Tire Cover

41KH5ypYZPL. SL250

This Retro American Flag Spare Tire Cover is made from High-Quality Polyester Fiber. With Non-scratch Soft Backing.

It’s been imbued with a strong waterproof fabric treatment that also makes it dustproof as well as waterproof, and UV resistant.

This helps prevent photodegradation on the rubber of the RV spare tire’s sidewalls as well as preventing corrosion on the metal components of the rim.

You can get this RV spare tire cover in four different sizes. You can choose the 14″ for a diameter of 23″-27-inches.

The 15″ is best for a diameter of 27″-29-inches. The 16″ is best for a Diameter of 29″-31-inches. The 17″ is best for a Diameter of 31″-33-inches.

5: Boomerang RG-30-RAV Hard Plastic Face Rigid Tire Cover

418VZFEvfwL. SL250

The Boomerang Rigid Tire Cover is made from a combination of materials.

It includes a hard plastic face, which helps protect against physical damage like kicked-up road stones, as well as a vinyl band to help secure the underlying tire in place.

This can come in handy if you are frequently taking your RV off-road or over rough gravel roads.

It is available in 27, 28, and 29-inch diameters, and is also backed by a three-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use RV Tire Protectors As A Spare Tire Cover?

Most RV tire protectors are meant to cover a travel trailer or motorhome’s tires during storage to prevent photodegradation.

While most do have an elastic band or Velcro attachment, the majority simply aren’t strong enough to handle the sort of wind shear that your RV is likely to experience traveling at highway speeds.

Are Spare Tire Covers Worth It?

Are Spare Tire Covers Worth It

A spare tire is worth its weight in gold when it comes to maintaining a properly functioning tire to get you out of a jam when your RV suffers a flat.

The ability to protect the lugs and rim from rust is one thing, but what really matters is the RV tire cover’s ability to prevent photodegradation caused by the sun.

With enough sunlight exposure and heat, the sidewalls of an exposed RV tire can start to crack.

Left unchecked this can severely compromise what was once a perfectly good, unused tire.

When you go to change the tire, the weight and pressure can easily cause the sidewall to fail while you are underway.

This is even more of a problem on travel trailers and fifth-wheel trailers that sometimes have tires with a lower capacity weight rating.

The end result is back-to-back flats, leaving you in a tough spot, on the hard shoulder, while on vacation, hoping there is a tow service reasonably close by to get you to safety.

Even then you might have to wait a day or more at an improvised location while trying to find a replacement tire.

When you weigh all these possible risks and inconveniences against the relatively low cost of an RV tire cover, the cost is well worth it.


When you consider the relatively low cost of an RV spare tire cover, compared to the cost of multiple flat tires on a trip, or the need to buy a replacement spares years earlier than expected, the investment seems simple.

The type of RV spare tire cover that’s best for your rig will depend on your travel preferences and the size of the tire.

If you frequently take your RV to rustic campgrounds with rough gravel roads or off-road camping, then the Boomerang Rigid Tire Cover might be the best RV spare tire cover for your rig.

Its tough plastic plate does a great job of protecting the tire from road damage and UV degradation.

If you are looking for something with a little more style than the Tupperware white or black RV spare tires on the market, then the Eagle Spare Tire Cover might be the best option for your rig.

It’s made from lightweight, yet waterproof polyester with an enduring graphic to spice up the look and feel of your RV’s spare tire.