If you plan to live or travel in an RV year-round, you need to choose one of the best RVs with washer and dryer combos so that you don’t have to stop at a laundromat every other week.

The good news is that many modern RVs, travel trailers, and 5th wheels are ready to handle your laundry needs while you’re on the road. 

The more your RV adventures help you get rad (and dirty!), the higher your need will be to do laundry in your rig.

And especially if your RV, travel trailer, or 5th wheel is your primary residence, it’s so nice to have the ability to do laundry while you’re relaxing in the comfort of your traveling home. 

There are also multiple types of washers and dryers in RVs. So you’ll need to know which type meets your needs best.

And it’s also important to recognize some of the major advantages and disadvantages of having a washer and dryer inside your camper. 

We’ve also organized them according to their best use so that it’s much easier for you to identify the one (or ones!) that appeal to you the most. 

So let’s get started! 

Best RVs With Washer And Dryer combo in 2023

Now we’re getting down to the fun part! We’ve selected our absolute favorite design with a washer and dryer for the five major types of motorhomes.

So scroll on down to find the RV, travel trailer, or 5th wheel with washer and dryer that fits your traveling lifestyle best. 

Best Class A RVs With Washer And Dryer

Class A RVs typically offer the most interior space and luxury amenities of any of the drivable RV classes.

For these reasons, they also tend to have some of the largest and highest-performing washers and dryers. 

Here are our choices for the best Class A RVs with a washer and dryer:

1. Fleetwood Flair 35R

Fleetwood Flair

You’ll be able to choose the option of including a stackable washer and dryer or a washer-dryer combo in the ultra-luxurious Fleetwood Flair. 

This 36-foot long RV features a Serenity Series king bed in the master bedroom that measures 72” by 74”.

It also has a drop-down queen-sized bed in the front cab and a 68-inch jackknife sofa in the living room. 

In addition to the freedom to do laundry from the comfort of your master bedroom, there’s a 50-inch exterior television and a full-sized patio awning for outdoor lounging.

This RV also features a six-person sleeping capacity and an 8,000-pound hitch rating for towing a secondary vehicle behind you.

2. Forest River Berkshire XL 37A

Forest River Berkshire

In the master bedroom of this class A Forest River Berkshire diesel RV, a two-piece washer and dryer come standard and they tuck away conveniently on the back wall. 

In total, it’s 38’10” long and it features optional theater seating for up to three people in the living room. 

It comes standard with a queen-size hide-a-bed sofa across from the dinette with plenty of overhead storage for games or kitchen supplies.

In addition to plenty of overhead storage, there’s a full-height closet, a large dresser, and a wardrobe for additional clothing storage.

There’s also a 32-inch television in the bedroom and another 43-inch TV above the dinette in the lounge area.

3. Coachmen Sportscoach SRS 365RB

Coachmen Sportscoach

The washer and dryer are two separate units in the Coachmen Sportscoach and they are tucked away under the shelf where the LED television is located in the master bedroom.

This is a massive 40-foot diesel Class A RV that has two slide-outs to give you additional living space.

One is in the master bedroom and the other is the entire length of the kitchen, living, and dining area. 

Speaking of the kitchen, this RV has a farm sink that makes it so much easier to wash dirty dishes after meals.

The RV also has two bathrooms and a residential-sized refrigerator for plenty of cold food storage.

There’s also a fireplace tucked away under a second LED TV for entertainment and ambiance in the living area.

Class B RVs With Washer And Dryer

Class B RVs are among the smallest and most compact RVs on the market. They are largely made for travelers that like to stay mobile and explore dry camping in more remote locations.

While it would be nice to have the ability to do laundry in some of those locations, most class B RVs simply don’t have the space for a washer and dryer. 

For this reason, some full-time RVers with Class B units will purchase a portable washer and dryer to set up outside of their rig when they’re camped in one spot for a few days at a time.

So, if you’re a class B RVer, you might be interested in a few of these portable washer-dryer models!

1: Magic Chef 0.9-Cubic-Foot Washer

With three water levels and five wash cycles, you’ll be able to customize your wash cycles with this portable dryer.

It weighs about 44 pounds and has dimensions measuring 20.5” x 20.5” x 33.1”.

It’s a top-loading washing machine that requires a 120-volt AC power connection. Check this Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine price on Amazon.

2: Giantex Full Automatic1.34 Cu.Ft Laundry Washer

319qMjcGiLL. SL250

This fully automatic washing machine has a 1.34 cubic foot load capacity and a drain pump to remove more water during the spin cycle.

This makes your laundry dry more quickly when you hang it to dry.

This washer weighs 51 pounds, features an LED display, and can be fully programmed to your ideal water level, spin cycle, timing, and child safety features.

Check Compact Washer price on Amazon.

3: Panda Compact 1.60cu.Ft Washing Machine

319qMjcGiLL. SL250

The Panda Compact Washer is the largest of these three portable washers and it offers a total capacity of 1.6 cubic feet.

It features two built-in rollers for easier mobility and it weighs a total of 63.8 pounds.

Two rear inlets also allow you to connect this portable washing machine to your RV’s water tank with the included quick connect adapter kit and hoses.

Check Compact Washer price on Amazon.

Best Class C RVs With Washer And Dryer 

Because of their cab-over design, many class C RVs offer larger sleeping capacities than other types of RVs, travel trailers, or 5th wheels. That means they’ll need larger washer-dryer units to keep up. 

So here are our choices for the best Class C RVs with washers and dryers:

1. Jayco Seneca 37HJ

Jayco Seneca

The Jayco Seneca 37HJ class C RV is fully-loaded and with its stackable washer and dryer, it’s ready for comfortable full-time RVing or just luxury trips. It’s equipped with a 12 cubic foot refrigerator and power theater seating in the living area. 

There’s also a 39” flat screen LED television above a fireplace that will help keep you warm in the cooler months. 

The master bedroom comes standard with a king-sized bed and plenty of closet, cabinet, and dresser space.

It’s also where the washer-dryer is tucked away into the corner, which makes it easy to pull laundry out and fold right on your bed instead of having to transport it from one side of your RV to the other to fold and organize.

2. Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34

Jayco Seneca

The Magnitude RB34 features a washer-dryer combo in your master bedroom and it has some really neat exterior features for comfortable indoor-outdoor living. There are an exterior kitchen and a 32-inch television for outdoor entertainment. 

A 20-foot power awning covers the kitchen and entertainment area so that you don’t get wet while grilling or cooking. 

Overall, it offers a 35’6” exterior length and it sleeps a total of eight people with the over-the-cab bed, rear master bed, fold-down dinette bed, and bunk beds that convert to a closet.

It also offers theater seating for when you’re just relaxing and the residential-sized refrigerator gives you plenty of cold food storage space.

3. Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS

Coachmen Leprechaun

This is a 31’10” Class C motorcoach that offers the option to include a washer-dryer combo in the bathroom and it features tons of overhead cabinet storage. 

It will give you the ability to sleep a minimum of four people comfortably and the kitchen is designed for superior functionality. 

There are two large pantry areas in the kitchen for food storage and the refrigerator is large enough to offer plenty of perishable food storage.

In the master bedroom towards the back of this RV, there’s also a walk-in closet, which is ideal for full-time RV living.

Best Travel Trailers With Washer And Dryer

Travel trailers can be convenient for dry camping or just staying in your trailer for extended periods.

But if you’re going to live in a travel trailer for more than about a week at a time, you’re definitely going to need one that has a washer-dryer hookup inside. 

Here are our choices for the best travel trailers with a washer and dryer:

1. Coachmen Catalina Legacy Edition 343BHTS2QB

Coachmen Leprechaun

This travel trailer features a stackable washer and dryer in the bedroom allow you to run a load through the laundry while you’re relaxing in bed. 

It actually offers excellent sleeping comfort with two separate queen beds in the rooms at either end. It has a total length of 37’9” and has a hitch weight of 1,154 pounds. 

On the outside, a 21-foot power awning on one side provides excellent outdoor hang out space and there’s plenty of exterior storage space underneath the front of the trailer.

In the main living area, the entertainment center comes standard, but you’ll have the option of choosing a fireplace instead if you don’t watch much television while camping.

And dual recliner chairs in the living room give you a comfy space to relax once you’re finished adventuring for the day.

2. Highland Ridge Open Range OT338BHS

Highland Ridge Open Range

This Open Range travel trailer is packed with convenient features and the stackable washer-dryer in this travel trailer is tucked next to the large, full-height closet in the master bedroom. 

It has a total of four slide-outs to increase the space in the master bedroom, kitchen, living room, and second bedroom. 

The second bedroom is equipped with both a hinged and a regular bunk bed for a four-person sleeping capacity.

The master bedroom features a 60” x 80” queen bed with nightstands on either side.

On the outside of this travel trailer, two power-operated 11’6” awnings provide shade for relaxing on hot days and the outside shower makes it easy to rinse gear or yourself after a morning surf session.

3. Palomino SolAire Ultra Lite 320TSBH

Palomino SolAire Ultra Lite

The Palomino SolAire gives you the option to place a stackable washer and dryer in the laundry prep area so that you can keep your laundry appliance tucked conveniently out of the way in the corner of the master bedroom. 

In spite of its 36’3” length, this travel trailer has a hitch weight of just 1,085 pounds.

That means you’ll have the convenience of towing it with a smaller truck instead of needing a beefy F-250.

It has a total of three slide-outs on one side that greatly increases the living space once you’re parked. 

Two of those slide-outs are in the separate bedrooms on either end of the trailer.

The third extends the entire living space with the dinette and sofa sleeper.And the outside kitchen towards the back gives you indoor-outdoor cooking versatility.

4. Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40RLTS 

Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow

This Jayco Bungalow travel trailer features a laundry area in the bathroom. The stackable washer and dryer is conveniently placed right next to the shower so that you can clean your clothes and yourself at the same time.

In the living area, you’ll be able to enjoy a huge kitchen area with a center island for food prep and dish cleaning. 

In the living area, a 40-inch LED TV is mounted above the fireplace and you’ll have the option to include a dual recliner chair or theater seating across from the TV.

In your master bedroom, a queen-sized bed comes standard, but you’ll have the option of upgrading to a king bed if you want more sleeping space.

5. Grand Design Reflection 315RLTS

Grand Design Reflection

This light travel trailer doesn’t lack any amenities for comfortable living. In the master bedroom, there’s a full laundry room with separate washer and dryer units on either side. 

The master bedroom also has a shoe closet, dresser, plenty of overhead storage, and comes standard with a queen-sized bed. 

The kitchen is also ideally set up for cooking excellent meals in this travel trailer. It has a center island and a 12 cubic foot residential refrigerator.

There’s also a wine rack between the fridge and the convection oven/range and the entertainment center includes a 40-inch LED television above the electric fireplace.

Best 5th Wheels With Washer And Dryer

Having a 5th wheel with a washer and dryer might make you think twice about needing a full-sized residential home.

These mobile homes offer tons of space and amazing luxury amenities, but having a washer-dryer combo tucked away in one corner is always a nice touch. 

So here are our selections for the best 5th wheels with a washer and dryer:

1. Heartland Elkridge 37 BAR

Heartland Elkridge 37 BAR

The master bedroom in the Heartland Elkridge features a washer-dryer combo that takes up minimal space on the front wall of the rig. 

But this 5th wheel also features one of the coolest kitchen setups that we’ve seen in a 5th wheel to-date.

It has an L-shaped countertop with bar seating and you’ll even have the option of including a small entertainment center across from the bar seating so that your guests won’t notice when you’re burning dinner. 

In terms of the lounge area, it might take some time to get used to where you like to sit simply because you have so many options.

The large, pull-out sofa might be the obvious first choice, but you’ll also have side-by-side reclining chairs that might be more comfortable for enjoying dinner while watching your favorite TV shows or sports games.

2. Shasta Phoenix 392BL

Shasta Phoenix

The master bedroom is where all the laundry fun happens in the Shasta Phoenix. It offers a stackable washer and dryer in between two large wardrobes so you’ll still have plenty of space for your clothes. 

This rig measures 41’9” long and it has a total hitch weight of 2,434 pounds. And with a 20-foot awning on the outside, this 5th wheel also offers lots of covered outdoor hangout space.

But sticking to the inside, it offers two tri-fold sofas for additional sleeping capacity and a kitchen island that will motivate the chef in your family to cook awesome meals every night.

There are actually two distinct rooms in this 5th wheel in addition to the kitchen/living area. So it’s perfect for a family with one or two older kids that need their own private sleeping space.

3. Forest River Sabre 38DBQ

Forest River Sabre

In the closet of the Sabre’s master bedroom, you’ll have access to a large laundry room with separate washer and dryer units. 

In total, this 5th wheel features two beds and two baths and it has a hitch weight of 2,030 pounds and a massive exterior length of 42’7”. 

It’s also an excellent choice for full-time 5th wheel living because the living room is extra spacious and it also includes theater seating and a four-person dinette area for eating meals.

The master bedroom towards the front of the 5th wheel offers a standard queen-sized bed, but you can opt to upgrade to a king if you choose.

This 5th wheel also gives you the added luxury of cleaning off in a walk-in shower after a long day of outdoor recreation.

Best Truck Camper With Washer And Dryer

Just like class B RVs, truck campers with a washer and dryer are pretty rare. So many full-time truck campers either rely on laundromats or campgrounds with laundry facilities.

There is, however, one model with a floorplan that gives you the option to add a washer-dryer prep area.

Host Campers Mammoth 11.5

Host Campers Mammoth

The washer-dryer area on this “mammoth” truck camper doesn’t come standard, but you’ll have the option of upgrading to include a washer-dryer combo with additional storage space. 

That will simply take away a small sofa that comes standard (in addition to the dinette) and will actually give you larger storage cabinets around the washer and dryer.

It also features a total of three slide-outs and a side-entry door that allows you to tow an additional small trailer or keep a bike rack attached to the hitch of your truck.

It has a base weight of just under 4,000 pounds and it comes with a standard 65-gallon fresh water capacity and a 15-gallon L.P. gas capacity.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of RV Washers And Dryers

Advantages And Disadvantages Of RV Washers And Dryers

While we’d highly recommend getting an RV with a washer and dryer if you’re a full-timer, there are actually situations where having a washer and dryer might not make sense.

So the most logical place to start is to outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of RV washers and dryers so that you can decide if it’s right for you. 

Pros Of RV Washers And Dryers

Here are a few clear reasons why it’s great to have a washer and dryer combo in your RV: 

Ease And Convenience

Not everyone likes to multitask, but I do! So that’s why I’ve chosen ease and convenience as the number one advantage of having a washer and dryer in your RV.

Instead of having to sit at a laundromat and twiddle my thumbs while the machines take care of my laundry, I can start a load in my rig and then start cooking dinner or sit down to read a book. 

I also don’t have to worry about forgetting about switching over my laundry from the washer to the dryer because I’ll always be within earshot of the timer on my washer when I’m inside my RV.

And having a washer and dryer inside my rig even gives me the ability to run a small load of towels quickly after dinner if someone made an unexpected mess. 

Eliminates Need To Use Shared Laundry Facilities

Sometimes the laundry facilities at RV parks and resorts easily become an afterthought.

With so many other amenities to maintain, I can see why park staff may not making keeping the laundry room neat and tidy their utmost priority. 

But, for me, I don’t necessarily prefer to clean out a lint trap with lint from a previous user’s laundry before I can put my clothes in the dryer.

Plus, I’m not really sure what kind of soap people are using or where their clothes were before ours shared a washer or dryer.

So I really like the freedom of avoiding shared laundry facilities by having an RV with a washer and dryer inside. 

Cuts Down On Unplanned Stops

Even the best-laid adventure plans can be sidetracked when somebody runs out of clean clothes.

While part of adventuring is getting out of your normal daily cleaning routine, nobody likes to keep putting on dirty clothes day after day.

But if you don’t have a washer and dryer inside your RV, you’ll probably have to make unplanned stops to get your clothes cleaned. 

Whether those stops are at a laundromat in the city or an RV park with a laundry facility, having to alter your travel plans just to clean clothes is a nuisance.

Unless you need to also utilize a laundromat for their WiFi network, it’s always easier to stay on the road and have the ability to do laundry in your mobile home. 

Reduces Laundry Expenses

Sure, you’ll still need water and electricity to run your RV washer and dryer, but you won’t have to put coins in your machines in order to turn them on.

While some RV resorts offer free laundry facilities, most of them utilize coin-operated machines to squeeze a few more dollars out of your pockets while you’re staying there. 

Overall, your laundry expenses will be reduced by choosing an RV with an installed washer and dryer unit inside.

And you also won’t have to go through the headache of finding a place to get change if you’re out of quarters when it’s time to run your next load of laundry. 

Cons of RV Washers And Dryers

But here are a few disadvantages of purchasing a travel trailer with a washer and dryer unit:

Higher Energy, Gas, and Water Consumption

Obviously washers and dryers don’t run themselves. The washer and dryer will both need an electrical connection to operate.

The washer will also need to be connected to your RV’s water system and the dryer will most likely require a propane connection. 

All this translates to two additional large appliances that are going to consume electricity, propane, and/or water every time they’re turned on.

For this reason, many RVers with rigs that contain washers and dryers only run them when they’re connected to full hookups at an RV park so they can minimize running down their onboard energy stores. 

Washer/Dryer Capacity

The mobile nature of RVs, travel trailers, and 5th wheels makes them much smaller than a residential home.

This means that the washer and dryer combos that are designed for RV use also have much less capacity than units designed to be installed in a larger residence. 

Depending on how quickly you’re going through your clothes, you may only be able to fit a few days worth of dirty clothes in one of these washer and dryer units.

That could mean running multiple loads back-to-back in order to clean everything.

For this reason, RV washer and dryer units might not be the most efficient solution for larger families living or traveling in an RV. 

They Take Up A Lot Of Space

If your rig is already on the smaller side, having a washer and dryer inside is only going to make things feel much more compact.

To be honest, there might be other RV appliances that you would prioritize over having a washer and dryer. 

And in some cases, you might even opt for having extra storage space over a laundry appliance.

If you don’t plan on taking extended RV trips where doing laundry is going to be needed, then I can think of more efficient uses of interior space than a washer and dryer. 

Accumulation of Mold and Mildew

Depending on where you’re traveling or living in your RV, it can be hard to get your washing machine to fully dry out after each load.

Many owners of RV washers and dryers have subsequently reported that their machines tend to accumulate mold and mildew after only a few short months of use. 

Of course, this is going to be much more likely if you live or travel in especially humid environments.

And if that’s the case, you may be forced to purchase and install a large RV dehumidifier in order to make sure that your RV washer and dryer don’t continuously stay wet after you finish each washing cycle. 

Types Of RV Washers And Dryers

Types Of RV Washers And Dryers

As you’re looking through different RV, travel trailer, and 5th wheel floor plans, you’ll probably notice that there are several RV washer and dryer designs out there.

So before we highlight our favorite RVs with washer and dryer units, let’s define the different types of RV washers and dryers. 

Stackable Washers And Dryers

Stackable washers and dryers are designed in a vertical stack so that the units take up less space width-wise.

RV-specific models are much smaller than the stackable units that you’d find in a residential home, but most have the washing machine on the bottom and the dryer stacked directly above it. 

These units are much lighter than your average residential unit, which makes it easier to move around if you have to replace your old unit.

But they are still going to be much heavier than a portable washer and dryer for RV use. 

Stackable RV washer and dryer units typically handle 12-pound loads. They allow you to run both the washer and the dryer simultaneously so that you can multitask efficiently.

If you’re looking for an RV washer and dryer with a larger load capacity, a stackable design is also a good choice. 

Portable Washers And Dryers

Portable RV washers and dryers are generally lighter and more compact than stackable models.

And, as their name suggests, they will give you the freedom to do run a load of laundry through wherever you can connect them to an electrical outlet, water connection, and drain. 

Their smaller size and added portability make them a popular choice for smaller and older RVs that aren’t already equipped with a larger washer and dryer combo.

And because they can be moved around, they give full-time RVers the freedom to set up an outdoor laundry area instead of taking up space inside their RV, travel trailer, or 5th wheel. 

That being said, the smaller size of these units also translates to reduced load capacity.

That means you won’t be able to fit much more than a few days of clothes in a single load and you’ll definitely have to get creative if you’re trying to wash sheets, towels, and other bulkier linens. 

But another advantage of a portable unit is its ability to do laundry quickly. By running smaller loads, these portable washer-dryers can finish a cleaning cycle in about 20 minutes.

And if you choose a model that runs on manual “human” power instead of electricity, you’ll be able to do laundry without adding to your electric bill. 

Washer/Dryer Combos

Washer-dryer combos are a great middle-ground between portable and stackable models. These units feature a single drum that has washing and drying capability.

They aren’t as large and cumbersome as a stackable washer-dryer but they will offer larger load capacities than most portable designs. 

One of the cool parts about many modern washer-dryer combos is that they can be set to automatically switch from the washing cycle to the drying cycle when the former is complete.

This adds significant convenience to your RV lifestyle because you don’t have to make sure you’re around to switch your dirty clothes from the washer into the dryer. 

As an RVer who loves adventure and actually prefers to spend most of his time outside of his RV, I’d love the ability to set my washer-dryer in the morning, head out for a full day of adventures, and return to clean, dry clothes in the afternoon. 

The only downside to these combos is that the amount of time they require to complete a full cycle is much longer than for a portable washer-dryer.

But when you consider that the full cycle includes both washing and drying, three hours to have clean clothes or linens doesn’t really seem too bad to me. 

Vented vs. Non-Vented Washer-Dryers

To be clear, all of the three types of washer-dryers we mentioned above can either be vented or non-vented, depending on their design.

But in addition to their size and operation, it’s really important to know whether a vented or non-vented washer-dryer makes more sense for your specific mobile home.

So let’s go over some distinct pros and cons quickly here.

Vented Washers And Dryers

Vented washer-dryer combos utilize the air inside of your RV (or outside if you set up your portable model that way) to dry your clothes.

This is a popular choice for RV use because they tend to use less water and electricity than non-vented models. 

That being said, they will require you to hook them up to an air exhaust vent so that hot air doesn’t build up inside your rig.

And if you don’t already have a vent conveniently located close to where your washer and dryer are installed, then you’ll have to explore cutting a vent, which will obviously take more time and labor than you might’ve bargained for. 

Non-Vented Washers And Dryers

Non-vented (or ventless) washer-dryers don’t require you to hook them up to an air exhaust vent because they heat the air inside of the drum to dry your clothes instead of relying on air from outside.

While that might sound better in theory, there are a few reasons why more experienced RVers tend to avoid this type of washer-dryer combo. 

For starters, their need to heat the air inside the drum means that they’ll likely consume more propane than a vented model.

These designs also tend to use more water for the washing cycle and their drying cycles require much more time than a typical cycle for a vented washer-dryer. 

However, if you don’t have the time or the skills to install a vent, this can be a good option for RVers who aren’t worried about increasing their water and propane gas consumption or their laundry taking a long time to be cleaned and dried.


Especially in these uncertain times, having a fully self-contained mobile home is one of the safest ways to keep traveling and exploring your own country.

And a mobile home can’t truly be self-contained without a functional washer and dryer unit somewhere inside. 

We hope you’ve found an RV, travel trailer, or 5th wheel with a washer and dryer that you like on our list.

There are many to choose from out there, but these five caught our eye the most, so we just couldn’t help but share them with you.

And, as always, we wish you all the best on your upcoming road trip adventures!