Truck campers are great RVs for more versatile travel, since you’re not towing a large vehicle behind you or rumbling down the road in a big, Class A motorhome. But most truck campers are quite small, and can only comfortably fit two adults.

However, there are some larger truck campers that even have slide-outs, accommodating more people and giving you more space to spread out. 

What are the best (and latest) truck campers with slide outs?

In this article, I have done the legwork to find the best ones to feature. In addition to this list, I’ll also cover key information about whether truck camper slide-outs are worth it, and why your truck camper’s center of gravity is important. 

Keep reading to learn all about truck campers with slide-outs, and which are the best ones to consider for 2024. 

Truck Camper Slide-Outs: Are They Really Worth It?

While slide outs make a truck camper more spacious, there are some consequences including the fact that a truck camper with a slide-out will be heavier and more expensive than campers without them. Let’s get into the pros and cons.

Drawbacks to Truck Camper Slide Outs

Drawbacks To Truck Camper Slide-Outs

I mentioned that weight might be an issue with slide-outs in your truck camper, and it’s kind of a big deal. At minimum, a single slide-out will weigh about 300 pounds. If you’re driving a short-bed, half-ton truck, your options may be more limited for hauling a truck camper with a heavy slide-out (or two). 

Even with a standard three-quarter-ton or one-ton pickup truck, your payload is limited and every single pound counts. As you’ll find in our list of the best truck campers with slide-outs below, most of the campers weigh more than 3,000 pounds, fully-loaded.

Keep in mind as well, that the weight of the slide out can also cause stress on the frame of your camper, could lead to frame failure. Another negative to consider is that slide-outs can leak, so you’ll need to take extra care to maintain the weather seals, especially if you will be traveling in a humid or rainy climate.

If you’re buying a used truck camper, always be sure to check the roof and the floors for soft spots, which can indicate water damage.  Slide-outs can also make year-round camping less comfortable, because they allow drafts, even if the rubber seals are in peak condition.

Something that’s relevant to consider is that your truck camper also won’t have a very large propane tank, so the drafts may tax your furnace system beyond its capabilities. At best, you may eat through your propane store more quickly. So, if you’re planning to camp in rugged, sub-zero locations, slide-outs might not be a good choice for your truck camper.

In addition to the weight and weather concerns, slide-outs immediately add as much as a couple thousand dollars to the price of your camper. And the maintenance costs for repairing a broken slide-out if you have a mechanical failure after your warranty has expired can be very expensive.

Pros of Slide Outs in Truck Campers

Pros Of Slide-Outs In Truck Campers

Drawbacks aside, there’s a good reason (or three!) why some people prefer a truck camper with slide-outs. Of course, the strongest perk is the additional living space provided in your camper.

The extra space may accommodate more sleeping areas, simply create a more open feeling inside, or be that saving grace when you’re trapped inside on a rainy day. 

Beyond the additional space to spread out, slide-outs allow more storage areas in the camper. When the dinette is located in the slide, the camper will have even more storage capacity in the dinette seats, the fold-down bunk area, and more.

Since storage is always a premium in tiny RVs like truck campers, one with a slide-out definitely has more to offer and this may be a strong factor and reason to choose a camper with slide-outs. 

At the end of the day, your choice comes down to your needs and abilities when traveling in and maintaining your truck camper. 

What You Need To Know About Center Of Gravity In A Truck Camper

With a truck camper, the center of gravity is very important. Not only do you need to be conscious of your camper’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and Cargo Carrying Capacity (Center of Gravity), you also need to be sure to distribute weight appropriately.

You don’t want your camper to cause the whole vehicle to tip over when you make a sharp turn! One thing to keep in mind is that the center of gravity may not always be in the center of the camper.

I included the manufacturer’s center of gravity for most of the campers on this list, and to find the center of gravity inside your camper, you just need to take this measurement and use it to measure the distance from the front wall of the camper. 

Another thing to remember is that your truck will also have its own center of gravity, and knowing that is also important when you pack your camper.

To find the center of gravity in both your truck, check the factory sticker. This should list the information you need, but if it doesn’t or you can’t find or read the sticker, you can measure it so that you can distribute your cargo and supplies correctly and avoid putting too much stress on one of the axles of your truck.

You can find the center of gravity in your truck by measuring from the front wall of your pickup truck’s bed to the center of the rear axle. Your camper’s center of gravity just needs to be forward of this measurement.

What Are the Best Truck Campers with Slide Outs for 2021

What are the Best Truck Campers with Slide-Outs for 2024?

I have done the research to find the top truck campers with slide-outs, and below, I’ll list them with important specifications about their weight restrictions, sleeping capacity, size restrictions (for short-bed trucks), and more. 

Here are the top 8 truck campers have slide-out features:

Adventurer CampersAdventurer 910DB Truck Camper
Northwood MFG.Arctic Fox Camper 1150
Eaglecap CampersEagle Campers Eagle Cap 811
Host CampersHost Campers Mammoth Truck Camper
Host CampersHost Campers Tahoe Truck Camper
Lance Camper REV groupLance 1172 Truck Camper
Palomino RVPalomino Backpack Truck Camper HS-2902
Rugged Mountain Custom RVRugged Mountain Polar 860

1. Adventurer 910DB Truck Camper

Adventurer 910DB Truck Camper
Length18’ 1”
Interior Height6’ 6”
GVWR4,410 lbs
Center of Gravity52 inches
SleepsUp to 5

Although the Adventurer 910DB truck camper is only compatible with long-bed trucks, its amenities make it worth it, with a California king-sized bed in the front of the camper, a full wall slide-out for the dinette, and tons of storage. 

Under the dinette, there are huge storage drawers that can be accessed from inside and large, secure outdoor storage.

The U-shaped dinette and lounge can also be an optional power bunk, providing sleeping space for three more people (the dinette itself without the power bunk option sleeps two). 

There’s a 7 cu.ft. stainless steel refrigerator in the slide-out as well, and across the room, the dry bath has a shower/tub combo with a full skylight, toilet and sink.

In the galley kitchen, there are large windows, a stainless steel double-bowl sink with a high neck faucet, a sealed three-burner stove, large stainless steel oven, and thermoformed laminate seamless edge countertops with a knife block and sink cover cutting boards.

The Adventurer 910DB truck camper is made with two-inch aluminum framed and laminated sidewalls (three-year structural warranty) with R-13 closed cell block foam insulation and a laminated ceiling with simulated padded interior.

The roof is one-piece thermo polyolefin (TPO), with a 12 year walk-on warranty. The camper has thick framed radius four-season insulated compartment doors to keep it better insulated.

  • 20,000 BTU furnace
  • Fantastic Fan Exhaust Roof Vent (low-profile, high-efficiency A/C optional)
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 44 gal
  • Gray Water Capacity: 31 gal
  • Black Water Capacity: 31 gal
  • Price: Starting at $33,509

2. Arctic Fox Camper 1150

Arctic Fox Camper 1150
Interior Height6’ 7”
GVWR5,129 lbs
Center of Gravity52 inches
SleepsUp to 4

The Arctic Fox 1150 truck camper from Northwood comes with either a wet or dry bath. There’s a foot-pedal toilet, and shower pan with a shower curtain on a curved track to offer more space. The bath is at the rear of the trailer, with the dinette, a wardrobe, and a 2-way, 7 cu.ft fridge in the slide-out.

The dinette converts into a 43- by 76-inch sleeping area, with the option to add an overhead bunk for additional sleeping capacity. 

In the galley kitchen, you will find the Arctic Fox 1150 is equipped with stainless steel appliances, including a large, 22-inch residential oven/microwave, high-output three-burner range, and double-bowl sink. There’s a skylight overhead to allow more natural light inside. 

The camper’s bedroom has a comfortable NW TruRest queen bed, wardrobes and hampers on either side of the bed, and a shelf at the headboard for more storage. There’s plenty of exterior storage as well, below the slide-out. 

The Northwood Arctic Fox 1150 has fully welded, thick-wall aluminum frame construction with one-piece, corona treated continuous fiberglass and polyurethane laminated, multi-layered substrate walls.

It’s ready for all-season camping, with foam block insulation. The headroom inside is a comfortable six feet, seven inches due to the cathedral arch ceiling.

It also has an exterior shower, and is prepped and ready for your generator, satellite, and even your solar system.

  • 20,000 BTU Auto Ignition Furnace w/Digital Thermostat
  • 11,000 BTU Air Conditioner optional
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 59 gal
  • Gray Water Capacity: 35 gal
  • Black Water Capacity: 43 gal
  • Price: Starting at $34,986

3. Eagle Campers Eagle Cap 811

Eagle Campers Eagle Cap 811
Length17’ 4”
Interior Height6’ 6”
GVWR3,366 lbs
Center of Gravity39.5 inches
SleepsUp to 5

One of the most versatile truck campers on the market, the Eagle Cap 811 from Eagle Campers is designed for both long- and short-bed trucks, with room for the optional on-board Cummins/Onan 2500 watt generator.

The camper has aircraft-quality welded aluminum frame superstructure, with two-inch TCC® laminated aluminum framed walls with R-13 Insulation (three year structural warranty).

The roof is fully laminated, one piece thermo polyolefin (TPO) with a 12-year warranty.

Some of the construction features that make this truck camper special are the channeled side roofing seal system and the all-season, six-step exterior sealing process, which makes your camper comfortable no matter what climate you’re camping in. 

Inside the truck camper, the layout is similar to most on this list – after all, there’s only so many options in such a tiny space! The wet bath is in the rear of the camper on the passenger side, and the shower has a spray wand that extends outside for convenient clean-up.

The convertible dinette (with storage underneath) is in the single slide-out with the Dometic two-door, 7 cu.ft. stainless steel refrigerator.

The L-shaped kitchen has a three-burner, sealed cooktop with a residential grate, a large stainless steel oven, a microwave, full extension soft-closing drawers, and a residential under-mount stainless steel double-bowl sink with a high neck faucet and pull-out nozzle.

There are even sink cover cutting boards to maximize space and offer more versatility.  In the master bedroom, there’s a queen-sized bed with nightstands on either side, a double-door wardrobe, extra storage, and an entertainment center.  

The Eagle Cap 811 is pre-wired for air conditioning, solar system, and a 12-volt patio awning, and includes LED track lighting with adjustable dimmers. It also has a Jensen Stereo System with AM/FM/DVD/CD/Bluetooth/HDMI/USB.

  • 30,000 BTU Forced Air Furnace with Auto-Ignition
  • Fantastic Fan Exhaust Roof Vent (Air Conditioner – Digital T/Stat-Low optional)
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 44 gal
  • Gray Water Capacity: 34 gal
  • Black Water Capacity: 34 gal
  • Price: Starting at $38,995

4. Host Campers Mammoth Truck Camper

Host Campers Mammoth Truck Camper
Length19’ 3”
Interior Height6’ 6”
GVWR3,955 lbs
Center of GravityNot Listed
SleepsUp to 4

The Mammoth 11’ 6” Truck Camper from Host Campers is one of the largest and most luxurious on this list. There are three slide-outs as well, significantly increasing your interior space when parked in your campsite. 

There’s only one floorplan, but there are a lot of options for customization. In the rear slide-out, you can choose to have a sofa and overhead cabinets (standard), a laundry center, or a full wardrobe with hanging space above and drawers below.

The convertible dinette and dry bath are in the driver’s side slide-out, but you can choose to have a six-foot couch with a high/low dinette and coffee table if you don’t need the full dinette.

There are four different configurations for the bedroom, depending on whether you want a queen- or king-sized bed and your preferences for bedside storage.   

One feature that’s particularly cool about this truck camper is the dual-entry bathroom, with a rolling door from the main living area and a pocket sliding door for accessing the bathroom from the bedroom.

On the outer wall of the dry bath, there’s a beautiful entertainment center and fireplace right in the heart of your space. 

The Mammoth Truck Camper’s kitchen is in the third slide-out on the passenger side of the vehicle, and has a double-bowl stainless steel sink, a large three-burner range with a folding stove top cover, a double-door 8 cu.ft. fridge, and lots of storage.

It doesn’t come standard, but Host Campers has the option to add a microwave or a combo microwave and convection oven to your camper. 

Host Campers builds the Mammoth Campers for durability and lightweight engineering, with ultralite 100% aluminum framing, a complete fiberglass exterior, a one-piece TPO roof, and vacuum bonded foam insulation throughout.

  • 25,000 BTU Furnace
  • Fantastic Fan Exhaust Roof Vent (optional 11,000 BTU low-profile A/C or 9,000 BTU A/C)
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 65 gal
  • Gray Water Capacity: 51 gal
  • Black Water Capacity: 32 gal
  • Price: Starting at $69,000

5. Host Campers Tahoe Truck Camper

Host Campers Tahoe Truck Camper
Length17’ 1”
Interior Height6’ 6”
GVWR3,340 lbs
Center of GravityNot Listed
SleepsUp to 3

The Tahoe Truck Camper from Host Campers is another more spacious camper, although it’s a couple feet shorter than the Mammoth series. 

The Tahoe also has two slides, and although it doesn’t have as many customization options as the Mammoth, the bedroom can be fitted three different ways, including one plan that accommodates a king-sized bed. 

Entry to the Tahoe is in the rear, which is common among most truck campers with the exception of the Mammoth, with its side entry.

The sofa/dinette and two-way 8 cu.ft. fridge are located in the passenger side slide-out, with the spacious dry bath tucked into the rear of the camper.

The bath and kitchen are in the driver’s side slide-out, and the kitchen features a double sink, three-burner cooktop and folding stove top cover, with plenty of overhead and under counter storage.

You can also add a microwave or a combo microwave and convection oven to your camper if you choose. Host Camper also offers the option to have a fireplace and entertainment center in the center of the camper, sharing a wall with the bedroom. 

As with the Mammoth series, Host Camper’s Tahoe model is made with an ultralite 100% aluminum structure, complete fiberglass exterior, one-piece TPO roof, and vacuum bonded foam insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling to make it a durable four-season camper.

  • 25,000 BTU Furnace
  • Fantastic Fan Exhaust Roof Vent (optional 11,000 BTU low-profile A/C or 9,000 BTU A/C)
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 65 gal
  • Gray Water Capacity: 43 gal
  • Black Water Capacity: 32 gal
  • Price: Starting at $49,999

6. Lance 1172 Truck Camper

Lance 1172 Truck Camper
Length20’ 4”
Interior Height6’ 8”
GVWR4,628 lbs
Center of Gravity60/36 inches (front/rear)
SleepsUp to 6

At over 20 feet long, the Lance 1172 Truck Camper is probably the largest on this list. It also has two slide-outs, putting it on par with the more spacious RVs from Host Campers.

It has large windows and multiple skylights, offering tons of natural light throughout. From the entry on the passenger side, you’ll step directly into your living and kitchen area. 

It feels like a normal-sized RV inside, with a sofa and removable tray table in the rear slide-out, a “Super Slide” convertible dinette and the 6 cu.ft. three-way refrigerator in the driver’s side slide-out, and kitchen and dry bath on the passenger side of the vehicle. 

The kitchen is fully equipped, with a large undermount sink that has a pull-out faucet and cover, stainless steel three-burner cooktop and oven, pantry with adjustable shelves, and even a silverware organizer. 

At the rear of the truck camper, you’ll find the queen-sized bed “loft”, with a wardrobe and plenty of storage compartments for your belongings. 

Like most of the truck campers listed in this article, the Lance 1172 has an aluminum framed structure with block foam insulation.

This camper also has Azdel interior walls and a laminated and insulated floor, roof (one piece), and cab-over bed. Lance offers the option for two 100-watt solar panels, in addition to a long list of extra features.

  • 20,000 BTU Forced Air Furnace
  • Dometic 10,000 BTU A/C with Low Pro Wall Control (optional)
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 42 gal
  • Gray Water Capacity: 35 gal
  • Black Water Capacity: 35 gal
  • Price: Starting at $65,226

7. Palomino Backpack Truck Camper HS-2902

Palomino Backpack Truck Camper HS-2902
Length18’ 4”
Interior Height6’ 8”
GVWR3,261 lbs
Center of Gravity37 inches
SleepsUp to 4

The HS-2902 hard-side truck camper from Palomino RV offers a classic floorplan with everything you need to travel and camp comfortably in any season. It has a white fiberglass or gray gel coat exterior, high-density block foam insulation, an Alpha SuperFlex membrane roof, and an aluminum-framed, fully-welded super structure.

You can haul it in a ¾-ton truck with either a 6’6” or 8’ bed, making this camper more versatile for even short-bed trucks. Inside, the HS-2902 has a 40 by 62-inch convertible dinette in the passenger side slide-out, and a wet bath in the rear driver’s side of the vehicle.

The kitchen features a solid cabinet pantry or wardrobe, three-burner stove and oven, a large, residential-style sink, and a 6.2 cu.ft. refrigerator. One very cool feature in the kitchen is Palomino RV’s new hanging pantry, which has plenty of space and is also portable. 

In the bedroom, the HS-2902 has a 60 by 80-inch bed with a 5-inch interspring mattress, a closet, dual storage chests, and a wrap-around nightstand along the headboard. Some of the options that are not included with the standard model, but can easily be added, include Air Conditioning, a microwave, and a side awning with LED lights.

  • 20,000 BTU LP Gas Forced Air Furnace
  • Vent fan (11,000 BTU Air Conditioner optional)
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 45 gal
  • Gray Water Capacity: 20 gal
  • Black Water Capacity: 20 gal
  • Price: Starting at $32,994

8. Rugged Mountain Polar 860

Rugged Mountain Polar 860
Length15’ 11”
Interior Height6’ 6”
GVWR4,045 lbs
Center of Gravity30.25 inches
SleepsUp to 4

The Polar 860 truck camper from Rugged Mountain RV is the shortest camper on this list. At under 16 feet, this camper is creatively laid out to maximize space. It’s constructed with a TPO roof and a high-gloss exterior finish.  

From the rear entry, the wet bath is located on the driver’s side, with the convertible dinette across the room in the 65″ by 43″ slide out. The L-shaped kitchen has a three-burner gas cooktop with a range hood and pre-wiring for a microwave.

The fridge is a 5 cu.ft. refrigerator/freezer combo, across from the residential-style double-bowl sink. With Rugged Mountain RV’s Rugged package, you can get a 20-inch oven and microwave in your camper. 

The Polar 860’s bedroom has a 60- by 80-inch mattress, a closet, and dual cabinets and hampers on either side of the bed. 

This camper is an excellent base for your rugged camping needs. It’s also pre-wired for extra comforts and features, including electric jacks, air conditioning, kitchen appliances, and DVD/TV/Cable/Satellite.

  • Optional 11,000 BTU air conditioner
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 36 gal
  • Gray Water Capacity: 24 gal
  • Black Water Capacity: 24 gal
  • Price: Starting at $29,900

Conclusions About Truck Campers With Slide-Outs

If you’re in the market for a truck camper with more space, I hope this article has helped you find some great options for 2024 truck campers with slide outs.

We included some important information about the center of gravity, which we hope will be useful for your search!

When you’re researching truck campers in general, be sure to check out our post on 12 Of The Best Small Truck Campers On The Market Right Now to browse some other great truck campers!