There are several reasons you may want to take a shower at a truck stop when RVing. Perhaps your RV shower is small, you’ve run out of water, you have a full gray tank, or you’re a van lifer/small RVer without a shower in your rig. 

After all, staying clean becomes more important while traveling in an RV because you’re probably adventuring into the rugged wilderness.

Even though they are known as truck stops, these places are friendly to anyone arriving, including those RVing. So, if you need to shower at a truck stop but are not a truck driver, just Google “truck stops with showers near me,and you will soon be on your way to a fresh bath.  

Before I became an RVing enthusiast, I used to take having a shower for granted. After missing a few showers while on the road because I couldn’t take one in my RV, I now know how important and refreshing a shower can be, especially if you haven’t had a proper one for days.  

In this guide, I will show you how to find truck stops with showers near you. I also provide tips on using their facilities.

I encourage you to read all the way to the end because, as usual, I will be answering some of the common questions asked by RViers about how to use truck stops if you’re not a trucker. But before diving into that, let us define a shower truck stop.

What is a Shower Truck Stop?

Shower truck stops are facilities commonly found along highways or major routes that offer showers for travelers, especially truckers. They provide a unique sanctuary where people can enjoy a refreshing shower.

Just picture it: tired travelers stepping out of their vehicles and entering a world of pure comfort. No longer stuck in cramped spaces, they indulge in the luxury of shower stalls. These stalls have fancy features, like fluffy towels and lovely toiletries.

Step into one, and you’ll notice that even the most mundane features can become fancy when traveling the paths many may not venture into. Inside these private spaces, travelers can truly transform themselves.

They emerge feeling renewed, refreshed, and full of energy. If you want this feeling, you can have it too; search using the terms“trucker shower near me.”

Shower Truck Stop Features and Amenities

Truck stops have various amenities to make truckers and RVers stay comfortable, including the following: 

  • Private shower stalls: These stalls have locking doors or curtains, providing a private space to freshen up before embarking on a long journey. 
  • Restrooms and toilets: Truck stops also provide restroom facilities, including toilets, sinks, and handwashing stations. These amenities are essential for travelers to manage their personal hygiene needs.
  • Parking spaces: Truck stops with shower facilities usually have plenty of parking spaces, accommodating large vehicles like trucks, RVs, and trailers. This allows drivers and travelers to conveniently park their vehicles while using shower services.
  • Clean and well-maintained facilities: The shower stalls are regularly cleaned to ensure a welcoming and comfortable stay before embarking on your journey.
  • Towels and toiletries: After searching for the terms “rest stop with shower near me,” you may discover that some provide customers with towels and basic toiletries like soap and shampoo. However, I have had a few instances when the facility does not provide these. So, I suggest you carry your own. This also keeps you safe from the hazards associated with sharing towels.
  • Payment options: Although these facilities offer some of the best amenities that RV drivers require on the go, you may have to pay for some services, such as showering. Payment options include cash, credit/debit cards, or specific shower access cards.
  • Additional amenities: Some truck stops go the extra mile by offering additional amenities such as laundry services, truck maintenance centers, ATMs, Wi-Fi connectivity, and even recreational spots like game rooms or fitness facilities. These added features enhance the overall convenience and comfort of your pit stop.

How Do I Find A Truck Stop With Showers?

One of the best ways I’ve found to find truck stops with showers (along with all sorts of free camping options) is to use the AllStays app.

This handy little app has been a welcome companion for my wife and I on our 4+ year journey of full-time RVing.

AllStays actually has a search filter you can put on to find truck stops with showers near you.

By using AllStays to search, you’ll be sure to find the best truck stop showers because they are reviewed by people who have actually used them.

Where Can I Take Truck Stop Showers

Where Can I Take Truck Stop Showers?

While AllStays will show you all the truck stops near you with showers, it pays to know a bit about the truck stop brands out there that you should look for.

Here’s a guide to the big ones:

  • Flying J or Pilot — Owned by the same company, Flying J and Pilot truck stops are very similar. They will always have showers and are committed to keeping them clean, convenient, and safe.
  • Love’s — Love’s is another fantastic truck stop with the same commitment to truck stop shower quality as the others. Note: While Love’s truck stops are the most common version you’ll find on the road, Love’s Country Stores are smaller gas stations that usually won’t have shower facilities.
  • Travel Centers of America (TA) TA is another one of the big dog truck stop shower houses that you’ll find on the road. They pride themselves on cleanliness and have a rockstar team who’ll get that shower shining after each use. While all the major truck stop showers will clean the shower between each use, TA takes it to a whole new level of clean.
  • Independent truck stops — There are independently owned and operated truck stop showers all over the country as well. Many are fantastic while others are less than fantastic. While we definitely recommend supporting local when it comes to truck stop showers, just be sure to read some reviews if you go to an independent shower house to make sure you’ll have a good experience.
What Are Truck Stop Showers Like

What Are Truck Stop Showers Like?

If you’re like me, when you first hear truck stop shower your brain conjures up an image of a dirty, grimy shower that’s scary to use.

But nothing could really be further from the truth. As long as you use established truck stops like Loves, Flying J, or TA, you’re almost guaranteed to have a great truck stop shower that’ll leave you feeling safe and squeaky clean.

That’s because these companies serve thousands of truckers each year who usually have no other place to take a good shower.

Places like Flying J, Love’s, and TA are all staking their reputations on becoming known as a great shower spot in the trucking community. 

As an RVer, you benefit from this competition by enjoying truck stop showers that:

  • Are thoroughly cleaned between each use

  • Include clean, large towels

  • Some showers even have high end tile and furnishings like a nice hotel

  • A private bathroom area

  • Ample space for toiletries

  • Included high quality soap & shampoos (or you can bring your own)

Independent family owned truck stops will usually also have wonderful truck stop showers so we certainly don’t want to discourage you from going to those either!

Just be sure that no matter where you go for a truck stop shower that you’re using AllStays and Google to check reviews of the place where people actually mention shower quality. 

How I Find Truck Stops with Showers Near Me

After discussing the advantages of travel trailers equipped with bathrooms, let’s return to showering at truck stops. To locate truck stops that offer shower facilities in my vicinity, I use the following resources:

  • Online maps and directories: You can use online maps and directories to locate truck stops nearby. Resources like Google Maps, Yelp, and AllStays provide information on truck stops and their amenities, including showers. Enter your location and search for  “gas station shower near me, or shower truck stop near me.”
  • Travel apps: Several travel apps cater specifically to RVers and road travelers. Apps like RV Parky, iExit, and Trucker Path allow you to search for truck stops with showers, read reviews, and even filter results based on your preferences.
  • Ask truckers: If you have a chance to interact with a trucker, asking them can be a great way to find the nearest shower facilities. They can provide valuable information about hidden gems or lesser-known stops that may not be listed online.

How Much Do Truck Stop Showers Cost?

Truck stop showers range in price from $12-$15 depending on where you go.

That might seem steep, but they are cleaned by a professional crew between each use, generally very spacious (including a separate bathroom), and there are two great ways to save money on truck stop showers: 

  1. You can share a shower if you have a travel buddy. And no, you don’t have to shower together, rather you can just ask for extra towels and simply take turns using the truck stop shower with your travel buddy. If your travel buddy is your spouse, many truck stop showers have a separator between the bathroom area and shower meaning you could shower while your spouse is brushing teeth, drying hair, etc.

  2. You can join loyalty programs at truck stops to reduce the cost of a shower. For example, Flying J will give you a half shower credit for every gas fill up you do. If you’re RVing anyway, you’ll need to fill up. May as well do it at Flying J and get a shower discount off it!

How Long Can You Stay In A Truck Stop Shower?

There’s no time limit! At most every truck stop shower (especially the big ones like Love’s, Travel America, and Flying J/Pilot), you can shower for as long as you like.

Just be courteous depending on how busy things are and remember that truckers depend on these showers to stay clean on the road — so you shouldn’t hog the shower if there’s a line!

Are Truck Stop Showers Safe?

Very much so. But you have to keep your wits about you like anywhere else.

The bottom line is that truck stops are very well lit and generally highly trafficked places. 

When it comes to a truck stop shower, you’ll be behind a securely locked door with a code or a key that is specific to you.

Any time you stop along the road, it pays to always be looking for anything out of the ordinary and to have some kind of personal protection with you.

That’s true for anywhere you RV though — not just truck stop showers.

What Is Inside A Truck Stop Shower

What Is Inside A Truck Stop Shower?

Truck stop showers are usually divided into two parts: a bathroom section and a shower section. This spacious set up will allow you ample room to shower and then prepare for your day.

Because they usually come with bathrooms, truck stop showers give you a large, private, and clean space to take care of all your business. 

Most truck stop showers also have built in blow dryers and some even have extra amenities like shaving cream and cologne/perfumes for your use.

How To Use A Truck Stop Shower

Using a truck stop shower is very easy to do. Simply go to the front desk at the truck stop and purchase a ticket with a number on it that shows you your place in line.

Then, you’ll simply wait until you see your number appear on a screen by the shower rooms. Once you see your number, you will also see a specific shower room assigned to you. 

Oftentimes, there will be an attendant near the shower area who can help direct you to your specific shower.Most truck stop showers these days have doors with a keypad lock.

In these cases, your ticket will have a code on it that’ll open the shower door for you.

Some truck stops still use keys in which case there would be an attendant by the showers to give you a key or direct you to your shower when it is open for you. 

What Should I Bring To a Truck Stop Shower?

Truck stop showers will almost always provide towels and will generally provide shampoo/soap.

That said, you can always bring your own towel or soap if you’d prefer to use those.

Apart from these items, here are other things you’ll want to bring to the truck stop shower:

  • A change of clothes

  • Shower caddy: Optional, but these baskets can hold all your shower items in one easy-to-carry place)

  • Sandals or flip flops: Even though truck stop showers are kept exceedingly clean, it’s always a good idea to wear sandals or flip flops while showering.

I’m An RVer — Can I Use Truck Stop Showers?

Yes, absolutely! But you should be aware of some shower etiquette:

  • Remember that truckers depend on these showers to keep clean on the road and are often on very tight timetables. If the truck stop seems busy, be sure you don’t spend too much time in your shower

  • Generally, early mornings and later nights are good times where truck stop showers aren’t that busy

  • Don’t hog the shower — You won’t have a time limit on your shower, so going at off-peak times will allow you more time to enjoy your shower.

  • Don’t leave your RV parked by the gas pump — This is fairly common sense, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people leaving their vehicle parked and blocking a gas pump for way too long. Don’t let this be you. Move your RV to a clear spot that’s not in anyone’s way before going in for your truck stop shower.

As long as you stick with the above, you’ll be totally welcome as an RVer in a truck stop shower!

And — contrary to some stereotypes — truckers are generally very friendly folks who have fun stories to tell.

If you hang at a truck stop for a shower and a rest, take the chance to get to know a trucker or two and enjoy being part of this special community. 

Using Truck Stop Showers as a Non-Trucker

When you come across a truck stop that offers shower facilities, it’s crucial to show respect towards the truckers who depend on these amenities.

To make your experience at the truck stop smooth, follow these tips:

  • Check availability: Before heading to a truck stop, it’s a good idea to call ahead and check if they allow non-truckers to use their showers. Some stops may have specific policies or restrictions.
  • Paying for showers: Most truck stops charge a fee for using their showers. Be prepared to pay with cash or a card, depending on the establishment’s payment options.
  • Follow etiquette: Truck stops can get busy, so it’s essential to be mindful of others. Keep your shower time reasonable, and be considerate of those waiting. Leave the shower area clean and tidy for the next person to use.
  • Bring your essentials: While truck stops may provide basic toiletries like soap and towels, bringing your own is a good idea. Have all your essentials like shampoo, conditioner, and a towel to ensure you have everything.
  • Respect quiet hours: Some truck stops may have designated quiet hours to allow truckers to rest. Be mindful of these hours and keep noise to a minimum inside and outside the shower area.

Steps on How to Use a Truck Stop Shower

First, approach the front counter and inform the staff that you want to shower. Once you have paid, you obtain a ticket with a designated number indicating when the shower is available. Sometimes, you may also receive a code to access the shower room. You may need to wait until your turn during busy times.

Many trucks stop offer a small lounge area for guests. Some even provide games to keep truckers entertained during the wait. You can explore the store or grab a quick meal, too, if you like.

Whether you choose a truck stop shower or an alternative option, the goal is to stay fresh and rejuvenated during your travels. So, the next time you need a shower while RVing or traveling, remember to explore truck stop showers and other available options to ensure a refreshing and enjoyable experience on your journey.

Exploring Alternative Options for Showers on the Road

While truck stop showers are a reliable option, there are alternative ways to get squeaky clean when you’re on the road. Consider these options:

  • Campgrounds and RV parks: Many campgrounds and RV parks offer shower facilities open to the public for a small fee. These locations are often well-maintained and provide a comfortable showering experience.
  • Fitness centers and gyms: Some national gym chains offer day passes or short-term memberships that allow access to their facilities, including showers. Check with local gyms to see if any options suit your needs.
  • Public swimming pools: Certain public swimming pools have shower facilities for visitors. Research nearby pools in the area you’re traveling through and inquire about their shower policies.

Remember to plan and research these alternatives, as availability and fees may vary depending on the location.

Other Benefits Of Truck Stop Showers

Truck stop showers come with benefits that go beyond getting clean. First, most truck stops will allow you to park for free overnight in a well lit lot that usually has a lot of other truckers around you taking a rest.

Why not shower up after a long drive and rest for the night all in one place?

Second, you can make friends with truckers, people who — despite some popular misconceptions — are generally fun and cool with lots of road stories to tell!

Truck stop showers are a wonderful tool for any RVer — if you know the right ways to find and use them.

Whether you have an RV with a shower and just want to rinse off in a larger space or are travelling in a rig without shower facilities, truck stop showers are an affordable, clean, and safe option for keeping you and yours clean over the road.


Suppose you’re not a trucker but find yourself in need of a shower while on the road; you can utilize online resources, maps, and travel apps to locate the nearest truck stop with showers using the terms “trucker showers near me” or “gas station showers near me.”

Remember to check their availability and any specific policies for non-truckers. When using truck stop showers, be respectful of the truckers who rely on these services by following proper etiquette and keeping your shower time reasonable.

Bring your essentials and be prepared to pay for the showers. If showering on the go is an everyday need for you, consider investing in a travel trailer or RV, which offers the convenience, privacy, and cleanliness of having a bathroom onboard. Plan, practice water conservation, and explore portable shower options for a more comfortable and refreshing RVing experience.


Where are the nearest truck stops with showers? 

You can find the nearest truck stops with showers using online resources like Google Maps, truck stop directories, or specialized RVing apps. Search for keywords like “truck stops with showers near me” to get a list of options near your location.

Where can I find trucker showers near me? 

You can use the online resources mentioned earlier to find trucker showers near you. Look for truck stops that explicitly mention showers or amenities for RVers.

Where is the nearest truck stop with a shower? 

The nearest truck stop with a shower can be located using online resources such as Google Maps, truck stop directories, or RVing apps. Search for truck stops near your location and check their amenities for shower availability.

Where is the nearest rest stop with a shower? 

Rest stops typically do not offer shower facilities. Finding showers at truck stops or dedicated RV-friendly locations is more common. Use online resources or apps to locate truck stops with showers nearby.

Where is the nearest gas station with a shower? 

Gas stations rarely have shower facilities. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  It’s best to look for truck stops or other RV-friendly locations offering showers.

Where is the nearest truck stop with a shower? 

To find the nearest truck stop with a shower, utilize online resources like Google Maps, truck stop directories, or RVing apps. Search for truck stops near your location and verify their amenities for shower availability.