Every experienced RVer understands the importance of good ventilation on long road trips. Not only does it play an important role in a comfortable and healthy RVing experience, but it also helps get rid of stale air and keep the inside of your RV smelling nice and fresh.  

I went on my first RV trip just over half a decade ago, and after a day or two, I started noticing a peculiar smell building up inside the RV. That is when I started to look for ways for efficient ventilation. From my experience,

I learned how to use the RV exit window and other windows to create efficient ventilation inside my RV, which helped me maintain a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. Stick around, and I will walk you through some of the most common mistakes among new RVers when opening RV windows and their solutions. 

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The Importance Of Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is crucial for many reasons, not the least of which is keeping away bad odors and smells. This section will review the importance of proper ventilation and present some of its benefits. 

Maintaining Comfort And Freshness

On longer road trips, proper ventilation is crucial to maintain a comfortable humidity level inside the RV, especially during the summers when there is an increased chance of mold and mildew. It also helps get rid of cooking and bathing odors and keeps your RV smelling nice and fresh. 

Health Benefits Of Proper Ventilation

If you are spending hours on end cooped inside your RV, its atmosphere will significantly affect your health. If it is poorly ventilated, you might start having respiratory problems because of the pollutants and toxins in stale air. On the other hand, if your RV is efficiently ventilated, it can reduce the risk of allergies and asthma attacks and improve sleep quality. 

How Do You Create Adequate Ventilation In Your RV?

Be sure to open windows on opposite sides of the RV on hot summer days, which will help create good air circulation. Fresh air will enter from one window while stale air escapes from the other, creating a strong cross-breeze inside the RV. 

Understanding Different RV Window Types

Different RVs have different types of windows, including sliding, awning, and emergency windows. If you know what each of these windows offers, you can easily use them to create adequate ventilation inside your RV. However, some types of windows are more suited for certain situations than others. For example, awning windows provide ventilation in hot weather, while sliding windows are perfect for creating a cross-breeze. 

Type of Window Details 
Sliding windowsBwG2Km988LBuTZCYO73cghuDd6YGBTU5Df3HqEnDcbBgJFpFj0ytSHP2IHldeRwEUlLnFVGu3jPcE8VrQlKQbfUIxV7j6EeE9h5d6IrX0SOiygvu8FaxrbGCH4b1s96y0uONobSKDcZZqUDSh9D NGEJ0TLQDjwY09JSaCkBdTTmVBvCPA59aypB aCoSQMost RVs have sliding windows as they are the easiest to open. As mentioned earlier, sliding windows are perfect for creating a cross breeze. Be sure to open one window on each side to create an effect where fresh air enters from one window and stale air escapes from the other. This will eliminate any smells and odors that can build up inside the RV.
Awning windows

fjxVwp2wSKNj5tsUY75XjkusTl4iP9VAO3N kWf7tng7qyrnol2IJ6v WPu0vLmmUiZkQbOPUWnnt0x4gRoEFwdfr84wrH1VvMkhfKprYjFuuZBQiJ4xo nGzSCXPoI36 qE99izzdDq81wvss3kLsyq2dtmw2IvBh3JIm3mIa Xd9BgogR mQ eksyOA
Unlike sliding windows, awning windows tilt outwards to open. You can open them by grasping the lever at the bottom of the window and tilting the window outward to the desired position. Although awning windows aren’t as efficient as sliding windows in air circulation, they reduce heat gain and glare by creating shade over the window opening. You can also open them all the way to create better ventilation inside the RV. 
Emergency exit windowsfQTJ1z4pBrsMdSLBL01IKESc1YsnukXjthXEtCDvmdNQ4a 3RpimwrpFvZAJFVvfq86ofYUewrnVoXgD3kHVyXyF KZdUkJhPk0SK3sC QRRO3YPJsUA89bj4PvpT5nHNcRA PLZGHoWn98jYcvyeMz3gzc 2w8r7bssAsS4k10J1PvU3rfD57IKgMm0gEmergency windows are the last resort in an emergency, so they are often situated in places that are difficult to reach. Most RVers don’t typically think of the emergency exit window as an option for ventilation. However, they can be quite helpful in creating a cross breeze inside your RV. To open an exit window, you need to locate the emergency release mechanism and activate it. It might be a red lever or handle near the bottom of the window frame. Open the window as much as you need and use it with other windows to create a strong cross-breeze.  
Fixed windowsMost RVs feature fixed windows. These are mainly meant to let in natural light and don’t play any role in ventilation. They are typically used in bathrooms where ventilation is not required.  
Pop-out windows

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Some RVs also feature pop-out windows, which slide out from the RV wall to open and are ideal for providing ventilation in areas with limited space, such as over-cab windows.
SkylightsEzraeG0W 5fNBz86BClzbq8JkeBbtIQxWUzdQ9tQtZr6IhBNBgdu73S9HXY5C 2wCT5ChDRuVV ZuwLO2YSSc1W lL aVKw8SKjSGP JnT3i1K5J9EsYv682PViPbQg9di1yhCzppIDN EKSkylights are located on the roof of RVs and are mainly responsible for providing natural light but can also play a role in ventilation in combination with other windows. 

Troubleshooting Common Window Issues

Here are some common issues related to RV windows that you might face occasionally and their solutions. 

Stuck Or Jammed Windows

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Over time, window tracks collect dirt and debris, which can cause them to rust and jam. This is one of the most common issues among new RVers who aren’t well-versed in RV maintenance tricks. Here are some solutions for jammed RV windows. 

  • Use a damp cloth to clear accumulated dust and debris in the window tracks at least twice a month. 
  • If the window jams, use lubricants like WD-40 to loosen the rust and make the windows slide more smoothly. 
A person's hands applying WD-40 lubricant to the track of an RV window.

  • If the window is still stuck, you may have to disassemble it to thoroughly clean the tracks.  

Windows That Don’t Seal Properly

Over time, your RV window may not open properly due to air leaks and condensation buildup. Here are a few tips to fix this problem.  

  • Make sure the seals on your windows are not damaged.  
  • If you see cracks or gaps in your windows, use caulk, a type of sealant made from a mixture of polymers, fillers, and pigments to seal them.  
  • If the seals are damaged beyond repair, replace them immediately.  

Tips for Maintaining The Functionality Of RV Windows

RV windows are prone to wear and tear, so you must do everything possible to maintain their functionality over time. Here are some tips that may be helpful. 

  • Remember to inspect your windows for signs of damage or wear regularly.
  • Clean your windows with a damp cloth after a long trip. 
  • Whenever you see a crack or gap, seal it with a caulk. 
  • Clear window tracks with WD-40 lubricant at least twice a month and after every long road trip.   

Safety Precautions

Whether you are new to RVing or a seasoned RVer, here are some safety precautions you should follow when opening RV windows. 

  • Desist from opening awning windows all the way, as this could potentially damage them or create a serious safety hazard.  
  • During summers, use window screens to keep out insects and flies.  
  • If traveling in windy or rainy conditions, you must be extra careful with your windows. Because opening a window in these conditions can create a serious safety hazard. 
  • When using your emergency exit for ventilation, be sure not to compromise its ability to function as an emergency exit by opening it all the way. Don’t forget that its primary function is to help you exit the RV safely in an emergency. Also, ensure you don’t block the path to the emergency exit. 
  • Close the emergency exit completely when you are not using it. 
  • Teach everyone in the RV how to use an emergency exit, especially when traveling with kids.

Importance of Knowing How To Open Emergency Exit Windows

I can’t stress the importance of an emergency exit enough. Even though you can use it for ventilation, its primary purpose is to serve as a last resort during an emergency. So, everyone must know how to use an emergency exit window to exit the RV quickly and easily. Below are the steps to open an emergency exit in case of an emergency. 

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  • Start by opening the window opening latch which will push the glass window outward to create an opening. 
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  • Locating the emergency release knob, which you will typically find at the bottom of the window frame. 
  • Activate the emergency release mechanism to break the seal on the window so it can open.  
  • Now, you can easily exit the RV.
  • Lastly, practice opening and closing your emergency exit window so you know how to do it in an emergency.
  • For ventilation, there is no need to activate the emergency release knob, just use the opening lever to push the glass window out and you are good to go. 

Upgrading your RV windows

Windows play an important role in regulating airflow, and temperature, and enhancing energy efficiency. However, all of it comes down to using the right kind of windows. In this section, we will discuss how upgrading your RV windows can increase the overall comfort and functionality of your RV.

Enhance Airflow with Better Windows

Single-pane windows don’t do much when it comes to regulating the indoor temperature of your RV. Double-pane windows, on the other hand, are designed to minimize heat gain during the summer season and heat loss during winter.

Moreover, they have multiple opening configurations to allow you to regulate the air inside your RV. If you are unsure about whether or not these upgrades are going to be worth it, check out our detailed article on this topic,” Are Dual Pane RV Windows Really Worth The Money?

Reduce condensation to improve air quality

Temperature fluctuations lead to moisture buildup inside the RV which can lead to mold and bacteria growth. However, upgraded double-pane windows provide that extra level of protection to prevent condensation and block the moist and warm air from meeting cold surfaces. 

Balance temperature with effective airflow

Even Though modern RVs have extremely powerful heat regulation systems, extreme weather conditions can put them under extra pressure resulting in higher power consumption. This is where a little help from your upgraded windows can make a difference.

Dual pane windows have excellent insulation, which can take the load off of your temperature regulation system resulting in reduced energy consumption and better temperature regulation inside the RV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I prevent my RV windows from jamming?

To prevent your RV windows from jamming, clean the window tracks with a damp rag at least a few times a month. You should also lubricate the window tracks with a lubricant to ensure they can open smoothly. 

What should I do if my RV window doesn’t seal properly?

If your windows have cracks or gaps, repair them with a caulking compound. Dirt and debris can also prevent the windows from sealing properly, so clean your windows regularly. However, if the seal is beyond repair, you might need to replace it. 

What are RV exit windows?

Exit windows are special windows in RVs used for exiting the RV in case of an emergency. They are often situated on the roof or the rear of the RV. 

What safety precautions should I take when using RV exit windows?

Be sure to close the emergency exit window after using it, don’t open it all the way, keep it closed in windy and rainy weather, and inspect it for wear regularly.