Are you looking for the best small RV? Discover the top 5 must-have features for small RVs in our comprehensive guide. Find your perfect small RV today!

Hitting the road with your home-on-wheels is a feeling that is simply out of this world. Whether you’re a rookie embracing wanderlust or an adventurer searching for a cozier expedition, small RV trailers offer a perfect balance of homelike vibes and practical features.

When choosing small RVs, prioritize features like comfortable sleeping. I have researched for you whether you are in the market for a small RV or are here to learn more. In this piece, I’ll delve into the top three RVs that excel in these aspects. My article covers small RV types, buying options, and more.

Top 5 Must-Have Features For Small RVs

Top 5 Must-Have Features For Small RVs

If you consider buying a small RV, a few features can seriously level your travel comfort. Here are the five must-haves that you absolutely shouldn’t miss:

1.   Optimization Of Space

With the confined area of small motorhomes, nailing space efficiency becomes essential. Look for layouts with designs that offer multi-purpose furniture – think sofa beds or dinettes –  to maximize storage and provide enough room to move around comfortably.

2.   Kitchen With Appliances

A well-equipped kitchen can make a big difference to your travel experience. Ensure your little camper boasts a functional kitchen with a sink, stove, microwave oven, and refrigerator. Your ability to cook on the go can save money and give you the feeling of home.

3. Bathroom

Although a small RV may not have a spacious bathroom, having a functional one is necessary. Scout for RVs equipped with compact yet efficient bathrooms containing a toilet, shower, and washbasin. Some models of small RVs come with wet baths where the shower and toilet share the same space to maximize every inch of space.

4.   Heating And Cooling Systems

A reliable heating and cooling system becomes mandatory depending on the climate and seasons. Look for RVs with efficient heating and air conditioning to keep you comfortable in different weather conditions.

5.   Power And Connections

Embracing the digital era’s demands, your RV should have enough electrical outlets, USB charging ports, and solar panels to keep your gadgets running. For an enhanced travel experience, look into dependable internet connectivity options like Wi-Fi or cell phone signal boosters.

While these five features are undoubtedly essential, your specific needs and preferences may lead you to prefer other features such as capacity, entertainment systems, or off-road capabilities.

To make a well-informed decision, it’s essential to research the various RV models thoroughly. I recommend you visit dealerships or RV shows to see the features in person.

Types Of Small RVs

Small RVs offer a plethora of options to suit every adventurer’s lifestyle. Let’s explore some exceptional types of small RVs that can redefine your road experience:

Class A RVs

Class A small RVs are designed keeping the needs of families in mind. They offer the following perks:

  • Spacious interiors
  • Entertainment accessories
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Well-equipped kitchen
  • Cozy living area
  • Comfortable sleeping options
  • Fully equipped bathroom

Some models of class A RVs also feature these:

  • Exterior kitchens 
  • Washer and dryer prep 

These RVs are completed with the Atlas foundation for a smooth ride and enhanced storage capacity.

Class B RVs

Class B small RVs present a budget-friendly alternative to Class A. Their innovative design maintains a remarkable level of luxury. These recreational vehicles are prevalent among retired couples who seek a taste of the high life without breaking the bank.

Class B units are perfect for folks who prefer easy travel without worrying about towing. These compact small RVs are ready to hit the road straight from the dealership. The ease of use and manageable size make them a wise investment for couples seeking hustle-free adventures.

Stepping inside, the class B RV surprises with thoughtful features. In some, from granite countertops to quality floors, every detail is curated to create an illusion of space. You can pop the top and bask in natural light to bring the outdoors in.

Class C RVs

Class C is a combination of Class A RV’s comfort and power of Class B RV. With a range of floor plans and sizes, small class C RV caters to families of all sizes and individuals with different needs. A closer look at some specific models will showcase the sheer diversity within the Class C category. Thor Quantum, Omni, Magnitude, Inception MEGA C, and Delano models ensure something for every taste and preference.

Lightweight Trailers

Crafted with a smaller footprint and a lighter profile, these lightweight trailers can be attached to SUVs and light-duty trucks. The trailer’s effortless setup and teardown process ensures you spend time enjoying the outdoors. From temperature control to ingenious storage solutions, the interior of these small RVs cater to your every need. They come built with a fully-equipped kitchen and a bathroom. These lightweight travel trailers combine minimal effort with maximum enjoyment.

Truck Camper

The Truck Camper is a solo traveler’s haven on wheels. Technically, it can accommodate a second person, but its compact space is genuinely made for solo voyages. With the dinette doubling as a seating area and a bed and storage at a premium, it’s a snug fit for more than one. The spacious bed offers room to stretch out, while the table can provide space for your work, hobbies, or a cherished map collection. The truck camper also has a petite kitchen to enjoy fresh meals on the way.

3 Best Small RVS

Best Small RVS

We have curated a list of the three best trim RV options that offer ultimate comfort and efficiency for living on a home-on-wheels:

1. Winnebago Ekko

Winnebago Ekko is currently the most advanced small RV built to perfection for off-grid living on the road. This small RV combines AWD Ford Transit chassis with Class C RV luxury. The campervan offers an expansive interior layout featuring a comfortable living space, a fully functioning kitchen, and a bathroom.

It is ideal for remote adventures and includes off-grid capabilities and a heated garage for gear storage. An outdoor kitchen enhances cooking possibilities, while the unit can accommodate up to four people. With a starting price of $207,707, the Ekko sets new standards for compact, adventurous living.

2. Jayco Swift

The Jayco Swift, a Class B RV, offers cozy accommodation for two. Its Dodge Promaster 3500 chassis ensures reliability and efficiency. For those seeking off-road thrills, the optional package enhances off-road comfort.

The Swift’s electrical system supports a 13,500 BTU AC unit and boasts solar panels. Inside is a thoughtfully designed kitchen with a sink, cooktop, refrigerator, wet bath, and separate toilet.

The convertible bed can transform into either twin-sized or king-sized configurations. Ample storage space, including under-bed storage and a bathroom wardrobe, rounds out this elegant RV’s features.

3. The Unity

The Unity is a compact Class B RV with various standout features. Its exterior has frameless glass windows, while the interior is inspired by European-style luxury. With multiple floor plans, the Unity can have all kinds of beds, including twin beds, corner beds, Murphy beds, FX setups, and island bed layouts.

Constructed with lightweight fiberglass, it balances strength and fuel efficiency. The Unity’s interior amenities range from a full kitchen with a stove, sink, and refrigerator to a full-fledged washroom.

It has plenty of storage, including cabinets, wardrobes, and under-bed spaces. A television and sound system can be attached to the RV for entertainment. Starting at $186,370, the Unity also offers solar panels to embrace sustainable living.

Do I Need Electric Brakes For A Small RV?

Electric brakes are an essential safety feature that can improve your ability to steer and stop your RV, especially when towing. The requirement for electric brakes in a mini RV largely depends on your RV’s weight, the towing you’ll be doing, and any legal regulations in the areas you plan to travel.


Electric brakes may be unnecessary if your RV is relatively light and under 3,000 lbs. Knowing your RV’s weight is essential since most states have laws about specific brake requirements for trailers over 3,000 lbs.

Towing Capacity

Check the towing capacity of your vehicle. Power brakes are recommended for safe towing. Different states have different requirements for towing capacity. For example, if your RV exceeds 1,500 lbs in California, you’ll need electric brakes for the trailer. Meanwhile, you can tow without power brakes in Alaska if the towing weighs below 5,000 lbs.

Legal Requirements

Different regions and jurisdictions have different regulations regarding using electric brakes. Some areas may have laws that require electric brakes on trailers or RVs that exceed a certain weight, regardless of the towing capacity.


Although not required by law, power brakes can significantly improve safety by improving braking control, reducing wear and tear on your vehicle’s braking system, and minimizing the risk of a trailer rolling during sudden stops.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Although each state has different laws for electric brakes, the manufacturer of your RV may recommend using RV electric brakes for safety reasons. You should check the company’s manual or contact the manufacturer for towing and braking systems instructions.

Where Can I Find Small RVs For Sale?

There are several avenues you can explore to find small RVs for sale. You can visit local RV dealerships for various options and receive expert guidance from sales professionals.

Online platforms offer a convenient way to browse and compare small RV listings from various sellers. Other diverse options to find small RVs are auctions and private sellers. 

Here are some of the websites and classified platforms that feature listings for new and used small RVs:

  • R V Trader 
  • Autotrader 
  • General RV 


Your RV journey is all about freedom and flexibility. Whether you’re drawn to the cozy charm of the Jayco Swift, the sleek versatility of the Winnebago Ekko, or the ingenious design of the Unity, these small wonders are ready to roll you into unforgettable escapades.


How much does a small RV cost?

The cost of a small RV varies based on its features. It can cost you from $10,000 to $210,000.

What is the most reliable RV brand?

Newmar has held its reputation as one of the most dependable RV brands in the industry for more than five decades.

Where can I rent a small RV?

You can easily rent a small RV at RV rental companies and local dealerships. Moreover, websites and apps like Outdoorsy, RVshare, and Cruise America can help you find the perfect small RV.

What is the best RV for the money?

The Winnebago Ekko and Jayco Swift are 2023’s top contenders for getting the most value from your RV investment. The Ekko, priced around $207,707, combines luxury and off-grid capabilities. On the other hand, the Jayco Swift, starting at $145,050, offers comfort without stretching your budget.

What small RV is best for full-time living?

The Winnebago Ekko and the Unity are the best choices for a full-time living. The Ekko offers off-grid capabilities and a second outdoor kitchen, starting at $207,707. The Unity boasts floor plans, kitchen-equipped appliances, and an option for solar panels, starting at $186,370.

How long will a small RV refrigerator run on battery?

Battery life for a small RV refrigerator can typically vary from a few hours to about 24 hours, depending on factors such as battery capacity, refrigerator efficiency, ambient temperature, and door openings.