If you plan to go on outdoor adventures, where you can travel comfortably during your explorations, your best bet would be to look into small camping trailers with bathrooms. 

If you are here, you must want to experience what I have experienced. Not too long ago, I had a chance to try the Winnebago Micro Minnie. Being a contemporary adventurer, it was a must-have for me, as it helped me enjoy my time in nature with the comforts of certain important necessities.

In this comprehensive guide, I recommend 5 top small camping trailers with bathrooms available in the USA. We will also look into a selection of teardrop campers with bathrooms and small travel trailers with bathrooms, ensuring you have enough options.

I have been to a few camper shows and talked to owners of camping trailers. I have discovered that more desirable trailers come with wet or dry baths. They weigh between 3,500 and 5,000 pounds and extend 15 to 22 feet long.
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Camping Trailer Terms To Remember

Here are the main terms you need to remember to understand camping trailers: 

Wet bath These are compact restrooms found on small camping trailers with a shower, sink, and toilet combined. They take up less space and do not require large holding tanks, ensuring the camping trailers are within the ideal range for towing or driving.
Dry bathThese are bathroom setups where a partition separates the shower and toilet. Due to this, the toilet area remains dry after showering, hence the name.
Dry weight It is the weight of the camping trailer when shipped from the manufacturer. It does not include cargo, propane, liquids, and passengers.
Fully loadedThe Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is measured by adding the weight of passengers, propane, liquids, and other equipment to the RV’s dry weight.

Benefits Of Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms

Wondering whether to get yourself a small camping trailer? Here are some of the reasons why you should: 

  • Enjoy the convenience of your own restroom while on the road. This means you do not have to rely on facilities offered by campgrounds or public restrooms.
  • Take a hot shower during your outdoor adventures.
  • Camp in more remote and scenic locations that might be off the beaten path.
  • Proper hygiene and sanitation standards while camping outdoors benefit your overall health and safety.
  • Easy access to necessities and amenities ensures stress reduction and peace of mind during excursions.

Top 5 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms

Now, let’s look at my pick of the top five camping trailers with bathrooms. I know how difficult it can be when you start looking for the best camping trailer with a bathroom that fits your needs. In this list, I have got you covered with trailers with fantastic design and crucial facilities and amenities that you will need to experience the best outdoor adventure. 

1. Winnebago Micro Minnie

The Winnebago Micro Minnie small camper with a bathroom is a compact powerhouse with a carefully planned design, modern amenities, and a cozy interior. It has a stylish and aerodynamic exterior design. The overall profile does not just look great; it aids in fuel efficiency and easy towing.

The Winnebago Micro Minnie’s floorplan length can be between 19 and 25 feet, spanning 7 feet wide. It has a durable aluminum frame and fiberglass sidewalls, providing a lightweight structure. This teardrop camper with a bathroom can also be equipped with an electric awning, providing shade and shelter for outdoor activities. You can also add accessories to this small camper travel trailer.

image 7

The Winnebago Micro Minnie can easily hold two to six people, making it suitable for small families, couples, or solo travelers. This RV has a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, microwave, oven, refrigerator, and sink. There’s also a bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink. For entertainment options, there’s a TV and stereo system too.

Some exterior storage compartments for your camping gear, tools, and other equipment exist. This small camping trailer with a bathroom also comes with freshwater and wastewater tanks and an electrical system with battery and plug points for external power sources. The Winnebago Micro Minnie also has smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers for added safety.

2. Forest River R-Pod 171

The Forest River R-Pod 171 teardrop camper with a bathroom is a popular travel trailer choice for RV enthusiasts. It is also the smallest R-Pod yet, making it comfortable for up to three people to sleep in it. The frame construction is done with aluminum for durability and reduced weight. It is 20 feet in size, making it easy to tow with various vehicles.

The kitchen of this small camping trailer with a bathroom has a two-burner stove, microwave, refrigerator, and sink, making meal preparations convenient. This model also includes a compact bathroom with shower, toilet, and sink, ensuring that your necessary facilities are covered during your travels.

image 9


The Forest River R-Pod 171 has ample storage with cabinets, under-bed drawers, and closets so you can carry additional gear and equipment. Heating and air conditioning can be used as well. A queen-sized bed and a convertible dinette are available for you to sleep comfortably or enjoy a meal conveniently. You can also get a few add-ons to make your trip more comfortable.  

3. The Conquerer UEV-25

The Conquerer UEV-25 is a very capable off-road camping trailer that does not have a dedicated bathroom like the traditional travel trailers. Instead, it offers a more compact, minimalistic design suitable for remote and off-grid adventures.

The Conquer UEV-25 has a portable chemical toilet included as standard equipment. Be mindful that these toilets do not traditionally have traditional plumbing and sewage systems in larger camper trailers. 

You can attach additional privacy tents for your bathroom use, but it also comes with its own. This RV features an outdoor shower that can be used for hygiene needs and rinsing off after outdoor activities.

image 10


The Conquer UEV-25 camping trailer has facilities more suited for off-grid camping, making it a good choice for remote locations that require self-sufficient travelers. There is no built-in shower stall or flush toilet with backwater storage. It relies heavily on portable and space-efficient solutions.

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4. Little Guy Max

The Little Guy Max is a compact teardrop camper with a bathroom known for its stylish design and well-thought-out features. The most glaring feature of this sleek teardrop camper is the use of 100% hardwood cabinets. This camper is 21 feet long and includes a 6-foot-tall wet bath, so there’s enough space for your showering needs.

The Little Guy Max can accommodate up to three people, making it ideal for small families or solo travelers. You can also attach a side mount tent for your trailer to create additional space. It comes with a queen-sized bed and a dinette that can be converted.

image 8


Despite its compact size, this tiny camper with a bathroom comes with a spacious cooking and storage space. The kitchen has a deep sink, a two-burner stove, a microwave, and a 1.9 cubic foot Dometic fridge. The storage includes overhead cabinets, drawers, a pull-out pantry, and a hanging closet. These in-built features will be useful for your food, kitchen supplies, clothing, or other gear.

The wet bath in this camper is tucked next to the fridge and does not spill into the rest of the space. You’ll use the kitchen sink to wash your hands after using the bathroom.

You can further upgrade this small camper trailer with a bathroom with 100-watt solar panels, awnings, and visors.

5. Bruder EXP-6

Don’t be fooled by the tough look of the Bruder EXP-6 tiny camper with a bathroom. It has very comfy features inside. Some features make it stand out from other small camping trailers with bathrooms on this list.

The Bruder EXP-6 is built to withstand extreme conditions and is a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, off-road travelers, and adventure seekers. Since it is designed for off-road use, it has a heavy-duty chassis and suspension system. It can easily handle rough terrains and has a high ground clearance. 

The interiors include a well-designed kitchenette, sleeping area, and seating/dining space. It is highly customizable, with various layout options to suit individual preferences.

image 11


It is constructed from lightweight and corrosion-resistant materials for durability and strength. This small camping trailer with a bathroom boasts a queen-sized bed and bunk beds. It has many amenities like water filtration, air conditioning, heating, and a high-quality audio-visual system. It stands out because it has a solar power system and a lithium battery tank to ensure self-sufficiency when camping off the grid.


With the variety of small camping trailers with bathrooms available, outdoor adventures and camping have become very convenient while not losing their enticing charm. I understand the importance of experiencing nature at its finest and comfort.

In this article, I have listed these small camping trailers because some offer a range of functionality and comfort. At the same time, some of them are designed to handle extreme conditions while providing a level of self-sufficiency essential for off-grid adventures.

No matter which small camping trailer or teardrop camper with a bathroom you choose, the benefits are clear. You gain the freedom to explore remote and scenic locations and enjoy the amenities these recreational vehicles offer.


What are the top small camping trailers with bathrooms available on the market?

Airstream Basecamp X, Winnebago Micro Minnie, Forest River R-Pod 171, Casita Spirit, Happy Camper HC1, Braxton Creek Bushwacker, and Bruder EXP-6 are some of the top small camping trailers with bathrooms available on the market right now.

How much does a small camping trailer with a bathroom typically cost?

If you are looking for entry-level small trailers, they cost between $10,000 and $ 20,000. The price would be between $20,000 and $40,000 for midrange trailers. Airstream trailers cost around $45,000, while fiberglass trailers cost between $20,000 and $60,000.

What are the key features when choosing a small camping trailer with a bathroom?

Some of the key features to consider while purchasing a small camping trailer with a bathroom are: 

  • Size and layout
  • Bathroom type
  • Sleeping capacity
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Storage space
  • Weight
  • Towing capacity
  • Customizable options

Are there any recommended brands or models for small camping trailers with bathrooms?

I would recommend checking out Airstream, Casita, Scamp, Oliver Travel Trailers, Lance Camper, Winnebago, Little Guy Max, and Bruder.