I’m old enough to remember those heavy and bulky tube camper TVs that were so common amongst older RVs.

Fortunately, technology has improved drastically since I first began RVing in the late 90s, and, with those improvements, our ability to watch high-definition television wherever we park our rigs has greatly increased. 

While one of the points of RV travel is to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the ability to stay up-to-date on national news or relax in the evening while watching your favorite television series. 

Modern RVs have all the essentials to support a high-definition, flat-screen TV, and even the older rigs can easily be upgraded so you’re not squinting trying to see where the heck the football went on that last play. 

But as television technology has improved, the number of RV or camper television manufacturers has also increased.

While trusted names like Sony and Panasonic are still providing some of the best 12-volt RV TVs on the market, there are several new players in the game as well. It’s just a matter of picking the right one.

Fortunately for you, We’re here to help with real-world advice, explanations for all the technical jargon and thorough, test-based reviews that help you know what is the best 12-volt TV For RVs.

We’ve also outlined all the factors you should consider before finalizing your purchase of the best best 12-volt tv for rv use!

Best 12-Volt TV For RV Use 2024 at a glance:

Here are our top 5 picks for the best 12-volt TVs or RVs or campers to enjoy your favorite shows or movies on the road:

  • Overall Best 12-volt RV TV: Supersonic 22-Inch LED 1080p 22-Inch HDTV For RV
  • Best 12-volt tv/DVD Combo: SuperSonic 19″ 12v LED TV With Built-In DVD
  • Best Lightweight TV: Jensen JTV19DC 19 Inch HDTV (ATSC) Tuner TV
  • 12V Flat Screen TV For RV: Free Signal 32″ 12-Volt Flat Led HDTV For RV
  • Best Budget-Friendly TV: LG Electronics 24LJ4540 24-Inch LED HD TV

5 Best 12-Volt RV Television Reviews

While many of these camper TVs look similar at first glance, it’s what’s under the hood (ahem, behind the screen?) that counts.

So pay close attention to what we specifically liked and didn’t like about each of these 12-volt rv televisions so that you can narrow down your choices to your two or three favorites before reading through our Buying Guide.

Here are the best TVs for RV use available now for every budget, including rv flat screen TVs and 12-volt RV tv dvd combos.

1. Best Overall RV TV: Supersonic 22-Inch LED 1080p 22-Inch HDTV For RV

414tJBqYUIL. SL350

Our choice for the best overall 12-volt TV for RV use is the SuperSonic SC-2211 22-Inch Widescreen HDTV because it offers the most features and versatility of any TV on our list.

This camper television is both HDMI and USB compatible, but it also offers VGA, RF, PC Audio, CVBS, and Audio Left and Right inputs. 

That last input means that it’s also compatible with an external speaker system if you want to get surround sound going for a true movie lovers’ watching experience in your RV.

It also means that this 12-volt flat-screen RV television is compatible with Amazon Firestick and the inputs of many common video game consoles for the gamers out there. 

It offers a 1080p resolution and is designed to be wall-mounted. It does, however, come with legs if you wish to set it up on a flat surface in your RV.

The screen also boasts digital noise reduction and includes multiple viewing modes, including standard, dynamic, and more. 

You’ll be able to get access to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and a host of other streaming services with this TV.

And you can also connect it to your laptop to use as an external computer monitor if you ever work out of your RV. 

This 12-volt flat-screen camper television is also compatible with either AC or DC outlets, so you won’t have to worry about having the wrong power source for it either way.

It also includes a headphone input so you don’t have to always listen if your kids like to use it for gaming while you’re camping! 

In terms of fit, the overall dimensions of this TV measure 21” x 1.8” x 13.4” (width x depth x height).

It also has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and an LED screen type for vibrant colors and stunning contrast.

Things We Like

  • Input Options: This 12-volt TV is compatible with HDMI, USB, VGA, RF, PC Audio, CVBS, and Audio Left and Right inputs.
  • Sound Versatility: You can hook it up to an external speaker system for higher-quality audio.
  • Streaming Capability: Get access to Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services with this TV.
  • Work-From-Home Ready: Connect your laptop to this TV to use it as an external computer monitor.
  • Headphone Input: Allows your kids to keep the sounds of their gaming to themselves while you enjoy the peace and quiet of your RV campground!

Things We Don’t Like

  • Mounting Bracket Not Included: You’ll need to purchase a separate mounting bracket to mount this motorhome television on the wall of your RV.

2. Best 12-Volt TV/ DVD Combo: SuperSonic 19″ 12v LED TV With Built-in DVD

41FudnTXHGL. SL350

If you’re looking to replace your RV TV and your old DVD player, the SuperSonic SC-1912 12-volt Widescreen HDTV is a two-for-one solution because it’s a TV that comes with its very own built-in DVD player that’s compatible with a variety of formats, including DVD, CD, CDR, CDRW, DVD +/- R, DVD +/- RW, VCD, and SVCD. 

This 12-volt TV/DVD combo also contains HDMI, USB, and AC ports for connecting gaming consoles, Firesticks, and other adapters and accessories.

Its additional input terminals include VGA, RF, PC Audio, CVBS, and Audio Left and Right, which allows you to connect this TV to an external speaker system. 

The vast array of input options on this RV TV/DVD combo mean you can plug in the necessary adapter for your favorite streaming service, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and more.

It also means that your kids can bring their favorite gaming system along on your RV camping trips (for rainy day use only!) 

The resolution on this 12-volt RV television is 720p and it boasts a 120 Hz refresh rate.

It also boasts an image contrast ratio of 1000:1 and allows you to install an external SD card to view family photos or videos saved on that type of memory device. 

Additionally, the work-from-home (ahem… work-from-RV?) folks out there can use this rv flat screen camper television as an external computer monitor for programming, video conferencing, and a host of additional applications.

And you’ll love the ability to hook this TV up to an external speaker system for higher-quality audio when you’re watching your favorite movies. 

The 19-inch SuperSonic 12-volt TV comes with adapters for both AC and DC power.

So you won’t have to worry about ensuring power compatibility or purchasing any additional adapters if you purchase this TV. 

It’s also designed to be mounted on the wall of your RV or camper, but it comes with its own leg stands if you want to set it up on a flat surface temporarily.

The TV’s total dimensions measure 17.32” x 6.49” x 11.57” (width x depth x height) with the stands and 17.32” x 2” x 10.47” without the stands.

Things We Like

  • Built-in DVD Player: Allows you to upgrade two RV TV accessories for the price of one and save space while doing it!
  • Input Options: This 12-volt RV TV has input terminals for HDMI, USB, VGA, RF, PC Audio, CVBS, and Audio Left and Right connections.
  • Streaming Compatible: Stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and your other favorites onto this TV.
  • SD Card Compatible: This TV has an SD input for viewing photos and/or videos stored on that form of a memory device.

Things We Don’t Like

  • No Mounting Hardware Included: This RV TV has stands that allow you to set it up on a flat surface temporarily, you’ll need to purchase a proper mounting bracket for a more permanent installation.

3. Best Lightweight TV: Jensen JTV19DC 19 Inch HDTV (ATSC) Tuner TV

51PzmXdwVwL. SL350

If you want the most lightweight 12-volt TV for your RV you can find so that you can minimize the risk of it breaking off of the mounting bracket that you use for permanent TV installation, the Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19-Inch LED TV is an excellent option.

This 12-volt TV weighs a minimal 5.5 pounds, which is easily one of the lightest TVs on our list.

It’s also backed by the Jensen name, which is one of the most trusted brands in RV TVs.

The company got its start way back in 1915, so they’ve undergone more than a century of trial-and-error to determine what really makes a great TV for RV use (and what is just extra fluff!). 

This specific 12-volt RV TV features an integrated HDTV tuner that makes it ready to receive HDTV signals in 1080p, 720p, or 480p resolutions.

It offers a 16:9 aspect ratio and it’s capable of displaying an astounding 16.7 million colors. 

It includes HDMI, USB, and VGA inputs. It also includes inputs for RF, stereo audio, and two component video inputs (NTSC/PALS and YPbPr).

It also has a total of three outputs for selectable line-level audio, digital SPDIF audio, and headphones.

But what really sets this Jensen TV apart from the competition is its construction. In spite of being one of the lightest RV televisions on the market, it’s also one of the most durable.

It features a rugged metal cabinet and a reinforced cabinet structure to protect it from the movement and vibrations that are common in RVs. 

Even the mounting points on the back of the camper TV are reinforced and the circuit boards are conformal coated for added protection.

And yes, this rv television is designed to be mounted on the wall of your RV, but you can purchase an optional tabletop stand separately if you wish to set it up on a flat surface. 

The TV’s total dimensions measure 18” x 2” x 12” (width x depth x height) and it comes with a dual function remote control that allows you to control both the TV and the DVD player that you eventually connect to it. The best DVD player for this TV is one with an HDMI connection.

Things We Like

  • Lightweight: This TV weighs just 5.5 pounds, so you won’t have to worry about it being too heavy for the bracket you use to mount it to your RV wall.
  • HD Ready: It’s ready to receive HD TV signals in multiple resolutions, including 1080p, 720p, and 480p.
  • Aspect Ratio: It has a commonly recognized and user-friendly 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Durability: This rv television features a rugged metal cabinet with reinforced cabinet structure and mounting points.
  • Dual Function Remote: Allows you to control it and the DVD player you connect to it (DVD player sold separately).
  • Front Controls: Allows you to control it without awkwardly reaching your hands around the side or back of the TV.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Power Source: This TV only includes a DC power plug, so make sure a DC outlet is readily accessible where you plan to install it before buying.
  • No Legs: It’s compatible with a Jensen tabletop stand, but you’ll have to purchase that separately.
  • No Mounting Hardware: You’ll need to purchase an appropriate mounting bracket for this TV separately.

4. Best For Largest Screen Size: Free Signal 32″ 12-Volt Flat Led HDTV For RV

41JF0UQeovL. SL350

Those of you that love watching your favorite sports games or epic action movies on as large of a screen as possible should look no further than the Free Signal TV Transit 32-Inch Flat Screen HDTV.

This 32 inch 12-volt RV tv has the largest screen size of any of the options on our list, and it also comes with some excellent features that make it perfect for RV use. 

For starters, it offers a 720p resolution and is capable of being wall-mounted or table-mounted.

This RV flat-screen TV gives you extra versatility to set it up wherever you want, just as long as that location has access to a DC power outlet.

However, it can be outfit with a CHD 1260 Power Brick Adapter (which is unfortunately sold separately) to be compatible with AC power as well. 

It also boasts a dynamic audio response and advanced noise reduction circuitry.

The former of those two buzzwords translates to higher-quality audio when you’re struggling to hear the dialogue in a particularly quiet movie scene.

The latter results in reduced static and improved picture quality.

You’ll enjoy a total of three HDMI inputs on this camper TV for connecting multiple audio-visual TV accessories.

It’s also designed to be resistant to heavy shocks and vibrations that can come with driving an RV (watch out for those unfilled potholes!) and it offers a 178 x 178 degree viewing angle.

This wide viewing angle range makes this 12-volt RV TV ideal for watching sports with friends.

Not everyone can sit directly in front of the TV, so a design with a wide viewing angle means that picture won’t be distorted for your friends way over there on your left. 

The overall dimensions of this RV flat-screen TV measure 28.8” x 3.2” x 17.4” (width x depth x height) and it weighs a total of 11.28 pounds.

It also has dual speakers on either side of the TV and consumes a maximum of 6 watts when turned on.

Things We Like

  • Screen Size: This TV’s 32-inch screen is easily the largest of all the TVs on our list.
  • Multiple HDMI Inputs: This camper tv offers a total of three separate HDMI inputs.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: The 178 x 178 degree viewing angle on this TV makes it great for watching sports with friends.
  • Dual Speakers: Provide an equal audio experience for those sitting on either end of your RV couch or sofa bed!

Things We Don’t Like

  • Power Source: This RV TV requires a 12-volt DC power outlet, so just make sure you have one in your rig before you fall in love with its extra-large screen size!
  • No Mounting Hardware: You’ll need to purchase a mounting bracket and any additional hardware separately to install this camper TV.
  • Weight: This is one of the heavier TVs on our list, so you may need to purchase a stronger (and possibly more expensive) mounting bracket to install in on your RV wall.

5. Best Budget-Friendly TV: LG Electronics 24LJ4540 24-Inch LED HD TV

But if you’re simply looking to replace the old-and-worn-out TV in your RV with a budget-friendly 12-Volt TV model, you won’t go wrong with the LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU 24-Inch HDTV.

This is the most wallet-friendly 12-Volt RV TV on our list and it also offers great performance, especially if you don’t watch TV in your rig all that often. 

This 12-Volt camper TV still has a great screen size and a resolution of 720p. It offers a direct-lit LED picture for quality imagery and detailed color.

It also boasts a 60 Hz refresh rate so that those fast-action scenes in your favorite Hollywood movies or shows don’t show up with distracting motion blur that makes your head hurt. 

In terms of inputs, there’s one HDMI, one USB, and one ATSC input on this model.

So, while it might not offer the most versatility on this front, it’s plenty to plug in your DVD player (old or new) and Amazon Firestick or Roku device. 

The dimensions of this RV television measure 21.9” x 2.1” x 13.6” (width x depth x height) without the stand installed on the bottom and 21.9” x 5.8” x 15.2” with the stand.

And that brings us to mention that it can either be set on the included stand on a flat surface or mounted to your wall with a tilt mount wall bracket.

Things We Like

  • Price: Save money with this RV TV so that you can use it out and about on your next RV vacation.
  • Direct-Lit LED Picture: Provides a crisp, clean picture quality.
  • Triple XD Engine: Processes images with greater precision for more natural color expression (i.e. less unnecessary color saturation)

Things We Don’t Like

  • Number of Inputs: The number of inputs on this TV should suffice most users, but there are certainly other TVs that give you more versatility.
  • Tilt Mount: This TV requires a tilt mount bracket, which gives you less versatility to move it around once it’s installed.
  • No Smart Functionality: This TV is a 2017 model, so it’s not equipped with any Smart technology.

things you should know before buying The best 12-volt TV For Your RV

So there you have it! I’m hoping that, at this point, you have your top three choices for the best RV TV for your needs picked out.

But you’re going to need to consider the following factors to ultimately choose a model that’s truly going to perform up to your high standards. 

Screen Size

The screen size on most RV 12-volt TVs ranges between 19 and 24 inches. There are some larger models, however, that also require more mounting space to operate effectively.

For example, the largest RV travel trailer TV on our list above offers a 32-inch screen size. 

Choosing a new 12-volt RV TV based on its size requires a preliminary understanding of how much space is available in your rig.

For example, you might not be able to install a new 32-inch RV TV where you just removed a small, 19-inch model. 

This is especially true if your original TV was installed in a recessed area in the front of your rig or in the back bedroom.

But on the other hand, those of you that are replacing a 12-volt TV that was already wall-mounted may enjoy more flexibility in terms of your ability to upgrade the screen size of your new TV. 

It’s also important to note that ‘screen size’ is typically a measurement of a TV’s width.

And you’ll also need to consider the height and depth of any new TV that you want to install in your rig.

These dimensions are less talked about, but they are just as important when deciding whether or not a new 12-volt TV model will fit in your RV. 

Power Requirements

When we talk about a TV’s power requirements, we’re typically going to ask one major question: does this RV TV require AC or DC power? 

Without getting too deep into the proprietary battle that dictated the future of the electrical grid in the United States, AC stands for ‘alternating current’ while DC stands for ‘direct current’. 

The TV in your home, for example, probably requires a 120-volt AC outlet for its power source.

These are the common types of outlets that you’ll find in most residencies in the U.S., but, for whatever reason, these outlets aren’t as common for TV plug-ins in RVs. 

The standard for RV TVs is actually 12-volt DC outlets. So you’ll need to be careful not to choose a TV that requires AC if your RV only has a DC outlet close to where you plan to install your new TV.

Fortunately, removing your old travel trailer TV quickly reveals the type of power outlet with which you’ll need your new TV to be compatible.

But if you are set on getting a TV that needs AC power input and your RV doesn’t offer that, you can install a proper AC adapter to make the conversion. 

This is a little bit of a tricky proposition, however, because you’ll need to study more about your RV’s electrical system and the wattage ratings of both your new TV and the AC adapter that you choose. 

For these reasons, we’d simply recommend matching your new RV TV with the power outlet that’s already readily available close to where you’ll install it.

This will make the entire installation process much simpler and get you actually enjoying your new TV in short order. 

Input Options

You should be careful to make sure that the 12-volt TV you choose for your RV has the right input options for any TV accessories that you already own.

For example, if you have a movie player that requires an HDMI connection, you’ll need to choose a TV that also has an HDMI input. 

Other input options that are common to the best RV TVs include USB, VGA, RF, PC Audio, CVBS, and Audio Left and Right (for connecting to an external speaker system).

Ultimately, choosing a 12-volt television for your camper with more input options will give you more versatility as your needs change and you also upgrade your TV accessories over the life of the TV.  


RVs naturally come with a limited amount of space, so it’s good to choose a TV that is versatile in the number of ways it can be mounted.

Most 12-volt TVs are compatible with universal wall mounting brackets, but some require a bit more hardware and tools for proper installation. 

Some 12-volt RV TVs do come with their own TV stand that you can use to set them up temporarily. But this is really only a great solution if you don’t spend a lot of time living or traveling in your rig.

Part-time RVers can certainly get away with it, but full-timers should find a way to permanently mount their TV so that it doesn’t get damaged while you’re driving. 

Media Compatibility

The best TVs for RVs on the market these days include multimedia packages that allow you to use them to watch more than over-the-air TV channels.

Some even come with built-in DVD players that give you the ability to watch your favorite movies without having to hook up an external player. 

If you choose a camper television that doesn’t come with a built-in DVD player, you should at least make sure that it’s compatible with an external DVD player of your choosing.

The nature of RV camping is that you might not always get the best television service, so it’s essential to be able to watch movies on your new RV television. 

But these days we have multiple other types of media that you might consider plugging into your TV. This includes music players, Amazon Firesticks, Roku sticks, and so much more. 

If you prefer to watch your content over one of these alternative media sources, you need to make sure that the TV you choose is compatible with doing so.

Otherwise, you may be stuck inside with only a book to read on a rainy day!


For the most basic functionality possible, you should choose an RV TV that is capable of receiving over-the-air TV channels.

Otherwise, you’ll only be able to watch what you can pull up via Netflix, Hulu, or other WiFi-based streaming services. 

Some RV TVs will require the additional installation of a satellite antenna inside or on top of your rig.

If this is the case for you to get the channels and service you desire, you’ll need to factor the extra cost of the antenna into your total budget for your new TV and entertainment center. 

For the best reception possible, you’ll probably need some combination of an RV antenna and a satellite TV service such as Direct TV or Dish Network.

In terms of antennas, the dome antenna design offers the most ease and functionality for RV owners that don’t want to spend a bunch of time adjusting (and re-adjusting) their antenna to get good service. 

Getting quality over-the-air TV reception can involve quite a bit of research and micro-adjustments.

And it’s always going to depend on the types of places you like to visit in your RV (and how far ‘off-the-grid’ they are!). 

So, at the end of the day, make sure you choose an RV TV that’s compatible with a satellite antenna, capable of receiving over-the-air channels, but also gives you the ability to watch streaming content via your favorite WiFi-based applications. 

Having a TV that gives you all of these options will simply increase the number of sources that you can use to stay up-to-date on the news, watch the latest sports games, or simply enjoy a movie at the end of a long day of outdoor recreation!

Refresh Rate

A TV’s refresh rate is the number of times per second a TV refreshes its image.

In TVs with a higher refresh rate, motion blur is reduced so that those high-paced scenes in your favorite action movies don’t cause your head to spin. Refresh rates are advertised in hertz (Hz. 

While some higher-end camper television models claim to have refresh rates up to 120 Hz.

However, some manufacturers use techniques called black frame insertion or the soap opera effect to claim a higher refresh rate than their TVs truly boast. 

In general, a 60 Hz refresh rate is adequate for the vast majority of movies (which are always filmed at 24 frames per second) and live TV shows (which are typically filmed between 30 and 60 frames per second). 


Fortunately, the best 12-volt RV TV options don’t have overly-inflated price tags. You’ll be able to select a great new 12-volt television for your rig for somewhere between $100 and $250.

But because these TVs don’t have a wide price range, we cannot emphasize enough how much you can benefit from making a little larger investment upfront. 

That way, you’ll be more likely to wind up with a TV that truly boasts all of the features and versatility that you need.

And, at the end of the day, you’ll probably end up spending less than $100 extra to get a higher quality TV. 

So, Which Is Best 12-volt RV TV For You?

We chose the SuperSonic SC-2211 22-Inch Widescreen HDTV as the best overall 12-Volt RV TV because it gives you the most options for watching your favorite channels, movies, and shows. It’s compatible with Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and a variety of other streaming services.

I also liked this TV because of it’s work-from-home adaptability. You can hook it up to your laptop for an external computer monitor and even plug headphones in if you don’t want to bother the family with the details of your latest conference call. 

But if you’re searching for a more budget-friendly option, don’t sleep on the LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU 24-Inch HDTV

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you leave and hit the ‘Buy Now’ button on your favorite new RV TV, there are a few more things you should know about these televisions.

So let’s address some of the most frequently asked questions about RV TVs.

What’s the difference between an RV TV and a regular TV?

There are actually several differences. For starters, RV TVs typically require a different power source than most regular televisions.

While the TV at your home probably plugs into a 120-volt AC outlet, most RV TVs require 12-volt DC power. 

In addition, RV TVs are specifically designed to withstand the bouncing and vibrations that come along with traveling in an RV.

They are also more lightweight than standard televisions and usually have smaller dimensions so that they can fit in your rig without taking up too much space. 

RV TVs also typically need to be mounted on a wall of your rig. So this is another good reason why they are lighter than most regular televisions.

But this also means that they typically don’t come with any sort of stand for setting them on a flat surface. 

Can you use any TV in an RV?

If you’re considering getting a regular TV for use in your RV, don’t! Regular televisions simply aren’t designed to handle the movement and vibrations of RV life and installing one is a quick way to waste your investment because it will be highly likely to break. 

And that doesn’t even begin to mention the extreme temperature and humidity changes that are often common when RVing.

Household TVs typically aren’t exposed to extreme heat or cold, and they also rarely encounter super humid conditions. 

The reality is that all of these conditions are possible when you’re living in an RV.

And RV TVs are also specifically designed to be able to handle a wider range of external temperatures and humidity levels. 

Should I get a wall mount for my RV TV?

Yes! If the RV TV you choose doesn’t come with a wall mount included, you’re definitely going to need one to complete the installation.

A wall mount secures your TV so that it doesn’t bounce around and become damaged while you’re driving. 

The best wall mounts for RV televisions are adaptable enough to handle TVs of all sizes.

Something like the Mounting Dream Wall Mount can handle TVs anywhere from 17 to 43 inches in size and will allow you to mount TVs weighing up to 44 pounds. 

If you have a recessed area where you plan to install your TV, you’ll need a full-motion wall mount that allows you to extend the TV out for a better viewing angle.

Other types of wall mounts for RV televisions include fixed mounts and tilt mounts. 

How can I get satellite TV for my RV?

One way to get satellite TV for your RV is to subscribe to a satellite service like Direct TV or Dish Network.

There are, of course, other subscription services out there, so it’s best to thoroughly compare and contrast them to make sure you’ll have access to the channels you want. 

In addition, you’ll probably need to select one of the best RV antennas if your rig doesn’t already have on.

These antennas can give you better satellite reception, but may also give you the ability to tune into certain over-the-air channels, depending on your location and signal strength. 

How do I choose the right size of TV for my RV?

If you’re replacing the old TV in your RV with a new one, finding the right size won’t be too difficult.

You can start by simply measuring the size of your old TV and that measurement alone will give you a great idea of the dimensions you should look for in your new TV. 

However, you might want to upgrade to a larger screen size if you’re going to be investing in a new TV.

If this is the case, you need to make sure that the new TV’s dimensions aren’t going to get in the way once it’s installed. 

If your TV needs to fit inside a recessed storage area when you’re not watching it, then you might be a little more limited as to how much you can increase the size of your TV.

But if you already have a wall-mounted TV, odds are you can get away with installing a TV with larger screen size. 

That being said, you’ll need to make sure the TV doesn’t extend out too far to get in the way while you’re walking around your RV or hinder the operation of any nearby doors or RV cabinetry. 

You should also consider how far away from the TV you’ll usually sit when watching it.

If, for example, you already have difficulty seeing the details on the existing 19-inch TV in your rig, you might want to upgrade to 22-inch screen size or larger. 

You’ll simply need to make sure you have the room to mount it without it being in the way of anything. 

What are the best 12-Volt RV TV brands?

As we mentioned at the outset, there are many brands out there these days and the competition only seems like it’s getting stronger year-after-year.

That being said, the top brands that we’d trust to buy a new 12-volt RV TVs are SuperSonic, Jensen, and LG Electronics. 


Nowadays, the younger generation tends to watch most of their shows and entertainment on their laptops.

But that’s no way to enjoy a true RV entertainment center and it’s not an option if you want to stay up-to-date on local and national news while you’re traveling.

To do that (and to watch your favorite sports teams), you’ll need one of the best 12-volt TV for RV models. 

As an avid sports fan myself, I’ve always dreamed of having one of those rigs with an outdoor TV for my tailgating purposes.

But whether you intend to install your new 12-volt television inside or outside, these options give you plenty to choose from.

We hope you’ve found this article useful and we wish you the best of luck selecting (and installing) your new RV television!