The electrical system in your RV includes two basic components: a 12-volt system and a 120-volt system.

Certain appliances can function using only the power supplied by your 12-volt system, and this power will be supplied by your RV’s onboard batteries. 

Other appliances, however, require 120-volt power. This is usually supplied either by your RV’s generator or by plugging your RV into a source of shore power.

Many of the appliances that require this kind of power connection are the largest appliances that are essential to comfortable RV living. 

The trouble is that all sources of shore power aren’t created equal. And all RVs don’t require the same amperage as others.

Chances are, your RV probably requires either a 30 amp power cord or a 50 amp power cord.

But, in some scenarios, you may need to use an RV plug adapter to step the amperage supplied by a source of shore power up or down.

And, in other cases, you may need an extra length of RV extension cord to reach an outlet from a campsite that’s a little farther away. 

That can be a lot to decide on if you’re relatively new to traveling in an RV, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or popup camper.

Fortunately, we’ve supplied you with a collection of the best RV power cords for nearly any situation you can imagine.

And we’ll also help you decide which cord (or cords) are best suited to your rig and your travel style. 

So, let’s dive right into our RV power cord reviews!


The 10 Best RV power cord with Replacement parts & Accessories Reviews & buying guide 2023

Finding the right power cord for your RV requires a basic understanding of the power supply required for your rig’s largest appliances.

But some of these power cords are also adapters that can help you plug into a less-than-ideal electrical supply in a pinch.

1. Best 30 Amp Male to Female (90° Receptacle): Camco (55191) Heavy-Duty 30-Amp RV Power Cord

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If you’re looking for a 30 amp male-to-female RV power cord with 90-degree receptacle, the heavy-duty Camco PowerGrip 55191 is an excellent choice because it’s durable and it won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. 

The outer sheath on this camper cord boasts Camco’s trusted PVC coating.

That coating protects the internal wiring from heat and flames, but it also remains flexible enough to match your needs when you need to plug into more awkward connections that require you to twist or turn the cord in a funky fashion. 

The cord’s total length is 25 feet and the 90-degree receptacle provides extra support at the cord’s most crucial connection points.

Many other power cords tend to break or the outer sheath becomes cracked over time right where the cord meets the plug.

But the 90-degree design of this 30-Amp RV power cord reduces strain and pressure at that joint. 

This reduces the likelihood of that outer sheath cracking there and exposing the sensitive wiring inside.

And, speaking of that wiring, this power cord boasts ten-gauge wires for superior conductivity.

In addition, the PowerGrip handles on both ends make it super easy to plug in and unplug without putting your fingers anywhere near the plug itself.

Things We Like

  • 90-Degree Receptacles: Help to reduce strain and pressure on the cord’s joints.
  • Protective Outer Sheath: Protects the internal copper wiring while remaining flexible enough to bend and twist as needed.
  • Cord Length: The 25-foot length of this 30-Amp RV cord should be plenty to plug into most power outlets at RV parks.
  • Handles: Make it both safer and easier to handle the cord.

Things We Don’t Like

  • No Organizer Strap: This cord doesn’t come with an organizer strap to help keep it coiled neatly when you’re storing it.

2. Best 50 Amp Male to Female (90° Receptacle): Camco (55574) 90 Degree Locking RV power cord

311+HQDdT9S. SL350

If your recreational vehicle requires a 50 amp electrical connection and you don’t need anything super special in terms of adapters of extra cord length, then look no further than the Camco PowerGrip 55574. 

With 25 feet of cord length, you’ll be able to plug into power outlets at most campgrounds and RV sites without the need for an extension cord.

And the sheath on this cord is designed with heat-resistant PVC and coated with a heavy-duty flame retardant for exceptional durability and protection. 

The 90-degree receptacle on this cord makes it easier to plug and unplug the cord without straining the connection between the plug and the cord.

It also provides an easy place to grip when moving the cord around to set your electrical connection in place. 

The female end also includes a twist-lock that helps to guarantee a 100% secure connection between the cord and your RV.

That feature is critical because any failures at that connection point can result in sparks or excess heat that could damage your RV.

And it’s also an important feature for creating a weatherproof connection and keeping any moisture or debris from harming the plug or your RV’s receptacle. 

When you’re not using it to supply power to your RV, this cord comes with an adjustable cord organizer that keeps it neatly curled up underneath your RV.

And it also includes a carrying strap handle that makes it easier to move when it’s time to set up at a new destination.

Things We Like

  • Organizer and Carry Strap: These add-ons make it easier to store and transport this power cord.
  • Twist-Lock Connection: Guarantees a reliable connection and minimizes chances for electrical damage to your RV or the cord itself.
  • Durable Sheath: The sheath that protects the copper cable in this cord is heat-resistant and flame-retardant.
  • High Conductivity: It’s rated to safely handle up to 12500 watts.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Lacks Indicator Light: You’ll have to manually test whether you have successfully plugged into shore power once this cord is plugged in.
  • Cord Length: While 25 feet should be plenty for most locations, it may fall short in specific scenarios where you need to plug into an outlet that’s a bit further from your rig.

3. Best 30 Amp Male to Female (Straight Receptacle): Kohree 30 Amp 30M/30F Camper Extension Cord

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If you’re in search of a 30 amp male-to-female RV power cord that’s suited to straight receptacles, look no further than the Kohree Dogbone.

This RV power cord is 25 feet long made with 100% copper-coated wire. 

That wire is insulated by a PVC coating that provides weather resistance, excellent conductivity, and the flexibility to adapt to reach power boxes in campgrounds, RV parks, and residential properties. 

This power cord is suitable for only RVs, travel trailer, 5th wheels, and other recreational vehicles that require a 30 amp connection.

On the side of this cord that plugs into your RV, it features a twist-lock that guarantees the security of the connection at that end. 

The other end features a 90-degree receptacle with an easy-to-grip handle for plugging into electrical boxes.

The 90-degree receptacle sometimes makes it easier to connect this power cord to outlets that feature flip-up covers for added weather resistance. 

The nice part about this dogbone power cord is that it also comes with a small 15 amp to 30 amp adapter.

This allows you to plug your RV into 15 amp outlets that require a different plug configuration than most 30 amp outlets. 

In addition, this power cord makes it easier to figure out whether you’ve achieved a successful connection when you’ve plugged in at a new destination.

It features a green indicator light on the female end that lights up when you have power.

Things We Like

  • Twist-Locking Female End: This helps to reduce the possibility of the cord disconnecting if it’s under strain.
  • Power Indicator: Light on the female end signals a successful power connection without having to go into your RV and test.
  • 15 Amp Adapter: Allows you to still use this power cord even if you only have a 15 amp outlet to plug into.
  • Cord Durability: High-quality copper wire and a thick, insulated PVC jacket provide excellent strain relief for this power cord.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Cord Length: While 25-feet of cord should be sufficient for most RV parks and campgrounds, it may fall short if you’re plugging into power sources at residential properties or other locations where the outlet is further from where you can park.

4. Best 50 Amp Male to Female (Straight Receptacle): Camco 55542 Standard Male Locking Electrical Adapter

31PCaPzg98S. SL350

Those of you in search of a 50 amp male-to-female power cord with a straight receptacle on the RV end should look no further than the Camco PowerGrip 55542.

The straight receptacle also features a twist-lock mechanism to keep it in place without you worrying about it accidentally becoming disconnected. 

This cord extends to a maximum length of 25 feet and it’s nicely flexible to wrap around power posts or twist according to your needs.

The interior cable consists of six three-gauge wires and three one-gauge wires. All of these wires are 100% copper, which gives this cord excellent conductivity. 

The outer sheath that protects all of that copper wiring is made with a durable PVC material.

That material is resistant to excessive heat and also boasts flame-retardant properties.

And it will protect your power cord from rain and atmospheric moisture to prevent damage to the cord’s more sensitive internal components. 

The threaded connection on the female end of the cord also makes that connection completely weatherproof so that dirt, moisture, and other debris can’t damage it.

And because that connection will be in the underneath storage compartment of some RVs, it will also protect it from leaks or any other internal sources of moisture that could take place. 

The male end of the plug includes a PowerGrip handle that makes it much easier to plug in and unplug to your desired power outlet.

And because it features a 90-degree connection, it reduces the strain on the end of the cord that’s more likely to crack or break over time on other power cords.

Things We Like

  • Conductivity: The combination of three-gauge and one-gauge wiring in this cord gives it excellent conductivity.
  • PVC Outer Coating: The exterior of this cord is flame-retardant and resistant to moisture and excessive heat.
  • Threaded Locking Mechanism: This mechanism (on the female end) provides a secure, waterproof connection.
  • Handle (on Male End): Makes it easier to plug and unplug the cord and also reduces strain on the connection between the cord and the plug.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Price: This is a slightly more expensive power cord option.
  • Lack of Carry Strap: This cord doesn’t come with an organizer or carry strap to keep it coiled neatly and make it easier to move it around when you’re setting up at a new campsite.

5. Best 30 Amp Extension Cord: Camco (55197) 30-Amp RV Extension cord

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If your RV requires a 30 amp connection and you’d like an extension cord with a bit of extra length to be able to plug into less conventional spots, the Camco PowerGrip 55197 is a 50-foot 30 amp RV extension cord that features 10-gauge wires for superior conductivity. 

The flexibility of this camper power extension cord helps it to maintain durability and resistance to breaking.

The copper cables that supply power to your RV are wrapped in a heat-resistant PVC sheath that’s finished with a flame-retardant coating for excellent protection from the elements. 

Both the male and female ends of this cord feature 90-degree receptacles with PowerGrip handles that make them easy to plug and unplug without straining or damaging the connections between the wire and the plugs themselves. 

While these receptacles don’t feature locking capability, they do effectively reduce the pressure and strain on the connection points that can often lead to straight receptacles (at least those without twist locks) coming unplugged. 

Because of its extra length, this cord also comes with a cord organizer that keeps it curled up neatly underneath your RV when you’re not using it.

That organizer also features a strap handle that makes it easier to carry when it’s time to plug into a new electrical box.

Things We Like

  • Cord Length: The extra length of this RV extension cord will make it easier to plug into more distant outlets.
  • Cord Organizer: This helps to keep your cord from becoming unfurled and tangled while it’s stored underneath your RV.
  • 90-degree Receptacles: These help to reduce stress and strain on the connection between the cord and the plugs.
  • Protective Sheath: The sheath around the copper cables on this cord are heat-resistant and flame-retardant.

Things We Don’t Like

  • No Twist Locks: The connection to your RV with this cord may not be as secure as cords with twist-lock connections.

6. Best 50 Amp Extension Cord: Camco PowerGrip 50-Amp RV Extension Cord

41uqkfzGGpL. SL350

If your 50-amp RV is a little cumbersome to always park it right next to an electrical outlet or power supply, you should look into an extension cord like the Camco PowerGrip 55199.

This 50-Amp RV extension cord offers a total length of 50 feet, which allows you to plug into more distant outlets at less-than-conventional RV spots. 

Rated for up to 12,500 watts, you’ll have no problem running your essential appliances (A/C included) when plugged in with this cord.

It also features a flexible outer sheath that’s resistant to heat and flames, which helps to protect the copper wiring inside. 

The male and female ends boast 90-degree receptacles with PowerGrip handles for easy plugging and unplugging.

These handles also make it easier to move the cord around when you’re setting up your RV at a new destination. 

And, once the cord is plugged in, those receptacles help to reduce the pressure on the connection points between the cord and the plugs.

These connections are the most likely points to crack or break on other power extension cords, which is why Camco has reinforced them for better long-term durability. 

Finally, many 50-foot camper extension cords can be quite awkward to store in the underneath compartments of your RV when you’re not using them.

But this one comes with an organizer strap and a carry handle to keep the cord neatly spooled up and make it easier to carry it around without dragging it.

Things We Like

  • Length: This 50-foot power extension cord makes it easier to plug your 50-amp RV into more distant power outlets.
  • Protective Coating: The flexible outer sheath of this cord is resistant to heat, flames, and moisture.
  • Reinforced Receptacles: This helps to prevent damage to the connection points between the extension cord and the plugs on either end.
  • Organizer Strap and Carry Handle: These features make it easier to store and carry this lengthy extension cord.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Price: Because of its extended length and heavy-duty design, this ends up being one of the more costly RV extension cords on our list.

7. Best 15 Amp to 30 Amp Adapter: Camco 180 Degree Bend Design RV Dogbone Electrical Adapter

If you already have a power cord that works just fine for your 30 amp RV, but you often find that you can’t plug into 15 amp connections at your house, then you need something like the Camco Heavy Duty Dogbone Adapter 55165. 

This is a short RV plug adapter that allows you to safely connect a 30 amp to a 15 amp power outlet.

It features a heavy-duty design with 100% copper cable and a heat-resistant PVC sleeve that protects the internal wires from heat and other elements.

That sleeve is also flame-retardant in case things really heat up outside your RV. 

While it’s a relatively short RV adapter, it’s designed to minimize the strain on the connection between the plug and the outlet by including a 90-degree receptacle on the male end.

But the connection points between the plugs and the wire itself on both ends are reinforced for maximum durability and strain relief. 

It’s also designed with a 180-degree rotation in the relationship between the male and female ends of the adapter.

By making these ends face in opposite directions, it reduces the pressure on the cord itself once it’s plugged into your longer RV power cord. 

This power cord adapter measures a total of 12 inches long and is also available at a very reasonable price.

And don’t forget that it features a PowerGrip handle on the female end that makes it much easier to carry and plug in to your RV or travel trailer power cord.

Things We Like

  • Heat-Resistant and Flame-Retardant: The PVC sleeve on this cord provides maximum protection from the elements.
  • 180-Degree Bend Design: This design feature allows the cord to easily connect to your RV with minimal strain on the power cables and plug.
  • Reinforced Connections: Help to minimize the likelihood of breakage occurring where the wire meets the plugs.
  • PowerGrip Handle: This handle on the female end makes it easier to move the adapter around and also allows you to conveniently hang it in storage so that it takes up minimal space.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Adapter Only: Because it’s only 12 inches in length, this adapter is meant to be used in tandem with a longer RV power cord instead of as a standalone cord itself.

8. Best 15 Amp to 50 Amp Adapter: Camco (55168) Male to Female 180 Degree Electrical Adapter

31rY6+yJTtL. SL250

If you’re searching for an RV plug adapter that’s similar to the one we just covered in the above section, but you need one suitable for a 50 amp RV, travel trailer, or fifth wheel, then you’ll love the ease and convenience of the Camco Dogbone Adapter 55168. 

Just like the 15 amp to 30 amp adapter, this dogbone features a 180-degree bend design that minimizes stress and strain on the connections.

It also helps you protect your longer RV power cord because you won’t have to twist or awkwardly move the cord itself to set up a solid electrical connection. 

Keep in mind that this is also a 12-inch adapter, so it’s designed to work in conjunction with a longer RV power cord or extension cord.

But it does boast 90-degree receptacles at both ends that are highly effective at relieving the strain at the connections between the adapter and the power outlet, as well as the adapter and your power cord. 

This RV plug adapter also features 100% copper, three-gauge wiring that’s wrapped in a protective sheath for maximum durability.

That PVC sheath features the same heat-resistant and flame-retardant as the 15 amp to 30 amp adapter above.

And last, but certainly not least, you’ll find that all-important PowerGrip handle on the female end of this power cord adapter.

So you’ll be able to use that handle to hang this adapter when you don’t need it. And it also makes it much easier to handle the adapter when you are using it.

Things We Like

  • PowerGrip Handle: This handle makes it easy to move the plug adapter and also allows you to hang it up when you’re not using it so that it takes up minimal space underneath your RV.
  • Protective Sheath: This sheath protects the wiring from heat, flames, and other outdoor elements.
  • Excellent Conductivity: It’s designed with a total of 10, three-gauge wires for superior conductivity.
  • 180-Degree Bend Design: This design minimizes strain on the connection points between the adapter and the power outlet, as well as the adapter and your power cord.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Adapter Only: You’ll most likely need a longer extension cord rated for 50 amp connections to use in conjunction with this adapter.

9. Best 30 Amp Male to 50 Amp Female: Camco 30 to 50 Dogbone Electrical Plug Adapter

31CKNt5FCkL. SL350

Sticking to the RV plug adapter trend, the Camco Dogbone Adapter 55185 is built to step 30 amp electrical connections up to 50 amp power.

It’s a useful solution for recreational vehicles that require a 50 amp connection because some of the older RV parks out there only supply 30 amp power. 

The handles on this adapter are molded from a heavy-duty polyvinyl plastic that’s highly durable and insulated to protect you from electrical shock.

They are also rotated 180 degrees to face away from each other, which reduces stain on the entire RV plug adapter. 

That 180-degree bend design also makes it easier to plug your longer power extension cord into this adapter without twisting or bending it awkwardly.

And, yes, this is an 18-inch adapter, so you’ll need to use it in tandem with a longer power or extension cord. 

But this adapter is rated for 125 volts or 3750 watts. And, just like many of the other Camco products we’ve reviewed, the 10 three-gauge copper wires that supply power through this cord are protected with a heavy-duty PVC sheath that’s resistant to heat, flames, and other environmental factors that can cause damage to less durable power cords.

Things We Like

  • 180-Degree Design: Reduces strain on the adapter’s connection and the connection between the plug adapter and your power cord.
  • PVC Sheath: This sheath protects the cord’s critical internal components from being damaged by the elements.
  • 90-Degree Receptacles with Handles: Make it easy to handle the adapter and also hang it for more compact storage when you’re not using it.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Adapter Only: While this adapter is slightly longer than others at 18 inches, you’ll still need to plug your standard 50 amp power extension cord into it to get power to your rig.

10. Best 50 Amp Male to 30 Amp Female: Camco 50 to 30 RV Power Plug Adapter

211wzoj89ZS. SL350

If you need to do the opposite and step 50 amp connections down for an RV that requires a 30 amp connection, look no further than the Camco Heavy Duty Dogbone power Adapter 55175.

This RV plug adapter is made for RVs, travel trailers, fifth wheels, popup campers, and other recreational vehicles that require a 30 amp electrical connection. 

Some of the newer, fancier RV resorts for large rigs only offer 50 amp electrical connections these days.

But getting an adapter like this one will allow you to stay at some of those nicer spots even if your RV is built for 30 amp power supplies. 

This is another 18-inch adapter with 100% copper wiring. The internal part of the cable boasts a total of 10 three-gauge wires and the external part is manufactured with a heavy-duty PVC sleeve that’s resistant to excess heat, flames, moisture, dirt, and other environmental elements. 

The handles are constructed from a heavy-duty polyvinyl plastic that’s built to last and effective at insulating your hands from potential electric shock.

And the grips on the handles serve two purposes: they make it easy to plug and unplug the RV plug adapter and they also allow you to hang the adapter when you’re not using it (to save space under your rig!). 

Just like the 30 amp male to 50 amp female adapter, this model boasts a 180-degree bend design that minimizes strain on the connection between the wire and the male and female plugs.

These connection points are notorious for breaking or splitting on lower quality RV plug adapters, so this is crucial to an adapter that’s going to last.

Things We Like

  • Adapter Length: You’ll be hard-pressed to find many power adapters longer than this one.
  • Rotated Design: By facing the male and female ends away from each other, strain at the connection points is decreased. This ultimately can improve the lifespan of your adapter.
  • Heavy-Duty Design: The cord and handles of this adapter are effectively protected and insulated from heat, moisture, dirt, flames, and other environmental debris that could cause damage to it.
  • Grip Handles: These make it easy to hang the plug adapter in storage so that it requires minimal space underneath your rig.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Adapter Only: You’ll need to plug a longer 30 amp RV power cord into this RV plug adapter to get effective, safe power to your RV.

RV Power Cord Replacement Parts

If you already have a power cord for your RV, there’s a chance you don’t need to buy an entirely new cord.

If your existing cord is no longer working or it’s not quite serving your travel needs, here are a few replacement parts you should consider.

1. 30 Amp Twist-Lock Replacement Kit

41Na+3c0cAL. SL350

If the twist-locking receptacle on your 30 amp power cord is no longer effectively twisting into place and staying there, consider this replacement kit.

Also, if you can perform the appropriate electrical test to determine there’s something wrong with the outlet itself, you can simply replace the entire receptacle with this kit.

2. 50 Amp Twist-Lock Receptacle

31 1qRrCBkS. SL350

If you’re having a similar receptacle issue with your 50 amp power extension  cord, you can simply replace the receptacle without having to get an all-inclusive kit.

Of course, this will require rewiring the cord itself to your new receptacle.

3. 50 Amp Twist-Lock Replacement Cover

31n0G4Sia4L. SL350

If you have a 50 amp RV extension cord with a twist-lock on one or both ends, sometimes those twist-locking mechanisms fail while the receptacle it’s protecting is still functioning just fine.

If that’s your case, you can use this replacement cover to guarantee the safe connection of your power cord once again.

4. 30 Amp 90-Degree Receptacle Replacement (Female)

31wqO 6JEkL. SL350

If you have a 30 amp RV extension cord with 90-degree receptacles on one or both ends, the receptacles can sometimes become fried while the copper cables inside the cord itself are still in great condition.

So, you can use this receptacle replacement to change out the 90-degree outlets on the female end of your 30 amp power cord.

5. 50 Amp 90-Degree Receptacle Replacement (Female)

31qk7cE2U8L. SL350

If you have a similar issue but you’re dealing with a 50 amp RV extension cord, this 50 amp 90-degree receptacle replacement will solve your issue (as long as you’re comfortable removing the old receptacle and rewiring the new one!).

6. 30 Amp 90-Degree Receptacle Replacement (Male)

31EUOciTcGL. SL350

For those of you that suffer a crack between your cord and the male end of your 30 amp power cord, this receptacle replacement might save you from having to purchase an entirely new cord.

Which will save you some money if you’ve invested in a more expensive, heavy-duty extension cord.

7. 30 Amp 90-Degree Receptacle Replacement (Male)

31DTEwXN RL. SL350

This receptacle replacement will help you replace the male end of your 50 amp RV power cord.

And, if you’re worried about rewiring this receptacle to the RV extension cord, this replacement comes with its own step-by-step installation guide.

RV Power Cord Accessories

In addition to having a cord that you can trust to supply the appropriate amperage to your RV, there are a few accessories that can make using and storing your RV power extension cord much easier. Check some of them out!

1. Power Cord Storage Bag

If you have a really long (25+ feet) RV extension cord, you might consider storing it in a fully-contained bag.

This will allow you to keep it coiled and organized underneath your RV.

And it will also protect the cord and, more importantly, the prongs on the receptacles from moisture, dirt, and other debris that can damage your cord and render it less effective.

2. Cable Lock

41BrwiskEhL. SL350

Fortunately, most of your fellow RVers in campgrounds are going to be honest, trustworthy folks.

But there is the rare occasion of someone unplugging and stealing your RV extension cord in the middle of the night.

While it’s rare, getting a cable lock for your cord can help you ensure you don’t wake up cold or unable to start your electric coffee maker. 

3. Storage/Carry Strap

313gc4krR0L. SL350

Longer cords can be tough to move around and they can also be a pain-in-the-butt to get out of your storage compartments if they wrap or tangle around themselves or other items you have stored near them.

But if you get one of these storage and carry straps, it’ll keep your cord organized and coiled when you’re storing it. And it will also make your cord easier to move around when you get to a new RV resort.

So, Which Is Best For You?

That will ultimately depend on whether your RV requires a 30 amp or 50 amp power supply. But you may also have a need for multiple power cords and plug adapters underneath your RV.

These adapters will allow you to safely power your rig’s essential equipment and appliances without worrying about short circuits or other electrical issues. 

If your RV requires a 30 amp electrical connection, you’ll want to choose between the Kohree Dogbone for plugging into 90-degree receptacles and the Camco PowerGrip 55501 for plugging into straight receptacles. 

But if you’re rolling in a slightly larger RV that requires a 50 amp connection, you should decide between the Camco PowerGrip 55574 for 90-degree receptacles and the Camco PowerGrip 55542 for straight receptacles. 

For those of you that often find yourself needing a little extra cord length at tricky RV sites, you should choose either the Camco 50’ PowerGrip 55197 for 30 amp connections or the Camco 50’ PowerGrip 55199 for 50 amp connections. 

If an RV plug adapter is what you’re in search of, be sure to look more closely into the Camco Heavy Duty Dogbone Adapter 55165 for a 15 amp to 30 amp adapter or the Camco Dogbone Adapter 55168 for a 15 amp to 50 amp adapter. 

And, finally, you might also have a need to step certain power connections up from 30 amp to 50 amp or down from 50 to 30. If you need an adapter for the former, check out the Camco Dogbone Adapter 55185. For a 50 to 30 amp male-to-female adapter, check out the Camco Heavy Duty Dogbone Adapter 55175.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless you’re really interested in performing major repairs or upgrading your RV, you probably don’t need to know everything about how your rig’s electrical system works.

But you should know how to safely use, maintain, and troubleshoot small issues with your RV power cord. 

We’ll cover those topics, and a few more by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about RV power cords. 

How to clean the prongs on an RV power cord?

The best and safest way to clean the prongs on your power cord is to use a wire brush.

Make sure both ends of the cord are unplugged, however, before touching the prongs. Use the wire brush lightly to remove any dirt, debris, or corrosion that has accumulated on the prongs. 

Why is corrosion dangerous for power cords?

The prongs of a power cord are the most likely location for rust to accumulate. This kind of corrosion can increase resistance and generate extra heat at the connection points.

If left unattended, that excess heat can cause damage to the cord or your RV’s internal electrical system. 

What are the best RV power cord brands?

As you can probably tell from the selections on our list, Camco is a clear-cut winner as the best RV power cord brand. 

But if you’re interested in shopping around, check out the selection from brands like Kohree, Conntek, and Firman


Being confident in your RV power cord will set your mind at ease when you’re regularly traveling to new RV parks.

It’s hard to know everything about the quality of the power connections at a given RV park before you arrive.

But you can have a quality model that helps to protect the critical components of your RV’s electrical system from lower quality power sources. 

We hope that you’ve been able to identify the right power cord for your RV in this article today.

And you may have even found out that having an additional adapter or extension cord might make it easier for you to camp at spots where you otherwise wouldn’t be able to plug in.

As always, we wish you the best of RV adventures and we look forward to seeing you in our next article!