Travel trailers under 5000 lbs provide a great option for RVers looking to tow a camper with an SUV or half-ton truck. They offer ample living space and amenities while remaining light enough for most vehicles to handle.

We evaluate the key factors to consider when selecting the best travel trailer under 5000 lbs. We’ve also compiled a list of top-rated models across different categories based on criteria like weight, features, price and real RVer reviews.


For different buyer needs, we’ve picked the best lightweight trailers after evaluating them based on amenities, usability, and value:

Some of the best 5000 lb travel trailers for different needs include:

  • Keystone Passport – Best Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs For Families
  • Lance 1575 Travel Trailer – Best Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs For Couples
  • Winnebago HIKE  – Best Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs For Off-Road
  • Starcraft Satellite 18MK – Best Budget Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs
  • Airstream Bambi Travel Trailer – Best Luxury Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs

Our Evaluation 

When compiling this list of the best travel trailers under 5000 lbs, we looked at several key factors:

  • Weight – Focusing specifically on trailers with a GVWR under 5000 lbs. The dry weight gives the weight without cargo, while GVWR includes the maximum loaded weight.
  • Amenities – Well-equipped kitchens, sleeping capacity, bathrooms, entertainment systems and more to meet travel needs.
  • Usability – Floorplans, storage, ease of towing and capability to go off-grid or off-road for different adventures.
  • Value For Money – Quality of construction, inclusion of standard features, number of floorplans and price points to fit different budgets.

Best Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs For Families

Keystone Passport 

The multiple slideouts provide ample living space, while the outdoor-focused amenities like exterior speakers, retractable awning and patio entrance light let you enjoy family time outside. 

Starting Price –  $42,985

Pros and Cons

Sleeps up to 10Bunk plans are heavier
Family-friendly layoutsCan feel cramped fully loaded
Entertainment features

Key Features:

  • 30,000 BTU furnace 
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner 
  • Residential style furniture
  • USB charging ports throughout
  • Winterization-ready water system
  • Optimized storage solutions inside and under the trailer
  • Chassis engineered specifically for each floorplan 

Value for Money: Excellent value given the sleeping capacity and amenities at this price point.

Interior features like residential appliances, USB charging ports, and convertible dinettes make road trips smooth. Outdoor entertainment like exterior speakers and LED awning lights means the fun doesn’t have to stop when parked.

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Jayco Jay Flight

The Jayco Jay Flight offers ample sleeping spaces, including bunk beds on some models, making it a great choice for families.

Starting Price: $23,568

Pros and Cons

Sleeps up to 7Limited <5000 lb floorplans
Bunk bed floorplansNo slideouts on lightweight models
Booth dinette
Outside kitchen

Key Features:

  • Double over double bunks on some models
  • LED lighting
  • USB charging ports
  • Cooktop with flush cover

Value for Money: Provides excellent value and versatility for family camping.

With bunks, convertible sleeping spaces, and family-friendly layouts, the Jay Flight meets the needs of most families in a sub-5000 lb package.

Coachmen Clipper

With room to sleep up to 7 and spacious floorplans, the Coachmen Clipper is ideal for family adventures.

Starting Price: $22,347

Pros and Cons

Sleeps up to 7Lower clearance
Front master bedroom optionsFew <5000 lb floorplans
Bunkhouse models
Spacious bathroom

Key Features:

  • Plenty of storage
  • LED lighting
  • USB charging ports
  • Power awning

Value for Money: Delivers outstanding comfort and convenience for families at this price point.

With room-to-sleep 7 and family-friendly layouts focused on comfort, the Clipper is designed for memorable camping trips with the whole crew.


Our top pick: Our top pick for families is the Keystone Passport for its vast range of family-centric floorplans and lightweight, Decoder-coated aluminum cage construction that maximizes durability. The brand’s emphasis on quality assurance ensures maximum towing stability. Large holding tanks allow longer trips off-grid.

Best Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs For Couples

Airstream Sport

For couples looking for a lightweight, easy-to-tow trailer, we recommend the Airstream Sport. Starting at just 2860 lbs dry weight and with a GVWR of 3500 lbs, the Airstream Sport is a top ultra lite travel trailer under 5000 lbs. 

Starting Price: $75,400

Pros and Cons

Sleek exteriorExpensive for size
Spacious layoutLimited storage
Great kitchen
Roomy bathroom

Key Features

  • Sleeps up to 4
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Roomy bathroom
  • Comfortable dining and sitting area
  • Minimalist, efficient layout
  • Two floorplans to choose from
  • Exterior and Interior shower
  • Outdoor storage locker
  • Retractable Awning
  • USB and 110V charging ports
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Solar power pre-wire kit with off-grid upgrade options

Value for Money: Worth the premium for the quality construction and resale value.

The aluminium body keeps weight low at around 2860 lbs while offering a modern aesthetic. The interior feels open with strategic use of space. Airstream’s reputation for build quality makes it ideal for extended trips.

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Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

Despite the compact size, the Lance 1575 offers ample room and storage for couples. The dry bath maximizes interior space.

Starting Price – $45,000

Pros and Cons

Lightweight and easy to towSmaller interior space
Roomy bedroom
Dry bath

Key Features:

  • One-piece fiberglass roof
  • Laminated aluminum frame
  • Cozy bedroom
  • Dry bath
  • 26-gallon black tank capacity
  • 26-gallon grey tank capacity
  • 26-gallon fresh water capacity

Value for Money: Excellent value providing an optimal balance of towability and living space.

The rugged construction allows for off-grid adventures with ample storage capacity. Ideal for weekend trips or extended travels.

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Our top pick: Our top pick for couples is the Lance 1575 for its optimal balance of easy towability and spacious yet cozy living quarters. The laminated aluminum frame is lighter than wood but offers superior strength and durability. A fiberglass roof allows for mounting solar panels.

Best Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs For Off-Road Adventures

Winnebago HIKE

Adventurers require an off-road ready trailer that can handle rugged terrain while packing gear safely and efficiently. The Winnebago HIKE has an off-road emphasis while still having home-like amenities.

Starting Price:  $38,485

Pros and Cons

Rugged, lightweight constructionHigh price
Off-grid capabilitiesLess interior room
Flexible layout

Key Features:

  • 3 floorplans under 5,000 lbs GVWR
  • Built with a rugged exoskeleton to attach adventure gear like bikes and kayaks
  • Extra front storage 
  • Extreme weather foil wrapping
  • Off-road tires and fenders
  • Contemporary and quality interior
  • Wifi prep
  • Roof-mounted solar charger prep
  • 18,000 BTU Furnace

Value for Money: Worth paying more for the off-road emphasis and utility.

An innovative stainless steel rear galley and removable wet bath allow you to customize the interior for maximum utility when off-grid. The HIKE lets adventurous couples bring the comforts of home to beautiful but remote locations.

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Livin Lite Camplite

The Camplite by Livin Lite offers a perfectly sized floorplan for 2 in a lightweight fibreglass package.

Starting Price: $22,710

Pros and Cons

Lightweight fibreglass buildLess interior space
Wet bath with surroundFew floorplans
Rear hatch patio
Power awning

Key Features:

  • Bamboo cabinetry
  • 2 burner flush mount stove
  • LED lighting throughout
  • USB charging ports

Value for Money: Excellent value for a fibreglass couple’s camper with great features.

Well constructed with an efficient layout, the Camplite provides couples with a compact but fully-equipped camper under 5000 lbs.

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KZ Escape Mini

This nimble escape artist packs a big off-road punch in a lightweight sub-4,000-lb trailer. Available in two compact floorplans, the Escape Mini slips into remote sites while trailing creature comforts along.

Starting Price – $23,499

Pros and Cons

Durable smooth fiberglass skin resists weatheringLimited layout options
Generous 10″ clearance for rugged terrainMore spartan amenities than larger trailers
Available off-grid upgrades like 160W solar panelDoesn’t handle extreme rock crawling

Key Features:

  • 15″ Mud terrain tires on 8-lug aluminum rims
  • Torsion axle suspension and heavy-duty shocks
  • Convenient exterior wash station
  • Spacious U-shaped dinette bed sleeps two
  • Ravishing Maple cabinetry and wood-look flooring

Value for Money: Puts capable off-road performance within reach of modest budgets. Lean and agile Adventure Package conquer moderate trails to access secluded sites unavailable to conventional RVs.

The KZ Escape Mini provides a lightweight, nimble, and affordable off-road travel trailer option. With fiberglass construction, increased clearance, all-terrain tires and shocks, it can traverse moderate trails to secluded sites. Best for agile exploration of rugged terrain on a budget.

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Our Top Pick: Our top off-road pick is the Winnebago HIKE for its purpose-built adventure-ready construction. The HIKE comes standard with off-road tires and fenders and can easily accommodate kayaks, mountain bikes, and other outdoor gear. Its nimble size allows accessing remote campsites.

Best Cheap Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs

Forest River R-Pod

For budget buyers looking to get the most value, we recommend the Forest River R-Pod. With multiple floorplans under 5000 lbs GVWR, the R-Pod provides an affordable way to hit the road.

The R-Pod may be smaller than some trailers, but clever layouts and use of space make it feel roomy. Lightweight construction keeps towing manageable with an SUV while also improving efficiency.

Starting Price: $32,995.00

Pros and Cons

Budget-friendlyTight quarters
Efficient layoutsLimited storage
Quality build

Key Features

  • 9 available floor plans
  • 20,000 BTU Furnace
  • The option between a dry bath or wet bath between models
  • Select models have an outside shower 
  • Pet-friendly frame-mounted utility hook and food/water bowls
  • LED interior lighting
  • Solar prep
  • Tinted safety windows

Value for Money: Outstanding value for the price with useful features and quality materials.

You still get ample storage, sleeping for 2-4 people, and a well-equipped kitchen in the R-Pod. Given the lower price, it’s one of the best values for a functional travel trailer under 5000 lbs.

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Starcraft Satellite 18MK Travel Trailer

The Satellite offers durable fiberglass construction at an affordable price without compromising quality or features. An optional slide-out and updated floorplans provide spacious interiors, while thick insulation and name-brand appliances stand up to extended trips.

Starting Price – $31,493

Pros and Cons

Maintenace-friendly fiberglass exterior & roofLimited tank sizes
Value pricing for 31+ ft trailerNot ideal for larger families
Optional Extreme offroad package for rugged terrainNo slideouts in base model

Key Features:

  • One-piece bonded fiberglass walls & seamless roof
  • Thick block foam insulation for 4-season capability
  • LED interior lighting creates homey ambience
  • 30” overhead bunk fits family of 3
  • Backup camera and Bluetooth receiver for safety & convenience

Value for Money: Fiberglass durability without upkeep hassles. Floorplans cater to weekend warriors or budget-minded families at a fraction of comparable models, with the same 3-year structural warranty.

Offering excellent value is the Starcraft Satellite. Despite its low price point, it doesn’t skimp on quality, durability, or features. The fiberglass roof and floor construction keep maintenance costs low over the long term.

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Braxton Creek Bushwacker 15DS Travel Trailer

Mini fiberglass couples camper packs big features like a cozy bed and surprising wet bath into a 15’ length. One-piece walls speed cleaning after off-roading while interior decor brings home comforts.

Starting Price – $20,074

Pros and Cons

Light, the nimble rig is SUV towableTight quarters fully loaded
Wet bath unusual in sizeNo slideouts
Handles rugged terrainLimited gear storage

Key Features:

  • Spacious 60×74” bed with padded headboard
  • One-piece seamless fiberglass walls
  • Multifunctional wet bath adds space
  • Power awning creates shaded patio area
  • LED accents & residential furniture for cozy vibe

Value for Money: Feature-packed mini couples camper ripe for off-grid weekends and road trips blends homeliness with durability at a steal.

The Braxton Creek Bushwacker Plus 15DS provides a budget-friendly, go-anywhere compact camper. The one-piece bonded fiberglass exterior keeps cleaning and maintenance simple. Despite its small size, a wet bath offers more room than expected. Bargain hunters will appreciate the combination of low cost, easy towing, and quality construction.

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Our Top Pick: Our top budget pick is the Starcraft Satellite for its fiberglass construction that minimizes long-term maintenance costs. The affordability doesn’t mean cutting corners—Satellite campers feature thick insulation, aluminum framing, and name-brand appliances. Large holding tanks allow extended trips off-grid.

Best Luxury Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs

Airstream Bambi Travel Trailer

The iconic polished aluminium Bambi blends timeless nostalgic design with contemporary luxuries. Smart storage transforms the compact interior that pampers with premium details. Time-tested & future-ready.

Starting Price – $63,950

Pros and Cons

Legendary durability yet remarkably lightNarrow floorplan when occupied
Luxurious fixtures & accessoriesTight for full-timing
Maximum function from minimal spacePremium pricing for size

Key Features:

  • Spacious bed for two
  • Large rear bathroom
  • Full kitchenette
  • Dinette converts to a bed to sleep two more people 
  • JVC stereo system
  • Ample interior/exterior storage for its size
  • Black tank: 18 gallons
  • Grey tank: 24 gallons
  • Fresh water tank: 20 gallons

Value for Money: The Airstream Bambi display refined elegance and up-to-date features. This classic icon has endured over time while still staying modern and prepared for the future.

An icon of luxury RVs, the Airstream Bambi offers a timeless appeal combined with modern amenities. Polished aluminum exterior panels keep weight low while maximizing durability. Smart interior organizational systems provide ample storage that defies expectations for the Bambi’s compact size. Upscale materials and finishes make spending time relaxing inside a pleasure.

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Little Guy Max Travel Trailer

This 21-foot couples camper packs spacious residential living comforts into an easy-towing trailer under 5000 pounds loaded. The multi-functional wet bath and open floorplan create a roomy feel while premium details add sophistication.

Starting Price – $47,750

Pros and Cons

Feels bigger thanks to 6’6” ceilings & wet bathLimited gear storage
Luxury solid wood cabinets & modern décorBetter suited for 2 people
Entertaining gadgets like exterior HDTVPremium pricing

Key Features:

  • Spa-worthy 48”x32” residential wet bath
  • Pocketed coil innerspring queen mattress
  • Full-size norcold fridge & 2 burner glass cooktop
  • Backup camera & Camp+ Bluetooth control app
  • Frameless dark tint dual pane windows

Value for Money: Ideal luxury couples camper squeezes apartment amenities like a spa shower into a manageable package combining upscale living and lighter towing.

Despite weighing under 5000 pounds fully loaded, the Little Guy Max feels spacious thanks to its interior headroom and residential-style wet bath. Standard features like solid wood cabinetry, stonecast sinks, and USB ports give the Max an upscale feel. Entertaining is easy with the exterior television, sound system, and mini-fridge.

Our Top Pick: Our top luxury pick is the Airstream Bambi for its iconic polished aluminum body construction paired with contemporary interior design and premium fixtures. An off-grid package adds solar panels and lithium batteries. Owners appreciate both its luxury appointments and potential for adventure.

Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs Pros & Cons

Light and aerodynamic for easy towingLess overall living space
Better fuel efficiencyCan feel cramped for larger families
Maneuverability for tight spacesLimited storage capacity
Capable of off-roadingNot as many luxury features
Minimal investment to get startedMay require compromises in layout

In summary, lightweight travel trailers make RVing accessible for SUV owners without having to upgrade vehicles. But the smaller size does mean some tradeoffs versus a bigger trailer. Choosing the right floor plan and features for your needs is key to getting the most out of a sub-5000 lb trailer.