If you are looking for a cheap teardrop trailer, consider the Hiker Trailer, Runaway Navigator, MyPod by Little Guy, and Polydrop P17A. 

Embarking on budget-friendly adventures and finding the perfect teardrop trailer to accompany you can be challenging. The sheer number of options makes your head spin, leaving you uncertain which one will fit the bill without emptying your pockets. 

But fret not! Fearlessly diving into the depths of research, I took it upon myself to alleviate your worries.

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Brace yourself as I will unveil a carefully curated list of the top 10 affordable teardrop trailers handpicked just for you. 

What is a Teardrop Trailer?

What is a Teardrop Trailer?

A teardrop trailer is a small, compact camping trailer that gets its name from its teardrop-shaped design. These cheap teardrop campers are characterized by sleek, aerodynamic profile, rounded front, and tapering rear end. 

Teardrop trailers typically come with a spacious sleeping area at the back, comfortably accommodating two people. The design of this trailer provides campers with basic amenities, such as a mattress or sleeping platform, storage compartments, and sometimes even a small kitchenette at the rear.

Benefits of Teardrop Trailers

Here are some of the  benefits that come with purchasing teardrop trailers:

  • Affordability:  Unlike larger RVs, these small trailers provide a cost-effective way to enjoy camping and road trips.
  • Easy towing and maneuverability: Towing and maneuvering these trailers are effortless tasks. Their small size and lightweight construction make them easy to tow, even for beginners. You don’t need a large vehicle or extensive towing experience.
  • Convenience and compactness:  Despite their small footprint, they cleverly utilize space. Inside, you’ll find a cozy sleeping area that comfortably accommodates two people. Storage compartments cleverly hide essential camping gear, while a compact kitchenette with a sink, stove, and sometimes even a refrigerator is ready to cater to your culinary desires.
  • Fuel efficiency:  Teardrop trailers have an aerodynamic design, reducing wind resistance and improving fuel efficiency. Unlike bulkier trailers, they ensure that every drop of fuel takes you further, relieving your wallet.
  • Versatility:  They are perfect for various adventures, whether planning a quiet camping trip, an epic cross-country journey or seeking a cozy haven at outdoor events. These trailers offer comfort and functionality, becoming your reliable companion throughout your adventures.
  • Community and retro appeal: Their compact size allows you to store them easily in a standard garage or backyard, eliminating the need for expensive and cumbersome dedicated storage arrangements. Embrace simplicity and bid farewell to storage problems.

Cheap Teardrop Trailer

Here is a list of top teardrop trailers that won’t break the bank. So, buckle up if you are looking for a budget-friendly teardrop camper for sale!

Hiker Trailer

Hiker Trailer

The Hiker Trailer is perfect if you are looking for an affordable, customizable trailer. Its interior cabin has dimensions of 5’x9 and provides a generous sleeping area, and has a rear galley kitchen. 

This trailer is unique because of the range of add-ons you can find, including solar panels, air conditioning, and off-road packages. Starting from its lightweight trailer of up to 900 lbs, the Hiker Trailer allows you to tailor your teardrop experience to your needs.

Polydrop P17A

Polydrop P17A

The Polydrop P17A stands out with its unique, aerodynamic design. Inside, you’ll find a cozy sleeping area, a well-equipped kitchenette, and a convertible dinette space. 

Weighing just 1,400 lbs, the Polydrop P17A offers excellent fuel efficiency and maneuverability, allowing you to venture far and wide without breaking the bank.

Meerkat by Little Guy

Meerkat by Little Guy

The Meerkat by Little Guy blends affordability, functionality, and sleek design. With exterior dimensions of 6’10″x13′, it provides a comfortable sleeping area, a well-equipped kitchenette, and a dining space that converts into an additional bed. 

Thanks to its lightweight build and aerodynamic shape, the Meerkat offers easy towing and improved fuel efficiency, allowing you to explore without breaking the bank.

Runaway Navigator

Runaway Navigator

The Runaway Navigator proves that being compact doesn’t mean compromising on quality. With exterior dimensions of 4’x8′, this teardrop trailer offers a comfortable sleeping area, a rear galley kitchen, and ample storage space. 

Starting from a lightweight 800 lbs, the Navigator ensures easy towing and fuel efficiency, making it an ideal companion for budget-friendly adventures.

NuCamp TAB 320

NuCamp TAB 320

The NuCamp TAB 320 combines a retro-inspired design with modern amenities. Measuring 6’8″x13′ in exterior dimensions, it features a cozy sleeping area, a kitchenette, a wet bath, and even an entertainment system. 

Though slightly higher in price range, the NuCamp TAB 320 compensates with exceptional build quality and a comfortable camping experience for budget-conscious travelers.

Timberleaf Classic

Timberleaf Classic

The Timberleaf Classic is an affordable teardrop camper that combines retro aesthetics with modern comfort. With interior cabin dimensions, 5’x10′ offers a spacious queen-size bed, a rear galley kitchen, and ample storage space. 

Weighing just 1,200 lbs, most vehicles can easily tow it, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious adventurers.

Escaped Topo

Escaped Topo

The Escapod Topo is designed for off-road exploration. This rugged teardrop trailer features a 5’x10′ interior cabin with a comfortable sleeping area and a rear galley kitchen. 

Equipped with an aluminum frame, all-terrain tires, and independent suspension, the Escapod Topo can conquer rough terrains while providing a cozy camping experience. Starting from 1,800 lbs, it ensures your budget-friendly adventures are not limited by the path less traveled.


Escaped Topo

The Vistabule teardrop trailer is perfect for those dreaming of panoramic views and a spacious interior. With exterior dimensions of 6’x10′, it features large windows that bring nature’s beauty inside. 

Inside, you’ll find a cozy sleeping area, a galley kitchen, and a dining space. Despite its slightly higher weight starting from 1,580 lbs, the Vistabule remains towable by most vehicles, promising a comfortable and scenic camping experience for budget-friendly adventurers.

Little Guy Mini Max

Little Guy Mini Max

The Little Guy Mini Max offers a perfect balance between affordability and luxury. With exterior dimensions of 6’x15′, it provides a spacious interior with a queen-size bed, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower. 

Despite its larger size, the Mini Max remains lightweight at 2,320 lbs, making it easy to tow with mid-sized vehicles. Indulge in the extra comfort and convenience the Little Guy Mini Max brings to your budget-friendly escapades.

MyPod by Little Guy

MyPod by Little Guy

The MyPod by Little Guy is for solo travelers or couples seeking affordability and portability. With exterior dimensions of 5’x9′, this lightweight trailer offers a cozy sleeping area, ample storage space, and an optional kitchenette.

 Weighing just 630 lbs, the MyPod can be easily towed by smaller vehicles, opening up a world of budget-friendly adventures.

Reliable Online Retailers

Here are some reliable online stores where you can get a cheap teardrop trailer for sale:

  • Camping World: Known for its extensive range of camping gear and RVs, Camping World offers affordable teardrop trailers that cater to different budgets. You can visit any of their physical stores across the United States for in-person browsing.
  • RV trader: This is one of the most popular online marketplaces specializing in RVs and camping trailers. RV Trader features many new and used teardrop trailers from various dealers and private sellers.
  • eBay: The online store offers a vast selection of teardrop trailers for sale, including new and used options. Always check the seller’s ratings and reviews before making a purchase.
  • Facebook Marketplace: You can often find budget-friendly teardrop trailers listed by owners near you. Exercise caution and thoroughly inspect the trailer before finalizing the transaction. Pay people only if you have done your due diligence and ensured you are dealing with a legitimate seller.  


Embarking on outdoor adventures shouldn’t drain your bank account. Take advantage of the Affordable Adventurer’s allure or the Frugal Explorer’s frugal appeal.

Always consider arming yourself with online research, exploring pre-owned trailers, attending RV shows, and connecting with camping communities. Research the best discounts and offers in the market and get a cheap teardrop camper for sale.

When evaluating potential trailers, consider the size, sleeping arrangements, storage space, amenities, and sturdy build quality. 

You can visit some of the best reputable online retailers like RV Trader and Camping World or explore local options on eBay and Facebook Marketplace, be cautious and verify the trailer’s condition.

Now, the open road awaits. Embrace the thrill of adventure with your budget-friendly teardrop trailer and create unforgettable memories. Happy trails, happy camper!


What are the top 4 affordable teardrop trailer options available in the market?

The top 4 affordable teardrop trailer options are Hiker Trailer, Runaway Navigator, MyPod by Little Guy, and Polydrop P17A.

How can I find the best deals and discounts on teardrop trailers?

To find the best deals and discounts on teardrop trailers, check online marketplaces, subscribe to teardrop trailer manufacturers or dealerships newsletters, attend RV shows, and explore classified ads for used trailers.

What are the key features when looking for a budget-friendly teardrop trailer?

When looking for a budget-friendly teardrop trailer, key features to consider include the size and weight of the trailer for easy towing, the presence of basic amenities such as a comfortable sleeping area and storage space, and the overall durability and reliability of the trailer.

Are there reliable online retailers offering cheap teardrop trailers with good customer reviews?

Several reliable online retailers offer cheap teardrop trailers with good customer reviews. Some popular options include reputable websites such as RV Trader, Camping World, and TeardropShop.com. Read customer reviews and thoroughly research before purchasing.