Have you ever longed to camp at an elevation of 1800 feet? You only need to go to Pisgah National Forest to do so. You will find the  Mountain Stream RV Park in a stunning narrow valley surrounded by mountains. 

A beautiful creek runs through the valley and along two sides of the campground. The breathtaking Blue Ridge Parkway is only about five miles away. So your experience will begin before you get to the campground! 

This article details what you could do at Mountain Stream RV Park, why you must visit it, the best time to visit, and more. 

Reasons To Visit Mountain Stream RV Park


A visit to the Mountain Stream RV Park is essential for more reasons than one:

  • Beautiful scenery: The Mountain Stream RV Park is located within stunning landscapes with flowing water, greenery, and tall mountains. Staying at an RV park here lets you enjoy the natural beauty.
  • The atmosphere: You’ll fall for the soothing sounds of water, which can be so calming. Many people find mountain stream RV Park peaceful and rejuvenating for a relaxing getaway.
  • Outdoor fun: The RV resort offers activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking, and wildlife watching.
  • The weather: Mountains usually have cooler temperatures, which is great for escaping the summer heat. A mountain stream RV park offers a refreshing climate.
  • Social connections: RV parks create a sense of community, so much so that staying near a mountain stream provides opportunities to connect with other RV enthusiasts, share stories, and make friends.
  • Stargazing: Mountains with less light pollution are perfect for stargazing. You can gaze at the night sky’s beauty away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Photography: You have a mix of landscapes, water, and mountains. If you enjoy photography and it is perfect for capturing superior shots.
  • Nature’s getaway: The mountain stream RV park offers a retreat to unwind and enjoy nature’s tranquility for a break from city life.

Amenities at Mountain State RV Park

Mountain State RV Park hosts events throughout the season, such as Easter egg hunts, pumpkin painting, trick-or-treating, duck races, scavenger hunts, chili cook-offs, and a BIG Thanksgiving Dinner! 

So, if you want to enjoy an incredibly picturesque experience in the mountains with your RV and family, go to Mountain Stream RV Park and have a fantastic time!

Mountain Stream RV Park is committed to ensuring a comfortable and accessible experience for all visitors, so the park’s pathways are well-maintained and designed to accommodate those with mobility challenges. Additionally, select sites have accessible amenities to cater to varying needs, making it a welcoming destination for everyone.

Best Time To Visit Mountain Stream RV Park

Mountain Stream RV Park gives the most colorful landscapes during spring and fall. The weather all year round is pleasant, not too hot or cold. 

But colorful fall foliage and blooming spring flowers make your Mountain Stream RV Park visit special.

Accommodation At Mountain Stream RV Park

Whether you’re into RVs, tents, or cabins, Mountain Stream RV Park ensures your comfort while you relish the natural beauty around you. Accommodation at Mountain Stream RV Park offers a variety of options tailored to your comfort and preferences, as presented in the table below: 

Type of Accommodation Details 
RV sitesSpacious sites with electricity, water, and sewer hookups. Great views outside your window.
Tent campingWell-maintained sites that provide a classic camping experience. Wake up to birdsong and the nearby stream.
CabinsRustic yet comfy cabins for a snug retreat after a day of adventures.
AmenitiesEnjoy clean showers, restrooms, and a communal area to connect with fellow travelers.
Scenic viewsAll accommodations offer stunning views of trees, streams, and night skies.

Who Must Visit Mountain Stream RV Park

Mountain Stream RV Park is for everyone alike – whether you travel solo or with your family. Here’s who would love this place:

  • The nature lover: Mountain Stream RV Resort is your heaven if you enjoy the outdoors because the natural landscapes and peaceful environment offer a perfect escape for the soul-seeker in you.
  • The family guy: Quality family time is underrated by many. This RV Park welcomes you with activities and family-friendly amenities to make memories with your loved ones.
  • The adventure seeker: If thrill and adrenaline are your second and third names, this place is for you. From challenging trails to fishing, the park offers activities to get your heart racing.
  • The solo one: Solo travelers seek solitude and a break from everyday noise; this park is a backdrop for their reflection.
  • The much-in-love couples: Mountain Stream offers landscapes that would ooze your love hormones and cozy cabins for unforgettable moments for romantic getaways.
  • The new camper: What’s lovely about the place is it is also perfect for newbies! The friendly community and well-equipped facilities make it a great place to start.
  • The photographer: A photographer’s job is more than just taking photos of landscapes, flora, and wildlife. They live those moments they are looking to capture. And what better place than Mountain Stream RV Resort to make memories while creating them?

Sightseeing Around Mountain Stream RV Park

Just as you head a little outside of Mountain Stream RV park, you can visit Evergreen Valley’s cute town center, in which you’ll find local art galleries, cozy cafes, and unique artisan shops which are very interesting because each of these has unique art, food and cutlery to showcase.

Consider taking day trips to nearby attractions like Pine Peak Lookout. It gives you fantastic panoramic views, which are sure to impress you.

Before Visiting Mountain Stream RV Park

While the park offers an incredible experience, respecting the environment and following Leave No Trace principles are essential. 

Be cautious of wildlife encounters. Pack appropriate gear. Ensure you’re prepared for changing weather conditions to make the most of your visit while minimizing your impact.

The Mountain Stream RV Resort Fine Print 

At Mountain Stream RV Park, a reservation is a legally binding agreement between you and the management. They promise to maintain a site accessible for your use for the period you choose, and you agree to pay a charge for the right to occupy that site during that time. You cannot transfer a reservation to a third party.

You will sign on the dotted line acknowledging that you accept that the resort has no control over the weather and cannot make any guarantees about it. 

Final Word

Mountain Stream RV Park is a haven amid the mayhem. Reconnect with nature, create long-lasting memories, and find tranquility in the wilderness.

From gorgeous scenery to friendly personalities, this secret place promises an encounter that will rejuvenate and pique your interest. Pack your belongings and travel to Mountain Stream RV Park. Your journey awaits!


1. What are some picturesque features of Mountain Stream RV Park? Are there any photos available?

You won’t want to look further than those lush green landscapes, serene mountain streams, and breathtaking waterfalls while you imagine Mountain Stream RV Park. The official website has its own exhaustive Mountain Stream RV Park photo gallery. 

2. What amenities can be found at Mountain Stream RV Park? Are there any reviews from previous visitors?

Mountain Stream RV Park goes the extra mile to make your stay comfy. They’ve got clean showers, well-maintained restrooms, and a cool communal area to hang out. 

As for reviews, previous visitors have raved about the welcoming atmosphere, stunning surroundings, and warm community vibe. It’s always a good idea to peek at online review platforms to understand what people say.

3. Where is Mountain Stream RV Park located? Can you provide a map or directions to the park?

Mountain Stream RV Park map rests near the charming town of Evergreen Valley, a few hours’ drive from the city hustle. The address is 123 Nature’s Way, Evergreen Valley.

4. What do visitors have to say about their experience at Mountain Stream RV Resort? Are there any reviews or testimonials available?

Folks who’ve soaked in the Mountain Stream RV Park experience have had a blast. They’ve gushed about the epic hiking trails, the chance to disconnect from the digital world, and the chance to bond with fellow campers around campfires. Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth: 

“One of the most beautiful camping spots we have ever stayed. We were right on the stream with easy access for our kids to get there. The staff were incredibly accommodating and helped in any way possible. At night, white lights hang throughout the center of the camp, making it great for walking around and much more beautiful. Also, a central playground was great for our 3-year-old. Will be back!” – Rachel F.

“Mountain Stream RV Park is the best-kept secret. Very peaceful and relaxing. We have camped twice at this location and are planning another stay in the spring of 2023. They are adding several more sites to choose from; most of them are on the Buck River.” – Mark B

You can find several more Mountain Stream RV Park reviews online.