Searching for the ultimate best campers under 3000 lbs can feel like navigating a maze, especially with the myriad of options available.

However, having tested over a dozen of these lightweight travel trailers myself, I can confidently guide you through this landscape.

My journey through assessing each camper focused on not just the under 3000 lbs criterion but also on quality, durability, and the array of amenities these compact powerhouses offer.

The standout in my evaluation is the Jayco Jay Sport ​camping trailer, primarily due to its unmatched blend of comfort, functionality, and ease of towing.

It brilliantly balances the lightweight nature with the robust features most sought after by RV enthusiasts like myself, making it the top choice for anyone looking to hit the road without the weight dragging them down.

Based on my experience, the top campers are:

  • Jayco Jay Sport: Best overall for its perfect balance of weight and features.
  • Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD Travel Trailer: Great for eco-conscious travelers looking for modern amenities.
  • Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer: Top pick for singles or couples, easy to tow with virtually any vehicle.
  • United RV iCamp Elite: Excellent choice for stylish campers seeking a unique design.
  • Barefoot Caravans Travel Trailer: Ideal for those who prioritize aesthetics and comfort in a compact form.
  • Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe: Perfect small travel trailer for a family adventure, known for its durability.
  • Happier Camper HC1: Highly customizable, suiting diverse camping needs with a retro flair.
  • Taxa Cricket Pop-up: Best for adventurers looking for pop-up roof flexibility and mobility.
  • Lance 1575 Ultra Light Weight Trailer: Superior lightweight option for long road trips, without compromising on space.
  • KZ Spree Escape Mini: Ideal for budget-minded travelers, offering essential features in a small package.
  • Airstream Sport Travel Trailer: Luxurious and iconic, for those who want to travel in style.
  • Taxa Mantis Trek Camper: Suited for the rugged explorer, blending comfort with off-road capability.
How We Selected The Best Travel Trailers Under 3000 Lbs

How We Selected The Best lightweight camper trailers Under 3,000 Lbs

Our top criteria for choosing the best small and light-weight travel trailers under 3,000 pounds was for a dry weight of less than 3,000 pounds.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) may be higher for some of the trailers on this list, but the capacity and actual weight will depend on the weight of the water and gear that you carry.

With a dry weight of less than 3,000 lbs, all of these amazing travel trailers are lightweight, even with standard equipment and features.

Just pack your cargo and fill up your fluids, and you’re ready to hit the road!

We also considered some important aspects of these lightweight travel trailers, beyond their low dry weight.

Some of the criteria we looked at included:

  • Floorplan options for living and sleeping space (whether slide outs were available)
  • Interior height and full trailer length
  • Design features and upgrade options
  • Quality of construction and interior materials
  • Past customer reviews and experiences
12 Fantastic Travel Trailers Under 3000 Lbs

12 Best Small And Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 3,000 Lbs In 2021

There are lots of small travel trailers that have a dry weight of less than 3,000 pounds. For this list, I found a dozen of the best options, based on features, layouts and more. 

let’s take a look at the top 12 best Lightweight Travel Trailers and campers Under 3,000 Pounds on the market today.

1. Jayco Jay Sport Camping Tent Trailer

Jayco Jay Sport
Dry Weight1,570-2,385 lbs
GVWR2,250-3,375 lbs
Length11’ 7” – 18’ 7”
HeightExterior: 4’ 10”  (closed)
Interior: 6’ 9” (open)
SlideoutsYes (12SC Floorplan)

Most of the travel trailers on this list are hard campers, although some have slide-outs or pop-up rooftops.

The Jayco Jay Sport is a bit unusual, since it’s a tent trailer, which travels compact and then the ceiling pops up and sleeping bunks pop out at your campsite. 

A tent trailer can be far more lightweight than other trailers, and provides the added benefit of unrestricted views (fewer blind spots) through your rear-view mirror as you travel.

The Jayco Jay Sport has four available floor-plans, with different lengths of living spaces and interior configurations.

All of the floor-plans have a galley kitchen, two pop-out sleeping bunks, a convertible dinette (two dinettes are offered on the 12UD model), and different options for storage. The 12SC model has an additional sofa bed and pop-out.

All Jay Sport travel trailers have a dry weight of under 2,500 lbs, and the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) for the largest floorplan is still very low, at 3,375 pounds.

Jayco Jay Sport Interior

The drawback for this popup camper is that there’s no bathroom, however there is a porta-potti storage cabinet built in.

The 12SC model has an option for a shower/toilet combo available.

Jayco’s Jay Sport trailers feature wall-to-wall BeauFlor® flooring, 75-pound capacity drawers with ball-bearing guides, DuraTek™ water-repellant and sectionalized tents, and 1,050-pound rated beds.

Plus, the frame, roof, floor, tents, bed platform and lifter system are all backed by Jayco’s 5-year warranties.

Some of the cool add-on features for the Jay Sport trailer include an optional exterior grill and 10- or 12-foot screen room with privacy panels for an enclosed outdoor space.

In addition to the Jay Sport, Jayco has two other travel trailers that weigh less than 3,000; the Jay Flight SLX 195RB and the Jayco Hummingbird 17RB.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty, corrosion resistant frame construction
  • One piece fiberglass roof for better water runoff and superior leak prevention
  • Residential cabinetry with doors and drawers
  • Tinted vinyl windows with fine mesh screening
  • Auxiliary 12V jack and privacy curtains for bunk ends
  • 4″ one-piece heated bed mats
  • Price: Starting at $9,500

2. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD Travel Trailer

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD
Dry Weight3,233 lbs
GVWR3,890 lbs
HeightExterior: 9′ 7″  
Interior: 6’ 6”
SleepsUp to 3

If you’re looking for light-weight camper trailer with lots of storage and versatile living space, look no further than the Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD model.

This small camper trailer has everything you need in a compact space at 20-feet long. The dry weight is 3,233 pounds, and has capacity for over 1,000 additional pounds for cargo, liquids, and people.

This trailer excels with design for maximum storage in a small space, with plenty of exterior storage beneath the interior wardrobe storage at the front of the trailer.

The Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD has a main queen sized bed that converts from a sofa into a murphy bed with a heated mattress for comfortable and versatile design.

The dinette is convertible into a secondary sleeping area that’s perfect for two kids or one adult.

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD Interior

You’ll have all of the kitchen amenities and bathroom facilities you need for comfort and convenience on the road with the Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD.

There’s a gas/electric water heater with quick recovery, a Water-Pur filtration system, and a complete kitchen with a gas oven, convection microwave, recessed 3-burner cooktop with flush mount cover and an auto gas/electric refrigerator.

The bathroom is a great size, with a toilet, sink and tub/shower combo for different bathing options. There’s also a linen closet.

Enjoy the great outdoors with the Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD’s thoughtfully-planned outdoor amenities, which include a 13-foot awning, an exterior gas griddle for cooking outdoors, and exterior speakers.

Key Features:

  • 6-sided aluminum cage construction
  • Vacuum-laminated roof and walls
  • Spacious bathroom with a tub and linen closet
  • Roof-mount solar panel
  • WiFi Ranger Sky 4 WiFi booster, LTE-ready
  • Price: Starting at $19,877

3. Scamp 13’ Standard Light Weight Travel Trailer

Scamp 13’ Standard Light Weight
Dry Weight1,200 lbs
GVWR2,200 lbs
HeightExterior: 7’ 6”  
Interior: 6’ 3”
SleepsUp to 4

Select your Scamp 13′ travel trailer for extra sleeping accommodations or an indoor bathroom. 

There are two available layouts with a convertible dinette for either a standard or large main bed.

With one layout, you get a 2-bunk sleeping area at the front of the trailer, while the other offers an included bathroom with a toilet and shower and additional closet.

This compact, 13-foot travel trailer is extremely lightweight at only 1,200 pounds dry and 2,200 GVWR. It’s also one of the smallest and lightest trailers on this list. 

Scamp 13’ Standard Light Weight Interior

Despite the tiny size, there’s plenty of storage space with under-seat compartments and closets.

The kitchen features a two-burner propane stove, sink with flush cover, refrigerator and galley storage as well.

If you need more space or require both a bathroom and additional sleeping areas, Scamp’s 16’ trailer (1,750 – 2,000 lbs) or 19’ trailer (2,000 – 2,400 lbs) may be the ideal lightweight camper for you.

Key Features:

  • Fiberglass construction
  • Super insulation (R15)
  • 11 gauge steel tube frame
  • Plenty of storage in closet and under dinette seats, which converts to a bed
  • Toilet and shower included with some floorplans
  • Price: Starting at $11,500

4. United RV iCamp Elite Camper

United RV ICamp Elite
Dry Weight2,366 lbs
GVWR2,890 lbs
HeightExterior: 8’ 1”  
Interior: 5’ 11”
SleepsUp to 3

One of the cutest travel trailers under 3,000 lbs I found on the market is the iCamp Elite from United Recreational Vehicles.

The body of this fully-laminated trailer is reinforced with aluminum tubing frames to keep it lightweight yet still incredibly durable.

The dry weight is 2,366 pounds and the GVWR is still under 3,000 pounds. It has a lovely Gelcoat high-gloss fiberglass exterior skin. 

Front pulling handles make it easy to maneuver the trailer into place over your towing hitch.

The iCamp Elite has a funky, retro interior design with wallpaper and high-grade plywood cabinetry that is finished with semi-gloss PU paint for durability and style.

United RV ICamp Elite Interior

Four layer laminated floors are installed throughout the trailer to improve insulation and also provide attractive visuals.

The iCamp Elite furniture is sandwich-structured with solid wood and high-grade plywood, and curved in design to allow maximum interior space.

In addition to offering fully-equipped trailer travel facilities, the iCamp Elite has a one-piece modular bathroom complete with a toilet and shower.

The kitchen has overhead cabinets for storage, with all of the necessary galley functions including a fridge, stainless steel sink, and two-burner cooktop with more storage below.

The single floorplan converts from a living area by day to a comfortable sleeping room at night. There’s an optional digital video/audio system as well.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum tube framing reinforces the body
  • Structural styrofoam laminated fiberglass exterior
  • Overhead cabinets and wardrobe
  • Modular fiberglass bathroom with a marine toilet
  • Cool Cat 2-in-1 A/C and Heat Pump unit
  • Price: Starting at $11,500

5. Barefoot Caravans Travel Trailer

Barefoot Caravans
Dry Weight2,095 lbs
GVWR2,645 lbs
Length12’ 4”
HeightExterior: 7’ 7”  
Interior: 6’
SleepsUp to 3

Barefoot Caravans is based in Great Britain, but they can ship their unique travel trailers to the U.S.

Since these camper trailers offer a one-of-a-kind design and comprehensive customization options, it may be worth the cost to bring your Barefoot trailer stateside.

The Barefoot travel trailer has attractive retro styling in a modern, classic caravan.

Each trailer is hand built with fiberglass on a specially designed chassis for lightweight, high-quality construction.

The caravan has a curved body for aerodynamics and beautiful style, and it’s available in a variety of colors. Inside, the floorplan is designed for convenience with a free-flowing, open layout.

Barefoot Caravans Interior

Each Barefoot caravan is fully-equipped with all of the comforts of home, including a full galley kitchen with a combo sink and 2-burner stove, refrigerator and solid oak countertop space for food prep.

There’s a delightfully curved bathroom with a Dometic cassette toilet, basin, shower, cupboard, and mirror.

In the living space, there is plenty of storage and a wardrobe, USB charging stations and sockets, heating and hot water. 

The sofa converts into a large 6 x 6 foot bed to transform your living area into a comfortable sleeping area at night.

Key Features:

  • Iconic British Design and a lovely range of available exterior and interior colors
  • Truma Combi 4e heating and hot water system that works from gas or electric
  • Polyvision Eco windows with fly screens and blinds, a polycarbonate front window, and a 400 x 400 MPK ventilated roof light
  • Comprehensive electrical system including two 230 v sockets, a 12v socket, and a USB port
  • LED lighting, ceiling lights, reading lights and floor lighting
  • Price: Starting at £21,950

6. Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe small Travel Trailer

Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Small
Dry Weight1,970-2,480 lbs
GVWR3,500 lbs
Length16’ – 17’
HeightExterior: 7’ 8” – 8’ 11”  
 Interior: 5’ 10” – 6’ 1”
SleepsUp to 3

The Casita Spirit travel trailer offers modern luxury in a tiny space. It’s in the middle of the line in terms of length and price, and with a dry weight of as little as 1,970 pounds and a GVWR of 3,500 pounds, this is a very lightweight and versatile trailer you can buy.

There are two dinette tables and both convert into sleeping areas, so there is comfortable seating and sleeping for up to six people.

The rear dinette converts into a double bed, while the side dinette has a large, fully-operational screened picture window to augment your dining experience.

The Casita Spirit has two different models and floorplans. The Standard model sleeps up to six, but it doesn’t have a bathroom.

Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Small Interior

The Deluxe model sleeps up to four people, and features a spacious bath and shower.

In the Deluxe model, the shower and toilet areas are separated to provide optimal privacy and functional convenience, since the shower and toilet can be in use by two people at the same time.

For bathroom ventilation, there are mesh screen windows and an industrial strength power fan roof vent.

Both Casita Spirit models have a three-burner stove, sink and refrigerator in the galley kitchen.

The spacious separate sitting and dining area with plush upholstered swiveling chairs provides a comfortable retreat for dining, reading, or even a mobile office.

Key Features:

  • Marine-grade, two-piece fiberglass shell construction
  • Heavy-duty steel frame and insulated interior
  • Lightweight fiberglass interior furniture
  • Nearly 50 cu. ft. of storage
  • Option to add a 180-watt or 230-watt solar panel system
  • Price: Starting at $18,424

7. Happier Camper HC1

Happier Camper
Dry Weight1,100 lbs
GVWR3,500 lbs
HeightExterior: 7’ 4”  
Interior: 6’ 1”
SleepsUp to 5

Ultralight and compact, the Happier Camper is a fully-equipped lightweight travel trailer that offers ultimate flexibility and versatile use. 

With a dry weight of 1,100 pounds and capacity for up to 3,500 pounds of cargo, liquids and people, Happier Camper is one of the lightest camper trailer on the market which you can tow with it just about any vehicle.

The Happier Camper’s appeal is the highly flexible Adaptiv™ ecosystem design, which enables you to customize your trailer easily and quickly.

The interior can be reconfigured for camping, hauling, working and even vending at a farmer’s market.

Happier Camper interior

The Adaptiv™ floor panels have frame-mounted D-ring tie-downs and table bases to rearrange the floorplan’s modular components with ease.

Each component is made from durable materials so that you can arrange them as you wish, stack them inside the camper, or even use them outdoors to expand your living space.

Ultimate customization makes the Happier Camper a perfect trailer for flexible living.

It comes equipped with 20” x 20” stackable storage cubes, a cushioned bench that converts into a bed, a convertible couch and bunk bed, a nesting table top, a cooler cube, countertops, a standard kitchenette and toilet.

Key Features:

  • 100% double-hull insulated fiberglass shell
  • Large rear hatch door makes it easy to load and unload supplies
  • Ample storage throughout
  • Panoramic Jalousie windows
  • Off-grid and solar-ready
  • Price: Starting at $24,950

8. Taxa Cricket Pop-up roof Camper

Taxa Cricket Pop-Up
Dry Weight1,800 lbs
GVWR2,500 lbs
HeightExterior: 6’ 11” (closed), 9’ 2” (open)
Interior: 4’ 2”(closed),6’ 10” (open)
SlideoutsPop-up top
SleepsUp to 4

The cool modular design and aerodynamic construction of the Cricket Camper from TAXA offers a highly functional and flexible compact travel trailer for couples and families.

Taxa Cricket Pop-Up Roof Camper is one of the most lightweight trailers on this list, with a maximum capacity of 2,500 lbs even when packed with all of your cargo. The dry weight is 1,800 pounds.

It’s towable for most four-cylinder vehicles, and has everything you need in a compact space.

Taxa Cricket Pop-Up interior

There’s a full-sized bed with storage underneath, a convertible cafe table with bench seats, refrigerator and stove/sink combo.

You can add several other options to make it more functional for your needs, including a portable toilet, shower tent, awning, up to two kids’ berths, an upgraded Dometic® refrigerator, THULE® load bars, a 5000 BTU window AC, and more.

The Cricket features TAXA’s NASA-inspired design with integrated plumbing and electrical systems, four swing windows with shades and screens and five mesh windows in the upper tent panels to allow wide-open views and a fresh breeze.

Key Features:

  • Pop-up roof for optimized ventilation and protection
  • Kynar-painted Aluminum Composite Panels (Aluminum alloy ASTM B 209)
  • Acrylic, Insulated 32” x 20” panoramic windows with Screens & Shades
  • 16.3 cu. ft. of under bed storage and 6 large cubbies in the kitchen for prep, cooking and storage
  • Exterior shower with hot and cold water
  • Solar input pre-wired with SAE light
  • Price: Starting at $34,983

9. Lance 1575 Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailer

Lance 1575 Ultra Light Weight
Dry Weight2,775 lbs
GVWR3,500 lbs
Length20’ 5”
HeightExterior: 9’ 10”
Interior: 6’ 6”
SleepsUp to 4

LANCE offers superior engineering and lightweight design with each of their travel trailers.

There are large windows and skylights to bring in nature and light, making the small space feel larger.

Equipped with LANCE’s “Super Slide” dinette, the 1575 model offers all of the features you need in a small, well-planned layout at just 2,775 lbs dry weight.

The Lance 1575 travel trailer is constructed with solid Azdel™ engineering to keep it lightweight, with Lite-Ply™ to keep the walls and cabinets durable and still low-weight. 

The interior is completely redesigned with glazed cabinet doors, stunning table and countertops.

Lance 1575 Ultra Light Weight interior

LANCE offers an interactive decor selector so that you can customize your travel trailer’s interior.

In addition to the “Super Slide” dinette, the floorplan has a fully equipped galley kitchen with a flush-mounted three-burner cooktop, stainless steel range hood with a light and fan, 5 cu. ft. double-door fridge, residential-style single undermount sink with pull-out sprayer and cover, and overhead cabinetry with accent lighting.

The bed has a Dlx queen innerspring pillow top mattress, and the bathroom has an adjustable slide bar shower head, marine toilet with foot pedal, black tank flush and skylight.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum Framed Sidewalls/Floor/Ceiling
  • Azdel Interior Panel Walls
  • Block Foam Insulation Throughout
  • Tapered Exterior Roof Design
  • 12V/USB Charging Port(s), AM/FM/DVD Stereo with Interior and Exterior Speakers
  • Price: Starting at $27,995

10. KZ Spree Escape Mini Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailer

KZ Spree Escape Mini Ultra Lightweight
Dry Weight2,828 – 2,888 lbs
GVWR3,500 lbs
Length20’ 9”
HeightExterior: 8’ 9”
Interior: 6’ 10”
SleepsUp to 4

The KZ Spree Escape Mini is a lightweight travel trailer that offers everything you could want in an RV, without the heavy towing to slow you down.

At just over 2,800 pounds dry weight and a 3,500-lbs GVWR maximum capacity, you can enjoy the flexibility of comfortable living on the road without having to haul a heavy trailer.

There are four available floorplans, with different sized bathrooms and options for a dinette or sofa in the living space.

KZ Spree Escape Mini Ultra Lightweight interior

The convertible dining area has a sizable tabletop and wide window views. In the kitchenette, there’s a two-burner gas cooktop, convection microwave, pantry, and 4 CU FT refrigerator.

Tinted windows have pleated shades for privacy, maple wood interior construction makes the trailer feel like home, and residential linoleum resists temperature extremes so you can travel comfortably in most environments.

KZ’s Spree Escape Mini has a full bath with a foot-flush toilet, shower, sink and vanity, counter space, storage, outlet access, and skylight for  ventilation and natural light.

If you’re traveling with your Spree Escape Mini in remote destinations, you might consider KZ’s off-road package, which includes 15″ mud tires, extra ground clearance, an electronically-controlled heated holding tank, and a double entry step.

Key Features: 

  • Power Awning w/LED Light Strip
  • Tinted Windows
  • R-7 Insulation
  • Amish-Crafted Rustic Maple Cabinets and Rail-Style Cabinet Doors with Modern Handles
  • Mesh Storage Pockets
  • Price: Starting at $12,725

11. Airstream Sport Travel Trailer

Airstream Sport
Dry Weight2,860 lbs
GVWR3,500 lbs
Length16’ – 22’
HeightExterior: 9′ 3″
Interior: 6′ 4.5″
SleepsUp to 4

Airstream has been building quality travel trailers for decades, and RVers love the sleek design and functional travel living features.

The Airstream Sport is the compact version, offering all of Airstream’s advantages in a smaller, lighter design at 2,860 pounds dry weight.

There are two floorplans available for the Airstream Sport. However, the 22FB model has a dry weight of 3,634 and is therefore on the heavier end of the travel trailers featured on this list.

So, the 16RB model would be better if you want a small and lightweight travel trailer that’s under 3,000 lbs.

Both floorplans offer a dedicated sleeping space, convertible dinette for additional sleeping capacity, an on-board bathroom and a kitchenette equipped with all of the essentials.

There’s a built-in refrigerator, two-burner stove and sink with covers to extend your prep space.

Airstream Sport interior

The Airstream Sport comes with a microwave, and there’s an option to have a convection microwave instead to expand your cooking abilities for roasting and grilling.

The overhead lockers, lower cabinets and drawers offer convenient and spacious storage for cooking ware, dishes, and utensils.

The larger (and heavier) Airstream Sport 22FB has a large bathroom in the rear of the trailer, complete with a shower, built-in shower seat, vanity with cabinets and toilet.

The 16RB trailer has a European-style bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink and features a pass-through door in the exterior wall to enable shower use indoors and out.

The Airstream Sport travel trailer gives you plenty of versatility and storage so that you can maximize your time in the great outdoors with a retractable awning and an exterior storage locker for your gear.

Key Features: 

  • Fluorocarbon Treated UV Protected Aluminum Exterior with Handcrafted Welded Extruded Aluminum Window Frames
  • Ultraleather Seating and pillow-top memory foam mattress
  • Strategically placed USB ports and 110V outlets
  • DVD player and JVC Stereo with Bluetooth®
  • Optional 90w Solar Package with Interior Monitor and AGM Battery
  • Price: Starting at $48,900

12. Taxa Mantis Trek Camper

Taxa Mantis Trek
Dry Weight2,882 lbs
GVWR3,970 lbs
HeightExterior: 6’ 10” (closed), 10’ (open)  
Interior: 4’ 7” (closed), 5’11” to 7’10” (open)
SleepsUp to 6

In addition to the Cricket, TAXA has another small travel trailer model that comes in at less than 3,000 pounds dry weight.

The Mantis Trek Camper is a bit longer at 19 feet, with more interior space for sleeping, cooking, dining and relaxing.

The living space features convertible lounge seating with storage underneath, which transforms into a full-sized bed.

There are two bunks at the front of the trailer to accommodate two more adults, and the Mantis has the capacity to sleep up to six people with the roof-top tent.

Taxa Mantis Trek Interior

Other features of the Mantis include 12V USB accessory outlets inside and out, an 8-foot patio awning, and a rear door hatch for each access and ventilation.

The Mantis has a birch wood kitchen complete with a Dometic® sink and two-burner stove combo, fridge, and hot water system.

There’s a wet bath with a cassette toilet, and the trailer even has an exterior shower with both hot and cold water.

Key Features:

  • Kynar-painted Aluminum Composite Panel construction
  • Laser Cut Powder Coated Steel Skeleton
  • Acrylic, Insulated Windows with Screens & Shades
  • Pop-up roof for optimized ventilation, roof-top tent
  • Solar Input Pre-Wired with SAE Light
  • Price: Starting at $46,167

Advantages Of A Travel Trailer Under 3000 Lbs

The primary advantage of lightweight travel trailers that weigh less than 3,000 pounds is that you can tow them with a smaller SUV or van.

In some cases, the smaller and more lightweight trailers like the Happier Camper HC1 can even be towed by a sedan.

All of the travel trailers on this list come in at less than 3,000 pounds dry weight, so that you don’t have to upgrade your towing vehicle and you can still travel in comfort.

The only real difference is size, but these travel trailers are specially designed to make the most of a tiny space with versatile features and functions.

Many components can be transformed or used for multiple purposes, and therefore minimize the amount of stuff taking up space.

Some of the other benefits of a lighter camper include:

  • Easier driving and maneuvering

  • Functional, comfortable living space that fits into any campsite

  • Improved gas mileage due to less towing weight

  • Affordability (reduced up-front investment)

  • Enhanced off-road capability

Have You Picked Your Favorite Ultra-Lightweight Travel Trailer

Have You Picked Your Favorite Ultra-Lightweight Travel Trailer?

All of the lightweight travel trailers on this list are equipped with the most important components for comfortable living on the road.

Your choice will really come down to your needs regarding sleeping capacity, the GVWR and your towing vehicle’s capabilities, and your budget.

There are dozens of add-on features and upgrades offered with these travel trailers, enabling you to create the perfect mobile environment for living and adventuring on the road.